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3 hours later

Guy's POV

The waiting room was quiet for 5 in the morning. Julie and I were the only ones awake as the nurse finally came out.

"Mr. Germaine?"


"Mr. Germaine, your wife is resting you can go in and see her now..." The nurse turned to lead me into Connie's room. I walked slowly, almost dreading the outcome of the surgery. The nurse opened the door to Connie's room as I followed her in. Connie was laying in the bed, a considerable amount smaller and reached out her hand to me as I came in.

"I'll leave you..." The nurse said leaving quietly. I walked over to the bed, taking Connie's hand in mine.

"Are you okay?" I asked almost crying.

"I'm fine..." She said weakly. I shook my head and couldn't hold it in anymore, I began to cry.

"Guy, we have a boy...and a girl..." She trailed off. I stopped and looked at her, it took a minute for me to realize what she said.

"Twins?" I asked still in shock. Connie smiled from ear to ear.

"Yeah, Guy, they're both beautiful..." I cut her off with a whoot and jumped up in the bed with her, kissing her.

"Oh, baby...I love you...I love our babies..." Connie was laughing trying not to move too much as I kissed her.

4 days later

"Okay Mrs. Germaine, Germain babies, are we ready to go?" I asked picking up Connie's bags from the floor and stepping behind her wheelchair. Connie had little Emily Germaine in her arms, she'd hardly put down our daughter since the moment she was born. Julie and Adam sat in the guest chair googling over Dillion Germaine.

"Hey, Don't even think about you two." I said taking Dillion up in my arms."Get one of your own..." I joked as I put Dillion in his carrier. Julie laughed.

"Oh, we will...eventually." She said looking at Adam. He smiled at her.

"Okay, let's go!" Connie said looking at me.

"Okay, we're on our way..." I said pushing Connie with one hand while holding Dillion with the other.

We arrived at Connie's new house a few minutes later, I opened the door to the house.

"Okay, home sweet home." I said letting Connie and Emily go in first then following with Dillion. We immediately went to the nursery which me, Julie and Adam decorated for Connie and the babies return. I opened the door, praying she would like it. It was filled with gifts for my parents.

"Oh, Guy...It's beautiful..." Connie said beginning to cry. She put Emily down in one crib and I laid Dillion down in the other as Connie looked around.

"Guy...I...I couldn't have done it better myself..." She smiled. I smiled too and leaned in to kiss her. We ended the kiss and looked at the babies.

"My parents wanted to help so they send over most of this, and Mom knitted these blankets for the babies." I said, Connie stopped me.

"I love them..." She said kissing me.

"You think they're gonna say asleep for a while?" I asked with a smile.

"Well, they are tired from the trip..." Connie said with a smile. I kissed Connie again picking her up in my arms.

"Guy..." She said as I carried her to our room.

"Well, Mrs. Germaine...I figure we deserve a little alone time for our honeymoon..." I smiled. Connie laughed..

"Yeah, right..." She laughed as I laid her down on the bed.

"Connie, I'm sorry about the wedding...I promise we're gonna do a big wedding like you want...and we'll leave the kids with Julie and Adam and have a real honeymoon..." I said with a smile. Connie smiled too.

"Guy, Our wedding was perfect ...but that sounds great..." She said kissing me. We began to undress each other.

"Guy, um...we can't...I'm not healed..." I stopped to look at her.

"Oh, yeah.." I said with a sigh. We laid there for a minute and then began to kiss again. Just then Dillion began to cry. I sighed,

"I can't get a break..." I said with a sigh.

"I'll get him..." Connie started.

"No, I will..." I said with a sigh and got up walking to the other room.

Connie's POV

"Hey, baby..." He said picking Dillion up, suprisingly Emily was still asleep. He started to sing to Dillion, I was listening on the baby monitor and began to cry. I got up walking to the other room and stood in the doorway watching him. He ended the song and then laid Dillion back down before turning to me.

"Hey." He smiled nervously.

"Guy, you're a great father..." I said walking to him. Guy smiled,

"Connie, I love you. You gave me the best gift ever, my life."

"I love you too." I smiled kissing him. "I wouldn't change anything.." She smile

"Well...I wish you would have told me...and we could have just skipped this past year..." He started.

"Guy, I said I was sorry..."

"Shhh...You're beautiful." Guy smiled and began to hum the same tune and dance with me in the middle of the babies room. I laughed lightly.

"So do you want to have more?" I smiled.

"How about a dozen?" He asked with a laugh, "Let get started now." He said picking me up.

"Guy, I just had two..."I said as he carried me accross the hall.

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