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From the Journals of Jason Alexander (Rebel)

The ministry electing Tyran as the minister of magic was the beginning of the end, but there was celebration as he quickly brought an end to the guerilla war with the Death Eaters. In the final battle, the remaining dark wizards stormed the ministry killing any they could before the Stormtroopers could arrive.

In the end Lord Tyran was the only one left, and he declared himself Emperor as a Muggle team bombed Diagon Alley led by someone with a lightsaber. All out war came quickly as the new Emperors flagship, the Vengance, rose from the sea and laid waste to several cities with volleys of energy fire. Miami burned for three days after that and the muggle governments capitulated quickly under the threat of attacks from that flying monstrocity.

The rebel, Draco Malfoy, was killed in single combat against the Emperor as a handfull of muggles and wizards escaped Earth on a few ships one of the Muggle governments had built.

It seemed that this new Empire ruled absolutely, but a rebellion was forming. It ,strangely enough, even included Voldemort who had managed to escape the battle in the ministry alive, but missing his right arm and his left leg below the kneecap.

It was then that he revealed who he truely was as his power was absolute. Harry Potter, our hoped for savior, had become our worst nightmare.

It seemed that the new ruler was more than anything we could deal with as he built a flet of Star Destroyers and began to work on a moon sized monstrocity in orbit. It quickly began to become aparent that our leader was little more than his name, a tyrant, and one we couldn't get rid of.

The rebellion is the only way to strike back against him, there is little other government than those he set up. His powers are great, but we have to hope that there is a way to stop them.

After all, hope is all we have left against this monster...

Jason Alexander was executed as a traitor to the Empire in 7 IC (Imperial Calendar)