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For Merlin's sake, IT WAS COLD!

It was Monday night and, as is usual for November in England, it was very chilly. Hermione, Ron and I were out by the lake watching our gentle Giant Squid playfully terrorize a bunch of Hufflepuff first years. Sadly, the first years had no idea he was only playing and were terrified out of their minds. But that's first years for you.

As we sat underneath a tall tree, watching the first years and doing a little bit of homework, a strong breeze came up. It took up our papers, swirling them around us, then they lazily drifted up higher and higher in the sky. I swear, winds at Hogwarts are unnaturally thoughtful. I sometimes wonder if someone got a spell wrong and charmed the winds into having minds of their own. I wouldn't put it past any of us.

Right, so the wind had our papers and was carrying them off to who knows where, when I suddenly got the brilliant idea to use the 'Accio' charm and get them back. So, with my trusty wand in hand, I cried out the spell over and over again…

"Accio parchment! Accio parchment! Accio parchment!" With every shout a myriad of papers came zooming toward my hand. I caught them and placed them neatly by my bag. When I had all of my papers, I looked over to where Hermione and Ron were to see how they were faring.

Not so good. Ron had some scraps of paper clutched tightly in one hand, using his other to swipe at the flying parchment. He would jump up again and again, trying to reach his Transfiguration essay, but every time he jumped, it seemed as if the paper moved higher and higher in the air.

Hermione was doing even worse. She had lost her hat and scarf, the only thing protecting her from the bitter cold wind. She had managed to catch a grand total of zero papers and was on the verge of tears, chasing a particularly determined piece of parchment.

Seeing that Ron was nearly finished gathering his papers, I went over to help Hermione. Really, it was the only logical thing to do. Ron had most of his and Hermione had nearly none. This particular sense of logic would come back to haunt me, though, in only a few minutes' time.

So by jumping, leaping and using the 'Accio' spell, Hermione and I finally had all of her papers in hand. I followed her back to the tree, where we collapsed under it, exhausted by our chase. It only took me a moment to sort through my retrieved papers, then I started on my essay for Divination again.

When I had to look up for more ink after a long sentence, I noticed that Hermione was shivering. She had lost her hat and scarf after all. So, being the gentleman that I am, I slipped out of my warm coat and draped it around her petite shoulders. She looked up at me and smiled gratefully, then went back to her book.

Sitting back down, I heard a snicker. It came from Ron, who was trying desperately to hide it under his textbook. Curious, I asked him,

"What's so funny?" He only snickered again and ignored my request. I asked him again, but slightly more forcefully. Looking up this time, he said,

"I never knew that you were such a gentleman, Harry," There was a mischievous look in his eye as he said this. I should have known that he would bring something out of this.

"I was only being nice," I said defensively. He just snickered again. "Hermione was cold and I had a jacket. What's the big deal?"

"I wasn't saying anything, Harry," he assured me, though I knew he was only joking, "Nothing more than that you're living-"

"By a river in Egypt; I know," I finished for him. "You've only told me a hundred times. Can't you just once tell me what it means?"

"Well, that's obvious enough," Hermione stated matter-of-factly. I looked at her in skepticism.

"What's so obvious about it?" I asked. "Do you know what it means?"

"Of course," she said it as if she was surprised I would even question it. "It's simple, really. What's a major river in Egypt?"

"Well, the Nile," Not a huge brainstorm. It's something that everybody knows.

"Right. So living by a river in Egypt would mean living by the Nile. Do you get it now?"

"Nope, sorry," I really didn't have any idea what she was talking about.

She sighed and spoke as if I were a small child, "Living by the Nile. Living in the Nile. The Nile. Da Nile. Denial. Do you get it now?"

I thought over what she said. Then it hit me. "Oh! Denial! That's terribly clever! But what am I in denial of? That's what you mean, wasn't it, Ron?"

"Oh, yes," Ron said, "You're in denial of something."

"But what am I in denial of?" I asked again, feeling slightly frustrated by now.

"Well, that's obvious, too," Hermione said without looking at me.

"Oh, great," I drawled sarcastically. "Now you know too? Fine then, Mione. What am I in denial of?" I looked at her with faked keen interest. She wouldn't look me in the eye and her face was bright red. I wanted to know what it was that was bothering her so.

"That you like me."

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