By the Sword

In this world where everyone's the same, I know I must stand out.

Given the chance to believe the truth, I know I must not doubt.

The cogwheels of time cannot be stopped as present comes from past,

In this dangerous field of choice, I know I have to last.

In my honed talent, ability and strength I ask guidance from you my Lord,

Lead me back to where I was,

For I swore by the sword.

CHAPTER FOUR: Shaking the palace grounds.

Within a blink of an eye, a whole upper torso emerged from a tangle of shabby blankets. In, out. In, out. She heaved her breaths in a hurry, trying to keep up with the fast pace of her heart. Holding out two fingers, she ran them on her right temple, where a fairly sized bruise began to materialize.

Her shaking fist now collected the thin blanket shielding her body from the coldness of the room. Wrenching it away, almost blindly hurried to the exit, only to meet the hard jail railings that blocked any kind of exit.

" What the heck is going on..?" she muttered, gripping on the cold, hard railing that blocked her escape.

For the first time in her life, she did not know what to do. She had done so many ridiculously dangerous things in her life, and those things placed her in situations. Situations that had placed her life on the line. But even so, though she had been in the worst of times, she managed to find a way to find safety once more. She was beginning to doubt whether or not she had lost her luck.

Her contemplation had blocked any kind of noise, and she did not hear the heavy footsteps, slight murmuring, and the dull clinking of metal to metal.

The next thing she knew she was grabbed harshly on the arm and was dragged away, even before she can do any kind of retaliation.

" OW!" she complained, tugging on her arm back fiercely, but to no avail.

" OW." She complained yet again, very childishly. " Ow, ow, ow, ow ow ow ow ow ow.. "

The soldiers assigned in the castle was much more skilled than those loitering around their village. Not only were they skilled, but they posses much more common sense than the others. She should have wriggled her way out of this predicament if not for the soldiers who saw through her little tricks and jokes.

And they were far more aggressive—in a completely irritating way.

She stifled a huge yawn.

It was then she realized how many things have happened to her this day. Her sparring sessions with Rei had turned haywire this day, she had to fight two batches of soldiers this day, for once in her life she was knocked out and abducted this day, and for the first time ever, she did not know what to do. THIS DAY.

What the hell was special about this day!

" Ow ow ow ow ow ow—"

" I had the clearest recollection that I told you to treat her nicely, didn't I?"

The voice from behind made the big, bulky soldier stutter in fear.

" S-sire, I was—"

" Oh really, nicely huh?" Sakura snarled silently, intending to talk to herself, " Never thought nearly crushing my arm as something nice, maybe kicking your ass would be something nicer, you big, abducting piece of shit you—"

" Look's like you didn't." The man said.

Sakura finally turned. Her eyes grew wide, then twitched with annoyance. There, standing before her, was a longer-haired, taller-built, deeper-voiced version of the very person that knocked her unconscious. He stood there, wearing an amused look in his face, clearly enjoying her antics that were not made to be chuckled at. And HE WOULDN'T STOP SMILING THAT STUPID AMUSED SMILE.

She was beginning to think the corners of his lips were stuck.

" Go before I demote you to a lower level," the prince look-alike said, not bothering to look at him.

Shaking with fear, he bowed so deeply he almost stumbled down the carpeted floor, then bounded off to another hallway.

At the second she realized she was free, she massaged her arm slowly, still muttering in disdain. It took another round of seconds just to remember she was still at the presence of another man. Straightening, she folded her arms across her chest, then shot defensively.

" What's the idea of dragging me here!"

That amused smile again. She was really starting to get sick of it. It turned out to be very redundant.

" And what's with that stupid smile! STOP SMILING!" she screeched, curling a fist and directing it towards his (though she refused to admit it) handsome face.

She clearly underestimated the strength of a man—this one must be specially trained to protect the royalty that resided in this castle. Maybe he was a special kind of soldier.. a head guard, who knows?

She did not connect, instead, his hand was holding her fist the most gentlest way possible. " It really amuses me, you know," he spoke fondly, " How you manage to win in unregistered tournaments by your stature as a woman. And how you think you can beat every man in Konoha."

" So what?" she snarled gruffly, " The problem are you males. You think you can prance around ordering females to do everything you want. WELL STOP HARRASSING WOMEN, JERK!"

The raven-haired lad laughed at her statement. " No, really. You misunderstood. I brought you here so we can talk." He assured between breaths.


Suddenly, a barrage of soldiers came bursting from the wooden staircase by their left. Because of their number, many tripped and fell, got a face full of carpet dust, accidentally ate a lot of cottony fiber that tasted like unbaked flour.

" Prince Itachi, is everything alright!" the three who survived the ramble gasped out, very exhausted. " We heard a shout… (pant, pant) lot of cursing… (breath, breath) lot of asses… (asthma attack, asthma attack)"

" WHAT DO YOU WANT—" Sakura shrieked in response, then stopped in realization. She sweated, furrowed her brows, confused her brain. " What do you mean prince?" she asked curiously.

" He, you stupid woman," the soldier said angrily, " Is the older prince of Konoha. Uchiha Itachi."

Sakura's anxiety level seemed to tone down. " Oh.. right.. well.." she turned stiffly to the amused man, " Hi there! N-nice to meet you!" she chirped half heartedly, giving him a small wave of the hand.

" Hmm, about that stripping thing.. sounds interesting." Prince Itachi said innocently, placing a finger upon his bottom lip. He teased like a hyena. It was annoying.

Sasuke sat in a soft couch in his room, his hands entwined together. He placed his elbows on his knees, is hand covering his face, so that only his onyx eyes were visible. He stared at the crackling fire before him, slightly mystified at the dancing flames.

As he waited for the pink-haired girl to arrive, he had mused upon her fighting skills. He admitted it was slightly out of the ordinary for a woman, but surely not greater than his, right? But the gracefulness when she moved, the way she extended her arms and legs for a kick or punch never failed to amuse him. The girl looked as if she was dancing when she was actually fighting. But seeing the pained expression upon his soldiers faces after their fight.. he knew she did not only posses the fluidity but also, the power and strength.

And until now, he still didn't know what to do of the first woman who defied him with pure anger.

His doors emitted a couple of knocks.

" Come in." he said.

But instead of seeing a flash of pink hair that belonged to her captive, he only saw the soldier whom he ordered to fetch her. he awaited for the man's explanation.

" Sire," stuttered the soldier, " She's nowhere to be found.."

" What?" out came a collective hiss from Sasuke's gritted teeth.


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