Summary: Marissa is trying her best to forget about shooting Trey. When she and Summer go to college, they meet up with Ryan and Seth. Will old relationships rekindle?

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Chapter 1

Marissa Cooper was in her bedroom, doing last minute packing. She and her best friend Summer Roberts were going to the same college and they were leaving the next day. As Marissa was looking around her room, incase she forgot something important, when she opened the drawer of her bedside table, she saw a photo album. She took it out, curious to find out what was inside. As she flipped through the pages filled with pictures, she remembered what it was. It was a photo album that Summer, Ryan and Seth had given her two summer's ago.

Inside were numerous pictures of Marissa with her friends and family. For instance, there was one when the four of them went to Tijuana. Marissa remembered that that trip wasn't very successful since Marissa caught her ex-boyfriend Luke making out with her ex-best friend Holly; causing her to overdose on drugs. She flipped the page to find a picture of Marissa and Ryan on the Ferris Wheel at 2003's Kick-Off Carnival. That was the first time she and Ryan had shared their first kiss. He had been afraid of heights but had gone on the Ferris Wheel because he wanted set things straight between them. He was so afraid that Marissa kissed him, which made Ryan forget about his fear of heights. She flipped through a couple more pages, passing pictures of her with Seth, Summer, Ryan, her mother, Caleb, Sandy and Kirsten at her mother and Caleb's wedding the previous summer. After flipping through a few more pages, she came across a picture that caused her to tear up. Yes, on one of those pages was a picture of Ryan, Seth, Summer, herself and Ryan's brother Trey, who was now dead.

Memories of that night came flooding back into Marissa's head. Marissa had finally told Summer that Trey tried to attack her that one night while Ryan and Seth were in Miami. Summer didn't know what to do so she told Seth who suggested that they tell Ryan. Ryan wasn't happy at all. He went to Trey's apartment only to find him threatened by his brother with a gun in his hand. Ryan and Trey started fighting and when Marissa got the news that Ryan knew, she rushed over to Trey's apartment. She tried to get Trey to stop choking Ryan; he was choking him to death, but Trey wouldn't listen. That's when Marissa saw it. Trey's gun on the floor. She didn't know exactly what she was thinking but all she knew was that she had to get Trey to stop choking her boyfriend. She pulled the trigger and in it went, into Trey's body. She remembered the look he gave her before he collapsed to the floor, blood all around him. Marissa had no intention of killing Trey. That was the last thing she wanted to do. But she didn't want Ryan to die either. After Seth and Summer had arrived at the scene of the crime, Seth called Sandy and Trey was taken to the hospital. Marissa wasn't charged for any crime, but after all the drama of the year, including Kirsten getting sent off to rehab for her addiction to alcohol, Sandy took Seth and Ryan out of school a few weeks early and went on a very long summer vacation.

Marissa closed the photo album. She was crying now, tears were streaming down her face. She never really got a chance to figure out if Ryan was upset or not. They hadn't talked all summer and now that going to college was looming around the corner, she wondered if he was back in town and what college he was going to. Suddenly, her thoughts were disturbed by the sound of her mother's voice.

"Marissa! Summer's here!" Julie called from downstairs.

"Kay! Send her up!" Marissa called back. She wiped her tears away. Summer came into her room seconds later, embracing Marissa in a huge hug. Summer had gone to New York part of the summer and she had just gotten back two days ago.

"Hey Coop!" Summer muffled in Marissa's hair.

"Hey Sum," Marissa replied. "So, how was New York?"

"Oh, it was awesome! Really great. They have some of the best stores there. It was really eye-opening," Summer said enthusiastically.

"That's cool," Marissa said politely. There was silence for a while. "So, have you heard from Seth?"

"Yeah, actually. He called me yesterday. He's doing great. They're up in Canada visiting some relatives. I miss him so much," Summer explained. Then she saw her friend's face. "Ryan's fine too," she added quickly.

"Do you think he hates me?" Marissa asked meekly.

"Hates you? Coop are you completely blind? He's so in love with you it's sick!" Summer joked.

"Well I did kill his brother," Marissa began. Suddenly, the sobs started pouring out again. "Sum, I never meant to kill Trey! Even though he attacked me, I never intended it! Ryan barely said anything to me afterwards. He hasn't even called me since then! I killed his brother. He must hate me."

"Fine Coop, if you must know, I talked to him yesterday. I asked him how he was coping with Trey's death and he said he was coping well. Then I asked him if he was mad at you. He said he wasn't, that he was just a bit shaken up. He wanted to isolate himself the whole vacation, to try to forget about what happened. He still loves you," Summer said sincerely. Marissa managed a smile.

"Okay. If you say so, Sum," Marissa said, sounding a little doubtful.

"I do say so!" Summer replied happily. "Now Coop, I brought over some movies and make up. This is our last night before we take a first big step into adulthood. Are you going to join me in some fun or not?"

"Okay, I'm in! I'll get the ice cream!" Marissa said, running out of her room and into the kitchen, grabbing some Ben and Jerry's. She tried to put the whole Ryan/Trey thing out of her head, but what she didn't know was that she would run into Ryan, more sooner than she thought.