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Author's Note: For simplicity's sake Sasuke didn't run to Orochimaru, so there was no rescue mission. It fits the story better and this way I don't have to take the betrayal of Naruto in account. Although Sasuke didn't leave the village he still wants to kill Itachi at all costs. That means he'll be quite a bastard in this fic.

Far away from any forms of civilisation, and unfortunately far away from any form of feminine beauty stood Jiraiya, one of the Sennin and possibly the greatest pervert ever to have walked this world. At the moment the great Jiraiya wasn't in a very good mood as is student had just managed to blow up half of their campsite after his jutsu went wrong. Said student was none other than the number one surprising ninja; Naruto. The reason that this strange duo had forsaken civilisation was because in Naruto's belly a demon fox was locked up. Fifteen years ago the nine-tailed fox had attacked the Hidden Village of the Leaf, also known as Konoha. The ninja's there couldn't harm the giant beast, all the wounds they made healed almost as quickly and his chakra seemed as endless as the vast oceans themselves. In the end, the Hokage made a deal with Death and gave his soul so that that of the fox could be sealed away Naruto.

The villagers focussed all their hatred and anger on the poor boy who could not understand why he was hated so much. Alone and hated Naruto grew up. It was only when he reached the age of twelve, and graduated from the Ninja Academy that he found a precious few that accepted him for who he was. Determined to make the entire village acknowledge his existence, Naruto trained hard to rise in rank. Unfortunately the Chuunin Exams were cut short by an invasion and in the aftermath of that minor war, the Third Hokage lost his life to his traitorous student; Orochimaru. A new Hokage was needed and Jiraiya set out to find the person, Tsunade, together with Naruto. In the end, it was Naruto that managed to persuade Tsunade to come back and take the title of Godaime Hokage. Having added another precious person to his rather short list, Naruto is even more determined to show everybody who Uzumaki Naruto really is.

Now, a powerful group called the Akatsuki is after him for what is caged in him. The reason why they want the Kyuubi is unknown but after encountering two of the Akatsuki, Uchiha Itachi and his partner, the current Hokage decided that Naruto must go away to train and evade those that wished him harm. This was almost three years ago, and it is almost time for Naruto to return. In these three years, he has grown greatly, and matured a little. Where his younger self would complain and start shouting, the older Naruto thinks before he starts complaining. Naruto is eager to return home, and show his friends what he learned.

Jiraiya was smoking his pipe, a habit he had picked up from Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. It was his favourite pastime on a starry night such as this one. The sound of a body hitting the ground reached his ears and the white-haired Sennin smiled in pride. Although he would never admit it to the brat, Naruto was a determined learner and had a knack for never backing out. He was no genius, but a hard worker and had grown greatly. At the moment the blond haired ninja was fighting a mob of his Kage Bunshins while wearing weights to make him slower. This was Naruto's own way of training his endurance and battle tactics. Chuckling the pervert remembered one of Naruto's more ingenious and rather cunning ways of disabling his clone. Just as Jiraiya was about to get some sleep, a small orange toad by the name of Gamakichi, he was often selected as messenger between Tsunade and Jiraiya.

"Yo, got any candy for me?" the toad piped up.

Knowing it was the only way to get the message from him, the Sennin rummaged a little in his pockets and handed the toad some candy. "So, what is the message?"

Clearing his throat the toad spoke the words which he had learned by heart. "Jiraiya, get your perverted butt back here, three years has been long enough and I want to see the boy again." Grimacing at the tone Tsunade had spoken to him, through Gamakichi, the Toad-Sennin decided he might as well start travelling back, it had been long since he had spied on any bathhouse and Konoha certainly did have some good places to 'gather information'.

Speeding through the trees at a pace that they could keep for the rest of the day, Naruto and Jiraiya were heading for Konoha, they were one day's run away from the Hidden Village.

"Ne, Ero-Sennin? Why don't we use one of your travelling frogs?" the blond asked, breaking the silence.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes at his student's nickname the pervert replied, "Because those frogs are my trademark and will only alert the Akatsuki of our presence.

Nodding his head, Naruto absentmindedly created five of his shadow clones to have them scout out the terrain ahead of them. The fact that he did make any handseals or that the clones appeared in a puff of smoke showed that he had truly mastered his favourite technique. After a few minutes, the blond lifted an eyebrow and created five more shadow clones and dismissed them his right. Seeing the questioning look in Jiraiya's eyes he softly explained. "One of my clones spotted campfire to our right, it's not far away from us. I sent more clones to investigate, we are Leaf ninjas and this is Fire Country."

Smiling softly to himself Jiraiya once again concluded that he had done a good job in teaching the boy. He was snapped out of his reverie when Naruto cursed under his breath.

"Kuso, one of my clones was spotted. They are alerted and will soon discover our presence." Naruto tilted his head slightly as if listening for something and then sighed. "They are wearing Leaf protectors. Do you wish our presence hear to remain a secret?"

The Sennin briefly thought it over. They could outrun the incoming ninjas or hide in a genjutsu, but it would be quite futile, as they were no enemies. "I think it would be best if we wait here for them. Would you like to do the honours?"

The prankster side of Naruto briefly surfaced as Jiraiya had just given him permission to guard their backs if something went wrong. Grinning like a madman he briefly concentrated and over fifty clones shimmered into existence. With a casual, "Scatter" all of them effortlessly blended into the foliage around Naruto and Jiraiya. Naruto then set a couple of traps that would create a lot of flashy bangs and smoke, for distraction. Satisfied that he had done enough, the demon vessel simply waited for their 'guests' to arrive.

Sighing to herself, Ten-Ten wondered why exactly she had agreed to go on one of Gai's trips. Grumbling as she was, Ten-Ten found it nice to see her old teammates again. She sometimes found herself missing Lee's antics and Neji's silent humour. After the disastrous Chuunin Exam three years ago he had considerably loosened up.

It had been almost two and a half years since they had been his team but he still considered them as such. And once every year he would still insist on training them.

And this time he had came up with the idea of a survival camp. So here they were, one day away from Konoha and they were supposed to stay here for a week. Her thoughts were cut short by Neji's voice.

"Something is watching us." He had just joined the ANBU, and the first lesson he had learned was to never let your guard down. Alerted by the Hyuuga's warning, Ten-Ten drew a handful of shuriken and fell into her fighting stance.

"YOSHI! IT IS TIME TO SHOW YOUR EVERBURNING FLAME OF YOUTH HAS NOT DIMINISHED!" Gai shouted with Lee adding a "GAI-SENSEI, THE FLAMING YOUTH WILL PREVAIL". Blocking the two out with years of practice, Ten-Ten and Neji sensed the person spying on them at the same time. Spinning around the weapons master let loose a volley of deadly metal.

Byakugan. After silently activating his Byakugan, Neji followed the fleeing figure, until he came across two large chakra signatures. Not bothering to try and identify them, he disactivated his Advanced Bloodline. "It was just a sentry, I sensed two people over there. We must investigate it further."

Waiting for Gai's nod of approval the team prepared themselves to pursue the sentry and unknowing all had had the same thought; just like old times.

Chuckling in delight Naruto could hardly contain his glee at the devious plan he had concocted. Raising an eye-brow at the 'evil-master-mind chuckle' his student had emitted the pervert curiously asked "So what is your plan?" A fox grin appeared on Naruto's face.

"Remember that one time the Akatsuki sent their lackeys after us, and they tried to ambush us in the Country of Tea?" Jiraiya remembered and found himself chuckling along side with his student.

Cautiously Neji stepped into the clearance, he had purposely not activated his Byakugan, as of lately he started noticing that he was relying too much on his Bloodline and was trying to fighting without having it activated. Close by Ten-Ten followed him, a shiny and deadly weapon in her hands that he did not seem to recognise. Signalling towards Lee and Gai that he saw on enemy, the Hyuuga moved towards the centre of the clearing. He was about to activate his Byakugan when a voice rung out. "Leave or I will be forced to make you leave." It was near impossible to determine where the voice came from.

Naruto was having the time of his life, his prankster side was definitely taking over as he decided to kick it up a notch and spring the trap. Unceremoniously he dropped out of the tree he was hiding in and hit the ground fairly softly.

Out of the corner of his eye Neji saw a bundle of black clothing fall to the ground only to have it unfurl and take on the form of a human being. As the young ANBU activated his Byakugan, the figure made a flurry of handseals.

Finishing his genjutsu, Naruto just unleashed it, instead of shouting out the name of the technique at the top of his voice, he really couldn't understand why anybody would want to do such a thing. Grinning he watched his jutsu hit the four in front of him. As expected, Neji saw right through it and managed to dispel it but his companions were hit full force.

Lee furiously blinked, wondering where he was. He could vaguely recall being in a clearance, but as he looked around he was on a soft four-poster bed. As the young azure beast shook his head again to regain his focus, the door opened and Ten-Ten sauntered into the room. Lee's eyes bulged out of their sockets, as the weapon master was not wearing her regular outfit. Lee couldn't keep his eyes of the cotton bra and mini-skirt that accented her curves rather well. Seductively swaying her hips she climbed onto the bed and advanced on Lee, on all fours like a predator in the night ready to devour it's prey. Gulping and blushing heavily Lee backed away from Ten-Ten until the wall cut of his escape. Desperate to block the naughty thoughts he was getting Lee closed his eyes and prayed that when he opened the again, Ten-Ten would be gone.

Suddenly he felt something warm tickle his ear, followed by a throaty whisper. "Do you know that green is my favourite colour?" As a hand slowly snaked up Lee's chest, as the young man's heart started pounding as if he was running a marathon. Ten-Ten let out a low moan as she pressed herself against Lee's body, making the taijutsu expert almost faint. "That spandex is just so sexy, it really hugs your figure." reached Lee's ears as he felt something fall against his face. Against his will he opened to stare a white cotton bra and slowly he looked up.

"AAAAAAAAAHHH!" Blood flew out of Lee's nose, propelling him so hard backwards that he shot right through the wall.

Ten-Ten tried to remember why exactly she as in Neji's room. Deciding that it did not matter the Kunoichi sheathed her weapons. "Ten-Ten?" Neji's voice reached her. In a cloud of steam the Hyuuga stepped out of his shower. Seeing her former teammate in nothing but a towel made blood shoot to Ten-Ten's face. Trying her best not to act on all of her thoughts that would put Jiraiya's books to shame, the weapon master firmly looked away from Neji.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when a soft hand caressed her cheek. Despite herself she leaned into him, feeling every muscle in his torso. "Ten-Ten, you are incredibly sexy when try to ignore me like that." The hand on her cheek lowered itself to her shoulder and gently made her turn around. She couldn't keep her eyes of his chest, transfixed by his physique. She was as red as a tomato by now. With a soft thud a wet towel hit the ground, and Ten-Ten found her eyes wandering against her will.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" The force of the blood leaving Ten-Ten via her nose sent the Kunoichi air-born.

The sight of Lee, Ten-Ten and Gai being flung several feet backwards by the force of their blood made Naruto roll over the floor, howling in laughter. Jiraiya also rose from his position and started chuckling as he saw Neji's jaw nearly drop to the floor.

Quickly composing himself Naruto shook Neji out of his stupor. "Never thought I'd see a Hyuuga lose his composure. Never thought I'd see the great Hyuuga Neji get surprised."

Neji quickly came to his sense, there was something very familiar about the shinobi in front of him. He was completely dressed in black and his blond hair seemed to run unchecked. Suddenly it dawned on Neji, "Naruto? Is that you?"

Seeing the surprised look in Neji's eyes Naruto chuckled once more and nodded. "Yep, it's me. Oh, and don't worry about your teammates." Both Naruto and Jiraiya chuckled. "They should be waking up right about now." And true to his word, all three were stirring.

Lee's vision was rather blurry. Stumbling to his feet, the first thing he saw as his vision cleared a little was a rather perplexed Hyuuga Neji. Managing a small salute Lee spoke, "Neji, my flame of youth is once more rekindled." He was about to speak more when his eye fell on Ten-Ten. "Ten-Ten!"

Neji delicately lifted an eyebrow as Lee uttered the weapon master's name and promptly turned red, and only a second later he was once more propelled away, blood flowing freely out of his nose.

Noting Lee's even stranger behaviour, Ten-Ten looked around and spotted Neji. She said nothing but went from red to dark-red to air-borne.

By now Neji had a suspicion of what his teammates had envisioned in the genjutsu and silently thanked anybody up there for giving him his Byakugan. The amused Hyuuga eyed his rather stricken teacher. I wonder who he saw? I hope it was a she though. He shuddered and went back to observing Naruto. It was odd, but the blond hadn't shouted throughout the entire time, which was quite opposite of what Neji could remember of the blond.

Naruto patiently waited for all of the Leaf ninjas to compose themselves, and wipe themselves clean of blood. Suddenly a devilish smile came over Naruto's face, putting Ten-Ten and Lee on edge. Without warning the blond ninja clasped his hands together and shouted a "Henge!" As the smoke cleared Naruto was replaced by nobody other than Anko. Grinning she blew a small kiss to Gai who went beet red and flew right into a tree, effectively knocking himself unconscious. Laughing Naruto transformed back, and moments later Ten-Ten, Jiraiya, Lee and surprisingly Neji followed his example.

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