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Summary: Beka thinks Rhade's drunk but he has other ideas.

A/N: Just a little something to celebrate the end of school. I'll add more to my other stories in august. It was written in geograophy and just goes to show what happens when I'm board.


Beka sat at the Maru's bar trying to decide if she wanted to go to bed or not when she heard footsteps coming toward her. It turned out to be Rhade, alone.

"Hey you got a minute?" He asked stopping a couple feet away from Beka who had stood up when she first heard him. His speech was a little slurred.

"For what?"

"To talk," he swayed a little: he was drunk.

"Not until you're sober," Beka gave him a small shove toward the door.

Rhade laughed and whirled around so that he was behind her, "I am," he whispered pulling her against him.

"Rhade," she tried to jerk her elbow back but he had his arms around her so that she couldn't move.

"Um," he started kissing her neck, "you smell good."

"Rhade you're drunk," Beka struggled against his arms fighting the urge to relax while her body seemed to think otherwise.

"Then why are you fighting?" He began to nip playfully where he'd been kissing.

"Because you're drunk."

"Does it matter?"

"Yes let me go."

"Um, and what will you do if I don't?"



"Let me go."

"Would it make a difference if I wasn't drunk?"


"How so?"


He nibbled on her ear, "how would it be different?"

"How would I know you're always, hey!" Beka jumped as he slipped one hand under her shirt, "Rhade!"

"I'm non drunk," he undid her bra.

"Rhade stop."

"Why? You're enjoying it."

"Rhade," the rest of her sentence was cut off when he pressed a finger to her lips kissing her neck.

"Just give me ten minutes."

Now he had both hands under her shirt. It was getting harder to resist. "Ten minutes," she said before losing all self-control.

Rhade turned her around shoving her against the wall pressing their lips together. What surprise Beka was that he wasn't drunk. Her hands fumbled with his belt as he gently bit her lip pushing down his pants.

Somehow they ended up on her bed their clothes laying where they'd been thrown. Beka gasped for breath as he propped himself up on his elbows kissing her chin.

"My times up."

"Rhade please."

Rhade smiled and pushed himself up so that he was straddling her hips. "My ten minutes were up an hour ago."

Beka pushed herself up, "Rhade." She was stopped as her pressed his lips to hers and lowered their bodies back onto the bed.

"I told I wasn't drunk," Rhade said a few hours later when he sat leaning against the wall with Beka in his arms.

"You acted like you were."

"It was a good excuse," Rhade replied running his hands over her body liking the way she shivered and moved closer to him.


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