Note: This is being told from Amy's point of view...

First Time

Just once I'd like to see Mobius as the great spectacle everyone claims it to be. When I gaze into the sky above and actually be able to see it, to breathe in its air. How I wished things were back to the way it used to be. Wishing was never enough.

Everything was banefully destroyed. Cities collapsed on the hour of each day. Innocents were left without homes or even their families and often took for the worst. The air that dominated the sky could no longer be inhaled without some poor animal exhaling a smoke ring. Decay so pungent it could make your nose bleed...this was not the Mobius I knew.

Only one vile being could've done all this and it was none other than Eggman. The bald, huge, red-nosed humanoid that has terrorized me and my friends for years has declared an all-our war against us. He threatens to annilate everyone on Mobius and replace us with robots that will serve under his rule.

Yet there is still hope. The only blue that can be visible above, even when it's nightfall. His gorgeous, spiky hair and that egocentric attitude-my hero, Sonic.

As Cream, Cheese and I were in they city alone, we had to defend ourselves against the hoard of robots that dominated it. My weapon of choice was always the Piko Piko hammer and the way I'd flung it around without breaking a sweat you'd think I'd be wiped. Not this girl.

Cream and Cheese learned a few tricks of thier own from Tails, along with the ability to twirl those long, floppy ears of hers fast enough to take flight.

"Take that!" I cried out while bashing in the head of one of those stupid tin cans.

Cheese came up from behind me and rammed head first into it (I think it wa a little to hard though...) and broke it.

"Good job, Cheese!" I praised. Cheese grinned.

"AMY!" the shrill voice of Cream caught my ear.

"I'm comin' just hang...WHAAA!" I was cut off from my words.

Another dumb clunker had me in his arms and was squeezing the life out of me. I couldn't even think about breathing-everytime I did nothing happened. When I raised my mallet up to whack my assailiant I felt heat graze my hand. The pain was so unbearable I had to let go. There was nothing left for me to do.

I turned my head just enough to where I could see a figure out of the corner of my eye. I recognized that spikey mane immediately.

"S-Sonic?" I strained, still having trouble breathing.

Neon red eyes glowed in the darkness. It hadn't been that long since I saw them. Sonic wasn't there in the distance to save me.

"No...not you again...Sonic...-" I was then silenced by a vicious push of my backside. My vision was dull and then turned ebony...

All around me there was nothing. Void. Useless space that could make nothing nor be made into nothing. I couldn't stand it. There was no feeling in my body, no one to answer my call. But regardless of this fact I called out to him anyway.

"Sooooooooonic!" I screamed.

Quiet. Not even my own echo to bring me at ease. It was as if all existence had vanished...or...maybe I had vansihed from existence. Death. It never even crossed my mind.

"It can't be true, not even I really among the dead?"

"Man, your more annoying than ever Amy." came the most nasal voice in history.

There was no mistaking it. She wasn't dead...she was-On Angel Island.

Most of the areas on the island were snowy during this time, and you couldn't see anything but white in front of you.

"Sonic, come closer please." I cooed.

He in fact did come closer. So I did what I've been waiting to do for so long, kiss him. There was no resistance nor was there a struggle. Gladly he picked me up from the dead snow and carried me away to who knows where.

It didn't matter anyway...for I knew he'd come to me.

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