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Frozen in Time

'I was right. People change. Sasuke really changed…..And Naruto has as well. Have I changed?' I asked myself. I looked at my hands, and then put it back to my side. 'Sigh… I can't stand it anymore! Why do they always have to act like little kids? Seriously!' I continued my path until I came to Hinata's house. 'Hmm…If I need a friend, I'll just ask Hinata….' I put my hand by the bell and pushed the small, white button. It rang throughout the house. "Hai! Whose there?" Hinata asked. "Oh, huh? Oh, Hinata-chan! It's me! Sakura!" I replied. She opened the door quietly and peered out to see if it was really me. "Hey Sakura-chan! Ano, what are you doing here?" Hinata asked. "Oh, I just need a friend, that's all." Hinata moved aside as I walked in. "A friend? What for? Is there a problem?" Hinata questioned as she closed the brown door. "Ah, yeah. There is a very big problem. It concerns Naruto and Sasuke…." I couldn't speak after that. I don't know why, but, I just couldn't speak. My voice was completely frozen or something. "Naruto-kun? And Sasuke-san? What about it?" She continued to question me once again. I tried to speak, but no words came out. For some reason, my voice was still, as if I could never speak again. "Sakura-chan? Daijoubou-des?" Hinata put her hand on my shoulder, but all I could do was shake my head and cry. Her expression softened and let me cry on her shoulder.

After I calmed down, she asked me again, "What seems to be the problem?" This time, I told her the story. "Ah, wakatimas-ka." She got up and went to go and get us both tea. "I can't stand it. Sasuke just wants to ask me out just to get even with Naruto, just because Naruto is stronger than him. I thought after those 3 years, Sasuke would actually come to sense to accept my feelings. But I was wrong. He only wanted to use me!" I took a deep breath to calm my emotions. "Ano-ne, just be careful about how you decide. Naruto is my boyfriend, but he hasn't given his heart to me fully. He still has feelings for you as well. Just hope that you'll make the right one and we'll stay on good terms." I nodded and left.

'Yeah. I hope everything turns out right….' I looked up into the sky. 'Still, now that I think of it, each breath I take, I get closer to death…..I wonder, how much time will I have until then?' I shook my head at that thought. "Iei. I'll have plenty of time 'till then." I smiled and then abruptly ran back to my house. I unlocked the white door and went inside. I was really scared and surprised that Sasuke was there. "Yo, Sakura-chan." He blinked at me with those hard cold black eyes of his. "N-nani? What are you doing here? How'd you get in?" I started to back out of the house. "That doesn't matter. First, I want to get things straight with you. I have no intentions of getting even with Naruto. Second, I'm not a bastard, Naruto is. Third, I know everything." I saw that his eye color began to change. "S-Sasuke…." My voice began to freeze again. I couldn't speak, nor could I move. I was frozen in time. For a second, I thought I was going to die by Sasuke's hands. But then, I remembered that it was black for a second, and now, it seems soft. I woke up with a start to find myself on a bed. 'Eh? Nani-…' I paused and felt something next to me. I shuddered and scooted myself aside from that 'something'. It was Sasuke. "Oh my…!" I got out of the bed and tried to run away. But the hand grabbed me. "Don't try to run from me. I'll make sure you'll go out with me, and then……" I was scared of that part.

"Iei. I don't want to go out with you no matter what! I hate you! You're a cold hearted demon! The devil! You're not the Sasuke I used to know!" I screamed and jerked away from his grasp. I ran for the door as fast as I could possibly run from him. I knew that he could out run me, but if….only if I ran fast enough, I could beat him to it. He got there before me, but I ran for the open window. I jumped out of it, and fortunately, landed on top of Naruto. I was gasping for air, and as I got up, Naruto got up as well. "Sakura, why would you jump out of your window? Especially if you have a door…." His voice trailed off as he looked at me. I was sweating hard, and my arm was red. "Sakura-chan…You're bleeding! What happened?" I couldn't answer that because he appeared. "It was me."