The Late Luke Duke

The ticking of the clock was driving Bo crazy. It felt like forever sense they brought Luke in. It had only been 45 minutes, but those minutes felt like hours. How could this have happened Luke was following him in a car that they had just gotten from Cooter. They were going to use the second car's engine for the General. They had wanted to take the engine out seen it was one of the engines that had been Richard Petty's race cars. Cooters had wanted to tow it to the farm, but Luke said no they drive it. He had wanted to know how the engine ran before they took it out of the car that way they knew what would be needed to be fixed. Bo still wasn't sure what had happen one minute Luke was behind him next time he looked Luke wasn't there. Bo looked over to his uncle and cousin they both seem lost in thought, each praying that Luke would be fine. 'Excuse me, is the Duke's family here?" asked the doctor. "Right here." answered Uncle Jesse. As they all stood up moving towards the doctor. "My name is Dr. Williams, I will be Luke's doctor while he's here. Can you tell me how the accident happen?" asked Dr. Williams. "I was with him up till the accident, but I'm not sure what happened." Bo was telling the doctor. " I was in a different car then him. He was following me home. The next time I'd look in my mirror he was gone. I thought that he had took a different route to the farm. He had been wanting to test the engine out in the other car. If it had not been for Enos calling me on the cb . I would have not had know he was in the accident." Said Bo. "So none of you know what had happened? Asked Dr. Williams."No. How's Luke?" asked Uncle Jesse. "Well to be honest we are not sure if he'll make through the night. His injuries were quite bad. He's in a coma and the next 24 hours are important." Said Dr. Williams."Can we see him?" Bo asked. "Don't be worried he's hooked up to monitors to let us know how he's doing. You can each stay for five minutes with him." The doctor told them. "Do you mind if I go first to see him?" asked Bo. "Go ahead we now how close you two are." Uncle Jesse told him. "What are going to do Uncle Jesse?"ask Daisy."I don't know, baby. We have to see what the good lord does." Uncle Jesse told her.

Bo pushes the door open slowly trying to prepare himself. He sees Luke lying in the hospital bed looking so small and pale. Having a very hard time believing what his eyes saw. Luke was always the strong one. Making sure that no one hurt his family everyone knows how protective Luke was over the ones, he loved. To see Luke laying there was the worse thing that ever happen to Bo. To Bo, Luke was not just his cousin, but his best friend and brother. They told each other everything. Making his way to Luke's bed, he pulled up a chair. "Wake up Luke. Please don't leave me. The doctor doesn't think you will make through the night. But he doesn't know that Duke's don't know the meaning of quit. Please cousin wake up" Bo told Luke as he grabs his hand. "You're times up." The nurse told Bo. Bo got up from the chair and walked to the door. Taking one last look at Luke before going through the door. "Uncle Jesse or Daisy one of you can go now." Bo told them. "Uncle Jesse's you can go. I'll go after you." Daisy told him. "All right, Daisy's I'll go." Said Uncle Jesse. Walking up to Luke's door and pushing it open. Seeing the same thing that Bo saw it broke, Jesse's heart to see Luke attach to those machines. He went to the chair and sat down by Luke's bed. "Come on Luke. Wake up!" cried Jesse as tears ran down his face. Life was not fair thought Jesse. Why was something always happening to his family? First his siblings, then his wife and now his oldest nephew. Jesse heard the door open and look up at the nurse that had walk through the door "Sorry Mr. Duke, but your time is up." The nurse told. "Thank you for letting me know." Jesse told her. Slowly Jesse gets up from the chair turn toward the door starts to leave, but at the last second turns back to Luke looking one more time at his nephew then walking out of the room. As Jesse gets back to his family a "CODE RED ROOM 402" came a crossed the loud speakers.