True Happiness
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SG-1 spilled onto the ramp rather more eagerly than usual. Another narrow escape. General Hammond stood before them, smiling in a fatherly way, happy that his flagship team had returned uninjured once again. Colonel O'Neill offered a tight-lipped wry smile, absolutely refusing to acknowledge anything out of the ordinary. Daniel Jackson peered cautiously around the room, saying a silent prayer that Dr Frasier would pronounce that his concussion explained the hallucinations. Teal'c stood stoically, as always, although to anyone who knew him well, his slight grimace gave away his utter displeasure with their mission. In place of their usual fourth, a small child stood nervously beside the men on the ramp. She clung tightly to the colonel's and Dr Jackson's hands. She was completely overwhelmed by her surroundings and for a moment her chin trembled, threatening tears.

She squealed with delight when she saw the general. She bounced down the ramp and threw herself into General Hammond's arms. She giggled and placed a sloppy kiss on his cheek, hugging him so tightly around the neck that the poor man had trouble breathing.

Having plenty of experience with young children, counting his own three kids and his two grandchildren, General Hammond took it in stride. He gently pried the girl loose from his neck and lowered her to the ground. He paid no attention to her when she scrambled back to Colonel O'Neill's side and fastened herself to his leg. Instead, he looked among the faces of his team. "Where is Major Carter? And why wasn't I notified you were bringing a guest?"

Dr. Jackson took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose, giving all the impression that he'd just been overcome with a terrible migraine, thus sparing him from actually having to answer the question. Teal'c turned to face the colonel, expecting the leader of the team to explain the situation. Colonel O'Neill winced and tried to wrench the child from his leg.

"Um, sir, well…" He looked down at the blond head that had a death grip on his knee. He realized it was not the time to mention that the child's penchant for attaching herself to his bad knee allowed her to work quite well as a living, breathing, squealing, giggling heating pad. He successfully freed one of her hands and pulled her around until she was facing the general.

General Hammond squinted, taking his first good look at the child's face. His eyes suddenly widened in almost comical disbelief. "Oh my God, is that-"

"Major Carter." Colonel O'Neill winced as he said the words. He somehow expected that he'd be in trouble, that he'd be to blame for the loss of what he considered to be the SGC's, the country's, the world's, and even the universe's greatest scientific mind. He was even prepared to argue that Dr Carter wasn't exactly lost, but just away for the next thirty odd years.

The general squatted down on one knee, his normal smile replaced with an absolutely gleeful one. He held his arms out. "Sammy!"

The girl let go of the colonel, squealing happily once again as she ran down the ramp and into the general's arms. "Uncle G!"

General Hammond scooped her up and stood once again, answering the disbelieving stares of his staff. "I've known Jacob for a long, long time."