Author's Note: Ok this is short and sweet and somewhat to the point…but it will be gone over time and time again through this next story. So don't worry. Oh and if anyone, I repeat ANYONE takes and/or uses the characters from the Demetra Galaxy, I will hunt you done and cut your heart out with a spoon. They are MINE…MINE… MINE! This story just happens to be a crossover with an original one of mine. So enjoy!

Chapter One:

The Legend….

This story happened a millennium ago…it was a time of peace and vitality throughout the Demetra Galaxy.

Then he appeared.

He was known as Inferno. And he wanted to rule it all. But it wasn't going to be that easy. To control the galaxy, Inferno needed the legendary Bellatrix Crystal….

The Galactic Princess Sirius was the guardian of the this crystal. Combined with her powers and those of the ten guardian planets, she was able to seal Inferno away. But no seal is permanent.

Yet as a precaution, it was made that Inferno would need the power of the Bellatrix crystal to regain all of his strength, as well as to be able to gain control of the galaxy. But even that was highly unlikely given that the Bellatrix Crystal had been broken into twelve separate pieces and hidden throughout the Demetra Galaxy - - with the exception of two pieces.

The last two pieces had been given to the strongest of the ten guardians, Princess Natasha of Dwyn. Once she was given the pieces, she disappeared without a trace. But where to, no one knew…

Upon her death, Princess Sirius was granted immortality so that she could protect and guide the spirits of her guardians from their sleeping state to the time when the Bellatrix Crystal would be reunited to defeat evil once again.

And that time is now…