Chapter 12

Daisy, Jesse and Cooter walked rushed into the emergency waiting room. Jesse scans the room looking for Bo finding him seating in a corner chair. "Bo, what's going on?" asked Jesse.

"Luke was shot. He was trying to keep Jason from hurting me." Said Bo who was trying to keep from crying. "I sure everything is going to be ok.' Said Jesse as he pulled Bo into a hug. "Everything is going to be find." Whispered Jesse to Bo.

Forty-five minutes later the a doctor walked into the waiting room. "Is there anyone here for a Luke Duke?' asked the doctor. "Right here." Said Jesse as he got up and walked toward the doctor. "How's my boy?" asked Jesse when stopped at where the doctor was standing. "Mr. Duke, your boy's fine. He was shot in the shoulder. We took the bullet and have bandaged it up.

He won't be able to use his arm for a while." Said the doctor. "But what about all that all the blood he lost?" asked Bo. "The kind of wound it was happens to bleed like that. He was giving a blood to make up for what he lost. I'm also going to give a prescription for pain killers.

He only has to take these when he needs them." Said the doctor. "Can we see him?" asked Bo.

"Yes." Replied the doctor. "Doctor, when can we bring him home?" asked Jesse. "I want to keep him here for a few hours. If nothing goes wrong. I don't see why he couldn't go home tonight." Said the doctor. "Thank you for all you did for my boy." Said Jesse. The young doctor blushed at the comment "It's my job. Follow me and I'll take you to him." Said the doctor.

They followed the doctor until they came upon a curtain. "Here you go." Said the doctor as he pushed the curtain out the way. There lay Luke laying on tllhe bed. Bo walked up to the bed put his hand on Luke's good arm. "Luke." Said Bo. Opening his eyes "Hey cuz." Said Luke. "Don't you ever scare me like that again." Said Bo. "Sorry." Said Luke. "I'm glad your O.K." Said Bo. "Hey Luke." Said Jesse. "Uncle Jesse, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." Said Luke. "It's all right Luke." Said Jesse. "What happens to Jason?" asked Luke. "Roscoe and Enos arrested him. He's sitting in Hazzard's finest. Waiting for the FBI to pick him up. Roscoe said he call and let us know what is happening. " said Jesse. "That's good. When can I leave?" asked Luke. As soon as the doctor releases you." said Jesse. "Why don't I go find the doctor and see if I can't get out you of here." Said Bo as headed towards the door.

It wasn't long before Bo and the doctor came in the room. "I hear your ready to leave us." said the young doctor. "Yeah, I can't wait to go home." Luke told him. "Well all you need to do is sign these papers . You'll also need to your family doctor in two weeks and take these only when needed." said the doctor. "ok doctor. I'll make sure he has that he see the our doctor." said jesse as luke handed the papers back to the doctor. "Let's go. I can't wait to get home." said Luke as the headed out the room and down the hall.


I'm glad Luke's ok and everything in Hazzard can go back to normal.