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Title: With you
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Duke/Rebecca
Spoilers: Nothing I believe.
Warnings: AUish, OOC, shonen-ai and shoujo-ai couples

Holy crap, I hope I'm not the only one who likes this couple. I really hope, I'm not. But we shall see, won't we?


Duke leaned against the edge of the counter, propped up on an elbow with his chin on his palm, flipping a page of a magazine with the other. It was another slow, boring day at his game shop. Business wasn't the same now a days, mainly since Kaiba decided to open up his own shop a little ways down the road from his. Duke rolled his eyes, Kaiba always had to be better then everyone else.

The raven haired boy glanced up at the clock, it was a little passed four. He could always close shop early and head over to Yugi's to help him set up for the little movie party the petite duelist was having later that day. But then again, Joey would probably be there early and the blonde was still mad at him for making him dress up in the dog suit again. But hey, it wasn't his fault Joey always wanted to make a fool of himself by challenging the dice master to a game now and then. Duke had no idea how Ryou put up with Joey, he swore that boy was a saint.

So, closing early to help Yugi was out of the question, besides he probably has Yami helping him. Yugi after all does have the spirit of the puzzle wrapped around his little finger. Maybe then he would close early to get some much needed rest and check his e-mail. He hadn't heard from Rebecca recently whom he kept in contact with after that encounter Varon and whoever he was working for, it had been a few years so Duke didn't bother to remember those petty details. He decided he'd give her a call and see what was going on with the blonde. Duke stretched, cracking his back and neck then sauntered over to the door switching the sign from OPEN to CLOSED. Duke made his way back over to the counter, opening the cash register and began to count the small amount of money he made that day.

A bell rang, signaling someone entered the shop, "Sorry we're closed." Duke rolled his eyes without looking up, he swore people got more stupid as days passed. Couldn't they read a simple sign? "I said we're closed," he looked up and froze. "Rebecca?"

Rebecca smiled, "Hey Duke."

Duke blinked, he had to be dreaming. Sure, a few years had passed since he saw Rebecca but the person standing before him couldn't be the smart mouthed girl he remembered. If it was then boy had she grown.


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