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"Ivana , where are you" a woman yelled.

" What, ma damn" Ivana yelled back.

" Its time for you to get the fuck out" her mother said busting into her room.

" Yeah right ma your drunk again, get the fuck out. I'm tired" Ivana said back laying on the bed.

" I'm serious get your shit and get out. Your 18 its time for you to be on your own".

" Are you serious its like 12 in the morning and I got to go to work" she said.

" I don't care I'm tired of you being here its time for me and Greg to have time alone. Hurry up and pack your shit". She said slamming the door.

" Fine I don't wanna stay in thes hell hole no way" she said getting up.

She walked to the mirror to put her long copper brown hair in a ponytail. She was a fairly pretty gurl honey brown skin, light brown eyes. She was about 5'8 120 lbs. She opened her small closet and put her cloes on a suitcase.

I can't believe she pulled this shit. I have no where to go. Plus it's cold outside. In the middle of January in Memphis is nothin to play with. Fine if she wants to be like that fuck that bitch. She just graduated highschool in June. Only few people on her family can accomplished that. She had a job at a clothing store at a mall. She had one friend her name was Angel but she just left to got to college in New Orelans.

She finished packing her clothes and got all her other things together and began walking out the house. She saw her mom sitting on the livingroom couch with her ass of a boyfriend.

" Have a nice life." her mom said laughing alomg with Greg.

" Fuck both of you ". She yelled slamming the door.

The cold air hit her. She put her coat on and lit up a ciggerette. Hope she fucking burn in hell.