Yeah. This is just a drabble that I was very pleased with, so I posted it on account of the fact that it's my first. Did not get it betaed so feel free to nitpick all 300 words of it.

Aftera Battle.

By Scarab Dynasty

The moment the Flash landed in the Thunder tower Sparx stumbled off, fell against a wall, exhausted, and was not surprised to see Ace sink down next to her. This was understandable, considering the last three solid hours had been spent in battle. Even superheroes run out of energy.

'It's a compulsion, isn't it?' Ace said.

'What's a compulsion?' Sparx mumbled.

'Your need to jump out at the bad guys every time. I told you not to attack, what part of "undercover surveillance" don't you understand?'

Sparx grunted. 'She crept up on me. What was I supposed to do, ask her to keep quiet?'

'She might've.'

'Whatever…' Sparx was too tired to care about Lady Illusion this time. She tried to stand and realised she couldn't. She groaned.

'What is it?'

'I can't get up.'

'You'll have to, you need to power up.'

'Don't brother me… I can't be bothered.'

'Okay, I'll go first.'

There was a two minutes pause.



'You said you were gonna power up.'

'I can't be bothered.'

'Guess I'll go then…'


'Yeah. I can't either…' she sighed. Ace felt her head slump on his shoulder. 'Actually the floor's not too bad…'

Another pause while Ace wondered if it was possible to be this incapable of movement when you were at 12 power…



'Are we gonna sit here all night?'

'Do we have anywhere else to go?' Sparx grumbled.


'Then yeah. Don't move.'

'Why not?'

Sparx sounded half asleep. 'Your shoulder's comfy…'

Ace stayed there not wanting to make her move. They really should've powered up though. 'Sparx?' There was a light snoring sound on his shoulder. He nudged her. 'Sparx?'

Sparx moved, uttering a barely comprehensible mumble. 'Shut up. Sleeping.'

'Sorry.' Ace sighed.

Damn, he'd just power up tomorrow…

You like? Okay it's drabble… and it's short. But I think it's extremely cute and I've never done a decent drabble before so... yeah. Hope you like.


Scarab xxx