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Chapter One

A Friend In Need's a Friend Indeed...

After it was discovered that Sirius Black had somehow broken into Hogwarts, all of the houses were required to sleep in the Great Hall. "This is pretty cool, ne Harry-kun? But, I suppose it's bad, what happened.. Ron-kun, daijoubu?" the bubbly Usagi questioned.

Ron smiled at his friend, shaking his head several times. "Yep, I'm fine. Would you like to hear what happened?"

Usagi laughed lightly as she rolled her eyes. "Iie, I don't need the dramatic version of the truth," she said with a teasing smile. Ron frowned, but said nothing else.

"You know, it's really a pity he didn't get a chance to cut you up, Weasely," sneered an unpleasantly familiar voice.

Ron glared at the unfortunate source, his ears impercebtibly tinting pink. "Stuff it, Malfoy," he growled.

"Really, Malfoy, a dropout has more class than you," Usagi said angrily. A few Gryffindors who were listening to their conversation chuckled. Malfoy narrowed his eyes at her. "Silence, filthy Gryffindor," he snarled viciously. "If your opinion is wanted, it will be beaten out of you." Usagi glared, but before she could even open her mouth to retort, he strode away with a sneer.

"I can't stand him," Usagi fumed angrily. Ron glared off towards the direction Malfoy walked off in. "None of us can," Harry muttered. Ron turned back to Usagi and smiled. "Thanks for sticking up for me, Usagi-chan," he said.

A bright smile returned to Usagi's face. "Hai!" she said happily. "Ne..I'm really tired, so I'm gonna go to bed now. G'nite," She said with a yawn. "Good night," Harry and Ron said in unison. It was already quite late, and almost everyone (including Hermione) was already asleep.

"We should turn in for the night as well," Harry said. Ron nodded, and with that the two of them went to sleep.

Unbeknownst to everyone in Hogwarts, two people had secretly formed a friendship against all odds. Those two people—Crabbe and Usagi. They had both promised each other not to tell anyone, each with their own reasons. However, what no one knew—not even Usagi—was that Crabbe had developed a serious crush on her. He wasn't sure just quite when exactly he became sure of it. He just..knew.

Her cheery, bright personality was irresistible to him. "Usagi," he murmured. He was the only person still awake—or so it seemed.

He stood up and walked the short distance to where Usagi lie, being sure not to trip over any bodies. He knelt down next to her. "Usagi," he whispered again. When his only response was a few quiet snores, he continued.

"I know Usagi.. know you'll never see me as anything more than a friend, but..Damnit! It's not fair!" he whispered harshly. A small sigh escaped his lips and his eyes softened. "It's ironic the two of us even became friends.. You took a wrong turn on the staircase and were running very late for Transfigurations. I myself was running a bit late. I guess it was just pure luck for you that Slytherin and Gryffindor had that class together..

"There you were, waving and calling to me frantically from the other side. The funniest part knew I was Slytherin, a friend of Malfoy none-the-less, yet you still asked for my help. I should have laughed and walked away..but I didn't.

"I guided you to the proper staircase, and together we walked to Transfigurations. We knew it would look suspicious if we were to enter together, so we decided to have a five minute difference of our entering the class. Whoever entered second would probably get more points taken away from their house. Before I could even say anything, you told me to enter first. I was surprised, for I wasn't used to such acts of kindness.

"All you did was smile and say that you were repaying me. I told you I could really care less, but you opened the door to the class and quickly hid behind it. So I entered and made up an excuse about oversleeping..which was partly true. Sure enough, five minutes later you entered, with the truth about the staircase.. Of course, leaving me out. Slytherin lost five points, Gryffindor ten. I suppose that was the start of our friendship. Meeting together to talk was very difficult, but we managed."

He gazed at her shadowed sleeping figure longingly. "God, Usagi…how'd this get so damned complicated? I…I love you.." With his feelings confessed for the first time to his sleeping rush, he bent over her, lowering his lips to hers, and then…

"Lumos dim!" whispered a voice. A thin ghostly light shone on the two, and Crabbe pulled away, not getting a chance to kiss her.

"Well, well, well Crabbe, caught before the act eh? What's your excuse for this?" demanded a harsh voice in a whisper. Amazingly, though all this, no one else was awake. Crabbe's eyes widened as he stared up at the owner of the voice. "M-Malfoy," he whispered in horror. He lowered his head.

He was caught. By his leader nonetheless. Things wouldn't possibly get any worse..

"Crabbe-kun," murmured the sleepy voice pf Usagi. "Izzat you…Malfoy!" she whispered angrily.

Malfoy narrowed his eyes at her. "How dare you, Gryffindor," he growled in a low voice. He turned his glare and Crabbe. "And you," he said, pointing his want at him. "You will be most severely punished.

"Stop!" Usagi shrieked, trying to keep her voice low.

Malfoy narrowed his eyes upon her.her. "Shut up. He needs to be punished. And if you stop me now, I swear his punishment will be much worse." Usagi shook her head, standing up in front of Crabbe in an attempt to shield him.

"Please, Malfoy," she begged, "don't hurt him. Crabbe and I are just friends. What's so wrong with that?"

Malfoy raised an eyebrow. "Just friends, huh? Then what was that whole thing that was going to happen a few—"

"She doesn't know," Crabbe interrupted quietly. Usagi looked at the two puzzled. "Know what?" she questioned.

Malfoy sneered. "So, you really don't have a clue..oh well, it matters none. He will pay."

Usagi's eyes widened. "Wait! I'll..I'll do anything! Just..just don't hurt him!" she cried.

Malfoy raised a pale eyebrow. "What could I possibly want from you…" he trailed off and looked her over. "Anything, you say..anything at all.." his expression became thoughtful.

Usagi hesitated and squeezed her eyes shut. "H-hai. Anything." Malfoy looked her over once again, a sinister smirk replacing his frown as he lowered his wand. "So be it."

With that, he walked away, followed by a guilty looking Crabbe. "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry," he murmured. Usagi stood there a moment later, completely fearing what might happen to her. She blinked a few times and shuddered. Lying back down, she went back into a dreamless sleep.