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Ryuu Ken

Grinning like a fox under his face mask, Naruto raced through a number of seals that he had practiced day in day out, nearly two weeks long. Finishing before Kiba could react, Naruto shouted out the name of his jutsu, defiance and mirth in his voice.

"Ramenton: Ramen Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Ignoring the stunned silence that greeted his jutsu, Naruto proudly grinned as six clones poofed into existence. The blonde flipped the pair of speechless Sharingan wielders his finger before the mob charged into combat.

"Ha, you're pathetic little clones won't save you from our teamwork. Akamaru, let's go!" With a guttural war-cry, the two launched themselves towards the oncoming mob, ready to defeat their opponent. As soon as Kiba and his dog were in range, they started up a combo, their Gatsuuga.

Seeing the two drill-like attacks coming towards them, the group quickly scattered, not wanting to get caught in the vicious attack.

Sheesh, this is getting old. Just quit playing around and finish him off already. And while you're at it, SPILL HIS BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Ignoring the crazy fox that had more moodswings than a cranky old woman, Naruto nevertheless decided to quite playing around. "Alright guys, listen up. We're going to hold him in place, got it?" Not waiting for a reply, the real Naruto started tossing smokebombs around, quickly covering the entire arena within seconds.

Kiba sneered at the very pathetic attempt to try to defeat him. The idiot must not know that we Inuzuka can rely on our noses to sniff the enemy out. "Come Akamaru, this time we won't miss. Gatsuuga!"

On the stands, the spectators watched as Kiba and Akamaru dove into the smoke. Sasuke was livid. The dobe had out-smarted him. There was no way in hell that he was going to use those thrice-damned Ramen Jutsus, he was an Uchiha after all. Grinding his teeth, he vowed that he would make Naruto pay when his turn came to fight the blonde.

Byakugan active, Neji was watching the whole fight with a faint smile. Not too large of course, he did have a reputation to uphold. The smoke did not obscure his Bloodline Limit, and the ninja had no trouble following the fight.

"What is it Neji, what do you see?" Ten-Ten curiously asked. She was intrigued by the stranger's moves and strange jutsus. The weapons' user couldn't help but shake of a feeling that she had seen the masked ninja before.

Neji considered the question for a moment and softly answered his teammate. "I see a battle that is reaching it's end. Kiba will lose." Any reply Ten-Ten might have was cut short when the smoke cloud dissipated and a curious sight greeted their eyes.

Kiba and his dog were being held in place by lumps of human-shaped ramen, Naruto's Ramen Clones. As the spectators tried the regain their senses, one particular lump of ramen formed itself into the shape of a grinning Naruto. "Well Kiba, looks like you're slightly tied up."

Snarling Kiba drove his fist into Naruto's stomach, only to find his hand passing through the clone. Before the dog-nin could retract his arm, the ramen solidified, trapping the ninja's arm. Other parts of Kiba and his beast-clone were also being restrained by the strange clones.

It was a strange tug-of-war that followed. Kiba was trying to get out by releasing large amounts of chakra, whereas the clones would use more ramen to grapple the ninja. This stalemate continued until Akamaru released his beast-clone form and was instantly buried in ramen. The possibility that his faithful dog might be dead caused Kiba to start a Tsuuga on the spot, making ramen scatter everywhere.

Neji saw it coming and ducked accordingly. Ino wasn't so lucky and a glob of ramen caught her right in the face. Similar things happened to many of the spectators. While Ino was ranting about stupid ninjas that screwed up her perfect hair, Kiba rushed over to the huge mound of noodles in which his dog had disappeared.

It was the last mistake Kiba would make that day. Just as the dog-nin reached the mound of noodles, he suddenly froze. It was as if the Inuzuka was struggling against invisible bounds as his hands formed a single seal.

"No way!" The normally very laid-back Nara Shikamaru had lost his composure. "No way" he repeated, this time more softly. Not noticing the inquisitive gaze of his fellow ninjas, the lazy mastermind finished his sentence. "That's the seal for Kagemane no Jutsu."

"Ramen Mane no Jutsu, success." Came a calm voice from within the ramen. Knowing the battle was over, Naruto dismissed all his clones and the excess ramen, save the ramen that was holding Kiba down. Globs of ramen disappeared in puffs of smoke, and the large mound in the center of the arena revealing an unconscious Akamaru and the strange ninja that had somehow managed to use the Shadow Bind, a jutsu that the Nara were widely known for.

"You made one mistake too many today Kiba. And therefore, you fell for my Ramen Bind. This match is over. When you moved to save your dog, my noodle strings wrapped themselves around you, making it impossible for you to move. There is no other way out then death." Naruto's voice lost its cheerfulness and with a cold voice he spoke "Give up now, or die."

Kiba, who was trying to break free, shivered at the cold tone of voice. Knowing he had no other choice he met the strangers eyes. "I surrender."

Smiling from underneath his white facemask, Naruto released Kiba from his Bind and backed up so that the medics could take care of the meager wounds that Kiba and Akamaru had sustained.

On the stands, Tsunade smugly gave Ibiki the signal to start the next match. The interrogation specialist cursed under his breath, not understanding how he could have lost a bet against the Legendary Sucker.

Landing in the middle of the arena, the mere presence of the scary Jounin caused the medics to hasten the treatment of their patients. Curious who the stranger was, Ibiki struck up a conversation with the ninja.

"Nice tricks you have there, must have taken you pretty long to perfect them." For measure, Ibiki putting a little killing-intent into his words.

"Hmm" Came the non-committal answer.

Blinking, the Jounin tried again. "If it were me, I'd have killed that kid." Shifting slightly, the interrogation expert heavily stressed the word killing, while subtly playing with his kunai.

"You want some ramen?" Came the unfazed and rather unexpected reply.

Caught off-guard by the offer, Ibiki stuttered for a moment before regaining his composure. "Er, yeah, ehm, no thanks. Get ready, it's time for your next fight."

And that's one point for me and zilch for Ibiki. With a satisfied grin on his face, not that anybody could see it, Naruto slurped up the last of the noodles and rubbed his hands, gleefully anticipating his next opponent.

Sasuke was steaming. First he had been showered with dog urine, next with ramen. And last but not least, the jutsus Naruto used were so utterly degrading that he wouldn't use them if his life depended on it. Just you wait Dobe. Just wait.

Shikamaru had recovered from the shock of seeing one of his family jutsus used by a complete stranger. Although, perhaps not quite a stranger. He seems to have an intimate knowledge on our fighting styles. An IQ of over 200 was already thinking hard on the identity of the masked ninja.

Haruno Sakura was glaring at the unknown ninja. Because of him her precious Sasuke was not paying her any attention. She was sure that her crush would easily defeat the masked ninja and continued to fawn over the Uchiha.

Tenten was mildly curious who the foreign ninja was, but not overly so. She was more interested in getting back to perfecting her latest weapon. Seeing a new fight was about to start, the weapon user straightened in her seat and paid close attention to the two contestants.

Seeing the nod Tsunade gave him, Ibiki started the second match. "Second match, Aburame Shino versus the unknown ninja…Hajime!" As Ibiki hurriedly left the arena, Shino was busy calling forth his kikai bugs.

While Shino was occupied with bringing his bugs to the battle, Naruto had formed a half dozen clones and was flying through a set of seals, after which they bit their thumb and collectively cried; "Ryouton: Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (Food style: Summoning technique)"

A huge cloud of smoke followed and when it cleared, there were ceramic bowls filled to the brim with ramen and a pair of chopsticks were littering the entire arena. Shino's response was an articulate raised eyebrow.

The Aburame brought his hands in front of him, palms pointing towards Naruto. The bugs followed the movement and a black cloud hovered in front of the stoic ninja, not unlike Gaara's sand.

Concentrating, Naruto did the same thing. Bringing chakra to his fingers he started focussing. The effect was noticeable. At first the bowls nearest to Naruto started shaking, then it spread, like water rippling. From the bowls rose the ramen, moving much like the black cloud of his opponent.

On the stands, the spectators looked on with awe. Many already knew of the control Shino had with his bugs, but never had they seen such a strange technique as the one the masked ninja was using now.

Poised for battle, both combatants summoned their respective 'cloud' towards them and prepared for battle.

Just as Naruto slammed his hands into the ground, sending his ramen flying towards Shino and Shino gave the signal for his kikai bugs to surge forwards, the door of the arena opened, breaking the focus of both fighters and halting the battle.

"Ehm, we're not late are we?" A nervous Kankurou asked, aware of the tension in the air. He was about to say more when his sister bonked him on the head with her fan and pulled him of towards the stands.

This left Gaara, the Kazekage, standing. Arms crossed and face blank, the Tanuki-vessel surveyed both fighters, eyes lingering on the clouds of bugs and ramen. "Temari, Kankorou, go." Seeing the question in their eyes, the redhead answered their unspoken question. "I'm going to turn this fight into a three-way battle." Since no-one objected to his statement, Gaara quickly shrugged of his Kage hat.

Smirking slightly, Gaara commanded his sand in front of him. Snapping to attention, Naruto and Shino did the same thing. Silence fell as the onlookers were drawn into what promised to be a battle of absolute mayhem and destruction. And then, at an unspoken signal all three started their attack.

"BAKURYU RYUSA! (Desert Avalanche)"

"RAMENKUHA! (Ramen Blast)

"Kikaiyuuheki!" (Kikai rising wall)

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