None of this belongs to me… just to Gaston Leroux and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

This is a repost! Yes, Hilary is going to absolutely kill me… Oh well! By the way, it is an edited and totally better version! I hope you enjoy it. X-Treme Makeover—Phantom Edition

Chapter One: A Surprise Announcement

Erik stared at his reflection again in the mirror. Why did he have to be so ugly? It'd cost him the woman of his dreams. And to what? A good for nothing fop!

Kicking the desk near where he was standing, the Phantom sighed. Everyone thought he was gone, dead, bye-bye. But he'd snuck back in. Picking up his white mask, he slid it into place upon his disfigured face. Tonight there was a production of Hannibal, and he was going to see it in his trusty box five.

The show started in five minutes. Hurrying out of the cellars and up the halls of the opera house, he came to Tier One Box Five, and entered. Chuckling to himself, he noticed that the opera managers still didn't give out this box. Sitting in the chair with the best view, Erik watched as the show began.

About a half an hour into the show, Erik frowned. The music and everything had stopped. All was silent, except for the murmur of whispers going around the audience. Erik almost fell off the balcony when he saw Christine come out on the stage. She spoke loudly and clearly.

"Excuse the interruption. We are very pleased to announce, that our very own "Opera Ghost" has been chosen for an X-Treme Makeover!" Christine began to clap. The spotlight swiveled over to shine on Erik's face, reflecting against the white of his mask.

She was the only one clapping. Dead silence was everywhere. Erik's eyes almost fell out of his head. X-Treme makeover? That stupid show where they made people fall asleep, put them under the knife, made them undergo serious pain just so they could look better? He gaped. Who had entered him into this? Had it been Christine…

Another thought entered his mind as he strolled quickly out of box five. Maybe if he did this makeover thing and looked better… Christine would come back to him! Yeah! As he walked toward the direction of the cellar, something stopped him.

"Excuse me, Erik? Are you ready to go? We need to get you to LA as soon as possible." A man in a fancy suit said, gesturing out the glass doors of the Opera House to where a long limo awaited.

"Err… sure. I don't need anything. I pretty much wear the same thing every day." Erik stuttered. Didn't they usually wait a day or two before taking people away? He guessed not.

"Not to worry sir. We have all of your things already loaded. Right this way, Sir." The man led him out the door and to the door of the limo, which he opened, and Erik slid in.

Looking around in amazement, Erik picked up a glass of champagne that sat already poured and bubbling. Taking a sip, he thought 'Here's to X-Treme Makeover'.


Staring out of the airplane's window, Erik pondered exactly what he'd have done. How about a total face replacement? He chuckled dryly. It was going to be an interesting time…

Erik waved his hand in the aisle to get the flight attendant's attention. She walked over to him and smiled. "Hi. I'm Hilary (lazy.kender). How may I be of… Erik? Oh my gosh! Are you…" she dropped her voice. "Are you the Phantom?" looking appalled, Erik sighed.

"Yeah." He paused.

Hilary reached onto her cart. "Would you like some peanuts?" she asked, and then fainted into a fat man's lap. The man looked at her, and sighed.

"Why does this ALWAYS happen to me?" the man groaned and pushed Hilary off of him. She landed with a 'bang!' on the floor of plane, knocking her cart full of peanuts over onto Erik. He groaned.

"I HATE PEANUTS!" the Phantom yelled. As you know, Erik screaming can be quite frightening.

"We will be landing in a matter of moments. Please fasten your seatbelts and do not place any food in your mouth." The Pilot's voice came over the intercom.

Frantically Erik dug through the hundreds of bags of peanuts, trying to find his seatbelt. When he couldn't, he prodded Hilary, trying to wake her up. Her eyes opened and she jumped up and began to help him dig through the bags.

"NO! It is not… hey! Get off of that!" Erik yelled and yanked Hilary's hand away from his lap just as the two felt the plane begin to angle down.

She screamed and tried to hold on with no avail. She flew backward and landed in the fat man's lap. Erik stood up urgently and tried to find the seatbelt. Instead, he too flew forward and landed atop Hilary and the fat man. When the plane had successfully landed, Erik stood up and brushed himself off. Hilary, on the other hand, had been knocked unconscious. Erik drug her off the panting man who was struggling to breathe. It was then that he realized that his mask was missing. Looking at the fat man, he spotted it… being sucked into one of his many rolls. Leaning over, Erik gently prodded the white (and somewhat battered) mask and grimaced before putting it on.

Erik waved to the still unconscious Hilary and got off the plane. He walked around aimlessly in the airport, only stopping for a bathroom break, and then spotted a man holding a sign that said, "POTO: ERIK". Grinning, he walked over to the man in dark sunglasses. Just then, a red-faced Hilary walked across the airport floor, yelling, "FINE! FIRE ME! I DON'T CARE!" She stormed out the door. The man with the sign led an eye rolling Erik to a limo that was just outside the door.

The door was opened for him and Erik stepped in. There was his luggage, mainly clothing. Needless to say, the bag was very empty. Erik picked up another glass of champagne and turned on the mini TV on. He watched "Jeopardy" until the limo stopped. Erik put down the now empty stemware down.

Stepping out, Erik gazed in wonder at the beautiful hotel. It had fountains and towers, and was a salmon pink color. There was a large swimming pool, and at least ten huge balconies. It also seemed to be deserted. Sighing in relief, Erik followed the man into the lobby. A woman sat at the reception desk, with a huge book in front of her. She glanced up, and Erik groaned.

It was Hilary.

"Hi. Nice to see you again so soon! Just sign your name right here on the dotted line she exclaimed, winking.

"How did you get another job so soon?"

"I—I have my ways!" Hilary demanded. Then she leaned forward, and whispered, "Blame it on the author. She's my best friend… and she's very naïve to the ways of the world…"

Erik rolled his eyes. Author? Whatever.

Hilary stood up and led Erik across a huge black marble floor to the grand spiraling staircase. "I always find it fun to take the stairs. They're pretty, and you lose a couple of ounces while going up them."

A Half Hour Later-

"Are we there yet?" Erik panted.

"Hey. They gave you the room on the 150th floor, not me. Comn'!" Hilary gestured. "Only… 1… 2… 3… 4… four hundred more landings to go. "


"And here is your –pant- room –pant-. Enjoy your stay." Hilary walked away.

Erik slowly opened the door to his room where he'd spend the next month…

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