Muggle Sweets

Albus Dumbledore sighed happily as he sat down on the park bench. Really, he mused, the view was lovely and the day beautiful. He unstuck a sherbet lemon and popped it into his mouth, humming The National Anthem as he sucked the sweet.

The Hogwarts headmaster had decided to go on a day trip to a muggle park; for a bit of rest and relaxation. It of course had absolutely nothing to do with the muggle sweet shop across the road.

As he chewed, he observed the muggles going about their ordinary lives; some sipping coffee and reading newspapers, others sitting having picnics and some being dragged along the length of the park by their dogs. Dumbledore had always found muggles ways of life interesting; some called him eccentric, others batty and some even said dotty.

Really, he was rather flattered.

Unsticking another sherbet lemon and popping it into his mouth, he stood up and made for the next bench along, on which a woman slightly older than middle age was eating her lunch. He walked up to the bench and sat himself down next to her, before engaging her in conversation.

"Afternoon madam, lovely day," she looked to the side, a brief look of astonishment crossing her face. Dumbledore was wearing a tartan shirt and some pale green trousers with cowboy boots, not to mention his long silver hair.

"Yes, lovely," she said, before turning and observing the view again. Dumbledore didn't seem to get her rather startled manner, and continued happily.

"What brings you here today?" She looked back at him for a moment and took another bite of her sandwich.

"Lunch break," she replied simply, swallowing. Dumbledore smiled a little guiltily.

"I'm afraid it's the sweetshop for me," he indicated to the shop behind them. The woman smiled and replied,

"You'll rot your teeth, Sir," Dumbledore laughed heartily.

"Yes, I will. But how can one resist the sherbet lemon?" the woman nodded sagely,

"A question asked by many a famous philosopher," she seemed to be warming to him, his friendly manner infectious.

"I believe the answer includes anchovies," he replied mildly, scratching his knee. The woman stared for a second, not sure weather he was joking or not. Instead she made an exit.

"I'm afraid I must really be going, I can't afford to stay away from work any longer," she smiled thinly and stood up. Dumbledore smiled kindly and rose with her.

"No, I myself must be getting back. I shall see you back at the castle, Minerva," and he walked off, a slight jaunt to his step. A second later he was gone.

Minerva McGonagall stared.

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