Chapter 15: The Forked Road

Eggman wasted no time in confronting us. He was hovering around in a massive, egg-shaped seat that had a gross burnt color to it. It wasn't just another bad egg pun in motion, it also held a deadly secret-one that was triggered when Shadow found himself on his knees.

"How does it feel, Shadow? Anything familiar coursing through your veins?" he snickered.

"You were the one…the illness I had…it was you…" he hissed under a raspy breath.

"Correct! And with the aid of these new Emeralds found within the core of Mobius I can bring about your death! No one can save you this time!"

Even this loser was looking right through me! There was no way he'd get the better of me after Sonic tried to, not in this or the next lifetime! Shadow had then pulled out a Chaos Emerald from out of nowhere.

"Chaos Spear!" he called out; a dagger of light shot from the gem and sliced into the egg.

"Not so fast!" Eggman yelled holding a Forbidden Emerald (so called because it was said no one could harness their power but somehow Eggman can).

A strange flow of energy coursed through it and was aimed directly at the Chaos Emerald. Energy thatgreat could easily kill Shadow! Acting on an instinct I didn't recognize I smacked the Chaos Emerald out of his hand; it skidded across the room to the other side and imploded.

"What the…Amy?"

"These Emeralds are too powerful Shadow. Not even you could stop them, but I have an idea."

Eggman could obviously hear me. "Doesn't matter how many plans you come up with. I'll still win otherwise!"

"Then why don't you tell us the brilliance of your new Emeralds?"

"Brilliance…thing is I'm not exactly sure as to how these Emeralds work. All I have to do is focus and energy flows out!"

I understood then why they were so powerful and why they were 'forbidden'. The force that came from these emeralds could enter inanimate objects and then the body of a living creature. That is why Shadow was almost killed and that is how we would defeat him.

"Shadow," I whispered, "do you have another Chaos Emerald?" He nodded and took it out to show it to me. "Good. Now try to hit him again."

"But it didn't-"

"…Do you trust me?" I asked with my eyes widened.

"Of course." He answered. Eggman gaped.

"This again? I guess hedgehogs just don't learn from their mistakes…"

"Chaos Spear!"

"Nice try!"

Once more the attack was negated and the power of the Forbidden Emerald entered the Chaos Emerald. "Now Shadow, toss it at Eggman!"

Quickly he did and it just barely touched him when a spherical essence engulfed the egg. He'd put up a barrier just in case!

"Ha ha ha! How do you like me now!" he bragged.

"Damn! I thought that would work!" I spat.

"It would've if that barrier wasn't up. We need more than tricks to pull this off."

Right above Eggman's head Tails was floating downward and carrying…Victor! Then Charmy and Espio flew and leapt from the sides.

"Amy I brought the others!" announced Tails. He had a knack for stating the obvious.

"Don't forget about us two too!" the red-haired echidna glided around in a circle followed by Rouge.

"Thanks guys!" I shouted with joy. We had all the aid needed to take Eggman down. He didn't agree.

"So what? You have some extra hands and I have some more targets."

I smiled secretly. He was unaware of what was going to crash down on him. Knuckles, with his trademark in place, smashed the barrier that held up Eggman's guard. His shock was evident. Tails then released Victor who stomped on the rear engine that allowed Eggman to levitate. He plummeted to the base only to comeback up as four spider-like legs branched out from the sides.

"Man, he won't quit!" Victor complained.

"We'll have to kill him then he'll have no choice but to quit." Stated Espio.

He skated underneath the legs while simultaneously punching the shins. Charmy and Rouge did their share of damage as well. Slowly but surely Eggman was buckling down.

"Noooo!" he screamed, frantically shifting levers.

"Perfect timing." Shadow took out yet another Chaos Emerald and I started to wonder why he had so many.

"Chaos Control!"

I panicked. He was going to freeze all of us? And yet I was still able to move, along with the others. Was this a bluff?

"Amy, you and the others get out of here. I'm going to do more than just a Chaos Spear."

The surrounding area encased Eggman like a bubble and he was the only thing that stood still. I was baffled yet relieved and we all dashed out at once. Tails carried Sonic.

As soon as we were a few yards away a booming detonation of red flare fired from the colony. It started to collapse.

"Shadow!" I cried out in fear.

"Relax, Amy. Look up." Knuckles pointed at the sky.

Sure enough Shadow was there in his prime and glory. He shifted towards us; a true sense of pride was in his expression. "Thank goodness."

"I'll get the Forbidden Emeralds…" stated Knuckles about to glide of to the ruined colony.

"Not if I get to them first, Knuckie!" cooed Rouge following after him.

He hastily broke into a run and I couldn't help but laugh at those two. They were so adorable!

"Guess we'd better head out ourselves." Said Espio.

"We'll keep in touch!" exclaimed Charmy.

"Alright. Take care of yourselves!" I waved goodbye to my longtime pals and then turned to Tails and Sonic. What was I to do then…?

The next day came by so hurriedly I'd wished Shadow would've used his Chaos Control again. After that battle there was nothing left for us to do except bask in each other's warmth. He had spent his most triumphant evening with me in my bed and all things seemed to be meager in comparison to that. But my troubles weren't over . Sonic still had to be dealt with.

He'd fallen ill soon after the episode with Eggman and took residence at a local hospital. Tails, being a dedicated friend to the end of his days was by his bedside for hours. Eventually I got up the courage to run it by Shadow.

"I think it's time we saw him Shadow. At least to see if he's okay." I whispered.

"…I don't know Amy. He did hurt you…"

"Yes, but I've been attached to him for too long so I can't really forget about him. You understand…"

"If your okay with this." He murmured.

One flashof theChaos Emeraldand we were in his room right by Tails. The fox didn't make any notice of our presence.

"How is he Tails?"

"They said he'll be up in an hour or two. Then I don't know what'll happen next."

Eerie quietness ensued and I couldn't stand it so I turned on the TV. The word about our victory spread faster than we'd hoped but with a different twist-Shadow wasn't in the tale. Sonic was the only hedgehog mentioned in the story, not even I was stuck in the mix. Though I might have been imagining it Sonic had grinned in the corner of my eye.

"Well I'm glad to hear he's okay. We'll come back later Tails. Bye." Shadow used Chaos Control and we left Tails alone with his former idol.

We weren't recognized for our achievement that day nor were there any congratulations from locals. Our friends however…our true friends…were eternally grateful. Even then we all still knew in the back of our minds that Eggman was still alive. So what good came out of this?

For one, I can live with the thought of being a heroine in my own right. I have no reason to feel inferior to anyone anymore, and I sure as hell don't need to be rescued. My life is my own and only I can decide how the outcome will turn out. But most importantly I've realized that Sonic was holding me back from my true potential. I was so desperate for his attention and love that I was blinded and almost missed out on a great and more prosperous relationship-one with Shadow.

So Sonic and Eggman can and will live on and they can continue theirgame of cat-and-mouse.Who cares? It no longer involves Shadow and me now that we have each other. And soon enough I'll be far too busy with a third party to save Mobius.

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