History-Clark and Lana are sixteen and are going out. Clark is captain of the football team and Lana is head cheerleader.

Night- Lana and Clark at a jock party.

(Clark and Lana are dancing together)

Lana: (Pulls Clark by the hand, out of the dancing crowd and over to the corner and starts making out with him.) So I hear you have a crush on me. (giggles)

Clark: (grins) Oh darn, I wanted to keep it a secret. (pushes her up against a wall)

Lana: So do you want to use that super charm of yours and fix me up some love?

Clark: (looks puzzled) What?

Lana: Just wait and see…(grabs his hand and leads him up the stairs.)

(Everyone starts cheering Clark's name and he is totally clueless so Pete gives him a hand and slips him so red Kroptonite)…

3 Weeks Later - -

Morning- At school in the hall way and Clark is at his locker.

(Lana walks over to him with a looks of concern on her face.)

Clark: Waz Up Hottie?

Lana: Clark, I have some big news… REALY big news.

Clark: What is wrong?

Lana: I just need to talk to you in private. (she pulls him over to a quite room and sits him down)

Clark: What is going on Lana? Just tell me what is on your mind.

Lana: Clark, there is no easy way to say this so I am just going to come out and say it. Clark Kent, I am pregnant.

To Be Countineued…