Episode Zero
Part 04 of 04: Consequence
Started: 20050524 / 1000CST
Finished: 20050524 / 1008CST

Sonic the Hedgehog: Neo Redux
Episode Zero
Part 04 of 02:

Written by Adam Czech

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She walks.

I hold her hand tightly as she takes a quivering step forward. The first time I have seen my darling Maria out of her bed, her legs trying to work after five years of dormancy.

Her foot plants firmly on the carpet of her bedroom, and she smiles over at me, proud in her accomplishment. I smile in return, and coax her on.

I have done it. I have done what no scientist on the planet has been able to accomplish. I have saved Maria's life. Not even Master, in all his intelligence, could have performed such a feat.

I grip her hand tightly, supportively, as she tries for another step. I shall take her away from all this, when she is ready. With my power, there is nothing we can't do, nowhere we can't go. I will show her the world she was forced to watch from her bedroom window for so long.

For my Maria deserves better.

A sound. I turn to look. The door bursts open. Men enter. Men with guns. They point the guns at us and shout something. I don't understand. What's happening? What is this?

They fire.