Mr. Dr. Possible had few qualms over his daughter Kimberly. Yes, there was little in her life to worry about. She was a cheerleader, she pulled good grades, she would certainly get into a good college and become a rocket scientist like her old man--hopefully. There was that little saving-the-world thing, but when she faced every death-defying situation there was, it was hard to worry anymore. So, yes, he had few qualms.

Few. Few was not none.

There was still the problem of... boys.

Mr. Possible didn't like boys. Boys were bad, creeps who only wanted one thing. He knew, he had been one himself. Not that kind of boy, of course, but he knew. Oh, but he knew.

So one of the first rules he ever gave his daughter was the boy rule. She was not to look at boys. She was not to talk to boys. She was not to think of boys. She was not to read the word "boy" in a book. Of course, these rules didn't last long, so Mr. Possible crossed out all of them except for the dating one.

But that was okay. Sometimes Kim was allowed to date. As long as he approved them. If they were nice, respectable young gentlemen, they might have the priviledge of spending a chaperoned half-hour with his daughter. Might.

Kim, of course, hung out with that Ronald Stoppable kid a lot. But he didn't count, not really. He was just Kim's best friend, the kid that sometimes came over after school and on weekends to hang out. He also helped Kim save the world. So Mr. Possible was fine with that. After all, they weren't dating. No sirree. Just friends. They would never, ever, EVER date.

So Mr. Possible had no qualms about Ron.

Not even after the prom, when his wife swore she saw the two teenagers making out on the porch.

She was seeing things. Kim and Ron would never knew that.

Ron may be of the male gender, but he didn't count as a boy. Not in that way, with Kim.

So Mr. Possible didn't care when they started hanging out together. Nor did he care when they were claiming to be out "saving the world" and he'd see on tv news some disaster because the teen heros were making out.

Nor did he care when they were in the den watching a movie, and the movie never got watched. And his sons Tim and Jim left after fifteen minutes claiming that sometimes you just don't cry out cooties.

Nah. Kim and Ron weren't doing anything. Why would they? They were just friends.

No reason whatsoever to pull out a shotgun. No reason at all.