Harry's Angel

Summary: No Magic… Draco's life in Hogwarts is perfect. He's cute. He's nice. He's popular. But what happens when he caught the attention of the Hogwarts bad boy? Will he able to tame the Hogwarts bad boy?

Rating: Pg 13 to R later

Pairing: Harry and Draco, Ron and Hermione, Blaise and Pansy

Disclaimer: I don't own them.I just wish they do.

Author's Notes: My second fic. Have mercy on me. This fic is already finished. I'm just waiting for my wonderful beta to finish editing it. This fic will be updated every week. A special thank you for Tonya for editing my ugly fic. Anyway… enjoy…

Chapter 1: Enter Draco Malfoy

"Ahh… I miss you my dear." Draco said while facing the Hogwarts University main gate. He took a deep breath and entered the gate.

"Hey Draco wait up."

"Hey Blaise." Draco stopped and waited for Blaise.

"Hey to you too. How's your vacation?" Blaise asked as soon as he reached Draco. He's been Draco's best friend since they were five. He and Draco are two of the most popular guys in Hogwarts University.

"Where are the others?" Blaise asked.

"Ron and Hermione will be a bit late. They said they will meet us at the usual spot. I think they were snogging somewhere in the school." he laugh.

"Man… it's too early to snog. I mean they had plenty of time last vacation." He said with envy. He and Draco walked to the grounds and sat on the popular table. The only table close to a big tree that provide as a shade on a hot sunny day.

"Don't worry my dear Blaise. Pansy will be here soon." Draco said as he sat down.

"Yeah. I'm so pissed that she had to go at that stupid wedding" Blaise replied as he too sat.

"Now now Blaise, don't pout. People can see you" Draco laughs. "Besides how would you feel if for example I don't attend your wedding?"

"I would have killed you." Blaise answered. "Damn you Draco don't you ever get angry or sad?"

"Now… why would you want me to be angry or sad?" Draco laughed.

"So you would be normal like the rest of us." Both Draco and Blaise laughed at this.

"Draco… Blaise…" Pansy greeted them as soon as she arrives.

"Hey…" Draco said with a big grin.

"Hi babe…" Blaise said as she greeted her with hug and a kiss.

"How's the wedding?"

"Oooh…. It was very nice my aunt…" Pansy said excitedly.

Draco could feel someone was watching him from behind. He turned around and saw nobody. He shrugged and listened to Pansy.

"And I caught the bouquet." Pansy ended.

"How nice…" Blaise said softly.

Pansy narrowed her eyes at Blaise but suddenly smiled when she saw somebody coming

"Ron… Hermione." she yelled. "Over here."

Ron shook his head. "Damn you're loud." Pansy Harrumph at this.

"Just kidding Pans. Hey… Draco, Blaise" he greeted each with a high five.

"Now now. Ron, be nice" Hermione greeted pansy with a kiss on the cheek.

"Hello boys sorry we're late."

"Yeah right… we're almost late coz the two of you wasn't done snogging." Draco smirked.

Hermione stuck out her tongue.

"Oh… very mature Ms. Granger."

"Well… someone is in a good mood."

Draco flipped her off.

"Very eloquent Mr. Malfoy."

The group laugh loudly.

"We have to go guys we're going to be late at chem... and even though Snape is my uncle he won't let us off that easy." Draco said as he stood up. He walked back to the school and the rest followed him.

They just arrive and took seats at the back besides the window when Professor Snape came in.

"Welcome to the sixth year chemistry. You will learn the history of each chemist, how to mix chemicals and what are the results of certain chemicals when…." He stopped when someone came in. Everybody looked at the new comer.

End chapter 1