The Vows
Part 1
by Tessa

"No, I won't do it! I'm sick of doing it your way all the time Roxton! I'm doing it my way!"

"Oh, your stubborn, little....!" Roxton's face stood angry. He walked towards Marguerite.

"Don't you dare to come any closer!" Roxton took one step to far and Marguerite slapped him in the face. Immediately she regretted her impulsive reaction. "I'm so sorry, Roxton. I shouldn't have done that. I'm so sorry." She softly stroked the place were she hit him. Then she brought her lips to the brouced place and kissed it gently. Roxton turned his face and his lips touched hers. When she didn't pull away he opened his mouth to taste her soft lips. His breath quickened as Marguerite opened her mouth under his to play with his tongue. He let his hands sliding over her perfect body to finally let them rest on her breasts. Marguerite's hands were strangled in his hair and she kissed him with a lot of passion.


"Were the hell are they?"

"Take it easy, Veronica,' Malone said, "Marguerite has probably seen some jewels again.."

"Well, I'm not going to sit here and wait. I'm going to look for them."

"You can't go alone." Challenger said. At the same time they heard the elevator and a minute later Roxton and Marguerite stept in, soaken-wet.

"Why are you so late?!!" Veronica said. "You had to be back here three hours ago."

"Well as you can see we had a little accident."

"Sorry, it's all my fault," the soft voice of Marguerite said, "I felt in the river when I saw something blinking. The stream took me and if Roxton wasn't there to pull me out, I would have fallen over the edge of the waterfall."

"Told you so." Malone said satisfied.

"Well, my girl, you better change your clothes before you catch a cold," Summerlee said paternal.

"Your right." And Marguerite went to her room. Five minutes later Roxton opened the door of Marguerite's room. "Are you all right? I'm going to look out for you always if you let me." Marguerite walked towards him and gave him affectionate little kisses on his face.

"I'm fine now you are here. And I will let you looking out for me!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and started to kiss him. Roxton put his arms around her waist and led her to her bed.


The whole night they spent together, making love and whispering loving words to each other. When dawn broke in, Roxton was still awake and looked loving at a sleeping Marguerite. He stood up and went back to his own room to change his clothes.

"What were you doing there?" a curious Malone said.

"That's none of your business Malone." And a whistling Roxton walked to is own room.

"I'll be damned," Malone said.

"You better not be Malone."

"No, I mean it in quite a different way Veronica."

"What way?!"

"Well, you heart Roxton whistling and I saw him coming out of Marguerite's room. If I didn't know better I would think that those two had quite a nice night."

"What?!! Roxton and Marguerite!!!! You must be delirious."

"I must be delirious?! If I remember it right you are the one who said to me that Roxton might have different feelings for Marguerite than we have."

"OK, I have said that. So what shall we do?"

"What shall we do?!!?"

"Yeah, to find out of what you were saying is true."

"Veronica, we can't do that! I might be a reporter and I'm a curious and suspicious person by nature, but I'm not digging in someone's personal life."

"You..." Veronica stopped abruptly, because Marguerite entered the room. "Did you get a good night sleep, Marguerite?" she said sweetly.

"Yeah, thanks." Marguerite said and she went off.


"Were is Marguerite?"

"I don't know," Veronica said, " maybe she went for a swim." All of a sudden they heard a scream. All four of them rushed to the place were the scream came from.

"Let go of me! Don't you dare to touch me! Roxton! Malone! Challenger! Veronica! Help me!" But when the four members arrived, Marguerite was gone.

"Marguerite! Answer me."

"It's no use, Roxton. She has been kidnapped. Look, Four feet have walked here. My guess: a slave trader."

"No, look, there are much more footsteps. A slave trader works alone."

"If anything happens to her...!!"

Veronica knew enough, they love each other. At least, Roxton loves Marguerite. "Well, let's go back to the treehouse and gather the stuff we need. We have to go before dark falls."


"Let go of me! Let me go!"

"Te te, Marguerite, that's no way to treat an old acquaintance."

"What are you talking about I don't even know you! So tell your people to let me go!"

"I'm disappointed, Marguerite. Did you forgot me so soon? After all I have done to let Lord John Roxton live."

"Oh my God. Osric."

"So you do remember me now. Well that's nice."

"What do you want?!?"

"Revenge. I want to see Lord John Roxton suffer."

"How do you want to do that?!"

"With you. He loves you, you know. And he will love the child that is growing in you." Marguerite paled.

"Child, what are you talking about. There is no child."

"But there will be, my dear Marguerite. At least, if Lord John Roxton is in time to safe you and your baby. Manic, Proser, tie her up and make sure she can't escape. Well my dear Marguerite, we'll see if I get my revenge and if I do... it means your death."

"You are evil itself!"

"Hahaha Hahaha."


The four members of the group searched for Marguerite the whole day.

"We have to stop now, Roxton. Soon it will be dark." Veronica said softly.

"The hell we won't!!! We're gonna keep searching till we find her!!"

Veronica looked at Malone and Challenger. Challenger nodded that they would continue the search for Marguerite. Nobody spoke for the last hour until Roxton stopped abruptly.

"Why are you stopping?" Malone asked.

"Sssst, listen. That's Marguerite."

"You're right. It's her. But who's that little boy standing next to her?"

"Oh my God. Osric."

"Osric, who's Osric?" Challenger asked

"The boy we told you about. You know, when Veronica and Malone were defending the treehouse, we run into that evil boy. I'm going down there and free her."

"Roxton no, it could be a trap."

"I don't care Veronica." Roxton ran down the hill and hid himself behind a tent. Quickly he went to Marguerite and cut her lose.

"Roxton, how did you found me? He removed all the tracks we made."

"Ssst, I will tell you later, first we have to get the hell out of here." As quick as they could they ran up the hill and hit themselves into the bushes. After a few minutes they went to look for the rest of the group.
"Marguerite, are you all right?" Veronica asked worried.

"Yes, I'm fine, a little shaky, but fine. Please let's go home. I long for a hot bath and a good night sleep."

"Okay, let's go back." Roxton answered. And they walked back to the treehouse.

These characters don't belong to me, I'm just playing with them for fun. I'm not getting any money for it, so please don't sue me. I'm just a poor student. 30-03-01