The Vowels

The Vows

Part 3

by Tessa

The group carried the numbed body of Marguerite back to the treehouse. When they arrived there, they laid her on the bed. Marguerite groaned. Roxton immediately stood beside her. "Shhhh, don't move my dear." Marguerite opened her eyes. The rest of the members left the room to give Roxton a moment alone with her.

"Shhh, don't move, you have to lay still. You're badly hurt."

"I'm dying, aren't I?"

"Don't say that! You'll be fine." Roxton responded with tears in his eyes.

"Don't you lie to me to make me feel better, Lord John Roxton!" Marguerite said to him with a little smile. With a soft voice she continued: "I see it in your eyes."

"Oh Marguerite, you hang on. I will take care of you."

Marguerite smiled at him. "I love you John, I will love you forever." Then she lost consciousness.

Roxton leaned over her and planted a kiss on her forehead. It was extremely warm. "Summerlee, Veronica." He yelled.

"What is it?" Veronica asked.

"Her temperature is getting higher. I think her wound might have been infected."

Summerlee rushed to his greenhouse to prepare a medicine. Ten minutes later he came back. "I hope this will lower her temperature. All we can do is wait and pray she will make it through the night."

Everyone went to bed, accept for Roxton. He stayed at Marguerite's site. The next morning the members found him sleeping in a chair in Marguerite's room.

"Poor boy," Summerlee said, "he loves her, that's obvious. I hope he had a chance to tell her."

Summerlee touched Marguerite's forehead. "Her temperature is still high."

Roxton woke up. "How is she?"

"There's still no change." Summerlee replied. "I hope her temperature will get lower this morning."

"There's nothing we can do Roxton," Challenger said, "she has to rest, so why don't you come with me and Malone on a hunting trip? Veronica and Arthur will take care of Marguerite."

"I'm not even considering to leave her alone!"

"Challenger is right, you have to go out there for a while. Summerlee and I will take care of Marguerite. Go."

Roxton finally agreed. He took one last look on Marguerite before he, Challenger and Malone were going. "Hang on my dear, I love you."


After a few hours, Veronica went downstairs to get some water. When she was down by the river, she saw a little boy standing there, watching her. "What do you want?"

"Is it true, that up there a woman lives with the name Marguerite?"

"Why do you want to know that?"

"I know she is badly hurt by one of Osric's men."


"I can heal her. I'm just like Osric, I have the same powers, only I'm not evil."

Veronica was getting more and more suspicious; she didn't believe the boy. "What is your name? And how do I know you are telling the truth and you're not Osric?"

"My name is Kedron and you just have to believe me on my word."

"I don't think so. Tell Osric he can walk to hell!" Veronica started to walk back to the treehouse.

"Veronica, I know you're still looking for your parents after twelve years. I hope you'll find them one day."

Veronica paled. "How do you know that? Nobody knows I'm still looking for them!"

"Do you believe me now, I'm only here to help Marguerite"

"OK. Come on. Follow me."


"Roxton, are you ready to go back? Challenger thinks we have enough food for at least a week."

"Yeah, I'm coming."

Malone saw Roxton sitting on a rock, his head in both of his hands. "Hé, pal, she will be fine. Trust me. Soon the to of you can argue again."

Roxton gave a little smile. It was so Malone-like to cheer him up "OK, Challenger are you ready? I want to be back at the treehouse for sundown."

"I'm ready. We can go." The three men were making the journey back to the treehouse.


"Summerlee. I'm back."

Summerlee walked into the living room to greet Veronica. "Who did you brought with you, Veronica?"

"This is Dekron. He says he can heal Marguerite." Softer she continued: "He has the same powers as Osric."

"Should we believe him then? After all it could be Osric."

"I have thought of that. But he knows things about me, nobody knows and besides, I think we should take the chance, considering Marguerite's temperature is still high."

"Maybe your right."

"Well," Dekron said, "were is she?"

"I will show you her room," Veronica answered, "But I'm staying."

"As it pleases you." Veronica walked with Dekron to Marguerite's room. When they got there, Dekron took something shiny out of his pocket. When he released it, it flew into Marguerite's body. Roxton, who had walked into Marguerite's room, saw all of this happens and it remembered him at the day he got his life back by Osric. The same way Dekron was doing now by Marguerite.

"You get the hell away from here!!!!" Roxton shouted out loud.

Veronica turned around astonished. "Roxton, it's OK. He is here to save her."

"Well, I remember the last time I was saved like that. How did you get her life? I want you the hell out of here!"

"Fine by me." Dekron said. "I'm done. No thanks needed." Dekron silently leaves the room.

At the same moment Marguerite groaned and opened her eyes. Roxton stood immediately besides her. "Marguerite? My darling?"

"Roxton?" she whispered. "Where am I? What happened?"

"Sssssh, you're at the treehouse, you were stabbed by one of Osric's men."

The rest of the members left the room, for they wanted to talk to Dekron. But when they came into the living room it was empty. "Where the hell did he go?!" Malone said unbelieving.

"I have no idea." Veronica replied. "Maybe he is already downstairs." But when she looked over the balcony nobody was there.


"My love, I was so scared I lost you forever." Roxton sat besides Marguerite, who was recovering quickly. "I really don't know what I would have done if you weren't with me here anymore."

"Well, I'm still here with you and the baby.... The baby!" Marguerite got frightened and automatically her hands went to her stomach.

"Shhhhhh, the baby is still alive. Calm down." Roxton tried to calm Marguerite. "Shhhh, you have to try to get some sleep." Roxton took Marguerite in his arms and in a few minutes she was asleep.


The next morning Marguerite was the first one to wake. When she opened her eyes, she saw Roxton asleep in the chair besides her bed. She smiled, stood up and put on her dressing gown. She walked to the living room and started to prepare breakfast. Half an hour later Summerlee entered the room.

"My girl, you have to be in bed and let us take care of the breakfast."

"I couldn't stay in bed anymore. I have to do something and because everyone was still asleep, I prepared breakfast already."

"Well, let's start then." Roxton had entered the room and grabbed Marguerite around her waist. Marguerite turned around and kissed him.

"Good idea, John."

"What's a good idea?" a sleepy Malone said.

"Start with breakfast Malone." Marguerite answered.

"Well, that's indeed a good idea." Veronica had also awakened as for Challenger.

"I see you are feeling better." Challenger said.

"Yeah, I do." The same moment they heard a scream. They all rushed to the balcony to look what was happening out dear. Marguerite was the first one to arrive and immediately she turned her face back. Really frightened.

"What is it Marguerite?" Summerlee asked.

Marguerite didn't have the chance to answer his question, for the voice of Osric screamed out: "Don't you two people think I won't get my revenge!!! I will get it right now!!" Osric flew up to the treehouse to land on the balcony. Roxton instinctively moved before Marguerite to protect her.

"You are insane!" he said.

"Insane and it's not possible to kill me with your weapons. You know that. But I can kill you!"

Malone got really angry. "What happened with the part where you wanted to kill Marguerite?!" he said sarcastic.

"Well, I carefully thought about finishing that, however I think I will be more satisfied with the death of Lord John Roxton."

All of a sudden there was a bright white light. "I have come for you Osric."

"Oh no, I'm not coming with you! You can't do that! Not now!" Osric started to faint until he was completely gone. The members heard only Osric's voice screaming his last words: "I'll be back to get my revenge! Don't the two of you think you are released from me! I'll be back!"


Nine Months later all the members were going out hunting. Without noticing, they entered the territory of the cannibals. All of a sudden cannibals were running out if the bushes and the group started running. When they got themselves in safety, Marguerite screamed out by pain.

Roxton immediately stood besides her. "What? What is it?"

"The baby..."

"What, what is wrong with the baby?" That same moment Marguerite screamed again.

Veronica was the first one who knew what was going on. "OK, not panicking."

"Not panicking?!" Roxton almost yelled to Veronica. "Not panicking while she is screaming and keep repeating: The baby... And you tell me not to panic?!"

"We have to find her a soft place to lie on. Or do you want your child to be born on the ground?!" Veronica said sharp to Roxton.

Roxton turned immediately around and rushed over to Marguerite, who was leaning against a tree to rest. "Are you all right?"

"For now," she gasped. Roxton put his arm around her waist to help her up.

"The Amazon village is nearby." Veronica said.

"No way I'm going in there again!" Marguerite complained.

"You are not in the position to make the plans and to complain about them. We are going to the Amazon village to try to get some help."

The group started to make the way to the Amazon village. Marguerite leaned on Roxton and she was really thankful he held her. When they arrived, they were not welcome.

"Please get Selena. It is really important." Veronica said to one of the women. One of the women had heard her and she got Selena.

Selena came walking towards the group. "Veronica, you know you and your friends are no longer welcome here."

"Please, Selena." Veronica replied. At the same time Marguerite had a contraction and she cried out.

"Please, Selena," Challenger said, "we wouldn't have come here if Marguerite wouldn't give birth."

Selena still had a weakness for Challenger. "OK, you can bring her to my place."

"Thank you Selena."

The members brought Marguerite to Selena's place. "You can lay her on the bed." Roxton laid Marguerite on Selena's bed and wanted to sit besides her. "Oh no, you leave, I want you out of here for her sake."

"What the hell..." Roxton started, but Veronica put a hand on his arm and Roxton left with the other members and waited outside.


"Why does it last so long?!" Roxton said impatient and worried. At the same moment they heard Marguerite shout again. "I'm going in there!! The hell with Selena, I want to be with her right now!"

The same moment Roxton was going in, Selena came out. "Congratulations, Lord Roxton, you've got a beautiful baby girl."

Roxton was speechless. "I got a baby girl?"

"Yeah, well go inside. I know you want to see Marguerite and your baby girl."

Roxton went in quickly. He walked towards a tired Marguerite, who held their baby in her arms. He lowered himself down besides Marguerite, put an arm around her shoulders and kissed her. Then he planted a little kiss on the baby's forehead. "I will never leave the two of you alone. You mean the world to me, Marguerite. I want you by my side in every world, here or in England. I love you!"

Marguerite smiled at him. "I love you to John. And I will be there for you. Forever."

"Euh, John, what name should we gave her?" Marguerite asked him.

"How about Aimée?"

"So Aimée it will be."

Meanwhile the others had came in. "And what will be the little girl's name?" they all asked in unison.

"Aimée. Because she will be the one we love the most." Roxton answered.

And Aimée truly was worth to be named this name. For she was everyone's beloved.

The end