. Here's the new chapter.

Christina P.O.V.
" Hi guys, look whose back." said the blue stranger as we both entered the house. The house was pretty big for being owned by a bunch of animals. I continued to look around the house as one they called Sonic pulled me further though the house. Everything was calm until a pink flash crashed into us a sent us flying back into the living room.

"SONIC!" yelled Amy. "What now, I told I would keep my end of the deal, what are you mad at now, Amy?" said Sonic helping him and Christina off of the ground. "What were you doing so close to her!" said the angry pink hedgehog. "Oh, is that all Amy. If you really must know, she just went through a traumatic experience, Shadow could've killed her, I'm just offering a little...support." said Sonic "Oh really, is that true?" asked Amy moving closer to the crimson fox. "Well...I guess so..." said Christina quietly." Oh, okay. Hi my name is Amy, I'm Sonic future wife." said Amy extending a gloved hand to Christina. "WHAT! Amy, you know it's not good to lie!" yelled sonic jumping in the way.
Christina moved around him and shook her hand, "My name is Christina, charmed I'm sure. Do you happen to have anything to eat here, I'm starving." said Tina (Tina for short.) "Of course." said Amy pulling her away from Sonic.
Women, can't live with em' can't live without em' thought Sonic as he followed behind the two chatting females.

The days the followed were very busy for Tina, the girls, Amy and Cream, wanted to take her shopping for clothes. Two months later they then decided to get her job as a waitress in a new restaurant that made the waitresses skate. She thought everything was going well, she even decided to give up her troubled past for a new peaceful future as a fox until one day...

" Christina, customer at table five! "Yelled the manger." I'm on my way! Christina yelled back. She got to the table to find a strange black and red hedgehog with his eyes closed. "Hi, welcome to Skaters', the restaurant where we keep things rolling. Are you ready to order now? "Said Christina. He opened his eyes, and looked at her shocked expression. "Its...its you from two months ago." "Yes, bet you didn't think you'd see me again, Christina." he responded. "Wha...what do you want?" she asked trying to keep her cool. "You're nervous, I wouldn't do anything in the middle of public, be calm." he said. "Just answer my question please." she quietly demanded. "Meet me in the alley where we met tonight." he said. "Why should I, after all I don't know you." she said getting angry. "Oh, don't be that way, I know you. In fact we go way back, I knew your father you know." she gasped and said." Well he is in the past." " Don't be so sure, even if there's a chance that he is dead, wouldn't you're friends love to hear about your past, how you helped to capture them so many times, that your father is the evil scientist." he said, and wide smile spreading across his face. "Okay, fine I'll meet you there. Just please keep this quiet." she said" That's what want to hear, just remember to come alone, and keep this secret." he said, getting up and leaving the restaurant. A tear went down her cheek as she thought of being rejected by her new friends; they would never forgive her from keeping such a secret from them. They might even think she was still trying to help her father. "Christina! Hello are you there. Customer at table eight!" yelled the manager. She quickly wiped away the tear and got back to work.