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Rai's POV

"OW! Watch it Kim! You just nailed me in the head!" I yelped, rubbing my head.

"Get over it Rai. At least we'll have the Bracelet Of Ba-Jin!" She snapped, edging towards the Bracelet, me not too far behind (Hey! I had NO choice! I'm stuck with her!). "Sheesh. A simple 'I'm sorry Raimundo' would have done just fine!" I muttered.

"Almost got it!" Kimiko said, her hand creeping closer to the bracelet, when a familiar voice broke the air.

"No you don't, Dragon Dorks!" A tall, thin boy said. He was as pale as glue, with black markings under his eyes. His hair was a fiery red, which had a pair of spiraled yellow goggles sitting on it. He wore a black jacket, with big, metally-looking boots. And, on his hands were a pair of brownish-black gloves with no finger coverings. It was Jack Spicer.

And, of course, the ugly and purple hag of a witch, Wu Ya, floating besides him, her evil little eyes swirling in their sockets, matching the spirals on Jack's goggles.

"Shove off Spicer!" I said. "Yeah! Get lost!" Kim huffed.

"No way!" He snapped. "Kim! Get the bracelet!" I yelled. She nodded, as she edged closer to the bracelet, when Wu Ya's voice cracked the atmosphere.

"Insolent boy! Get the Wu!" She shrieked. "Fine!" Jack shouted, grabbing the Bracelet Of Ba-Jin at the exact second that Kimiko grabbed it. "Kimiko," He started, "I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!"

"Fine! What's the challenge?" She asked. "First one to get out of that temple." Jack said. "Fine!"

All of a sudden, the jungle that we were in grew even more dense, making it hard to get around. The temple in front of us started shaking and crumbling. This was not going to be an easy challenge.

"Uh, Kim? You DO remember that we're still stuck together, right?" I said, tapping her sholder. "Whoops."

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