My Anakin


LiL Pippin Padfoot


Disclaimer: This is Padme's thoughts after Obi-wan tells her about Anakin's betrayal of the Jedi, and when she sees Anankin.


My Anakin


That is not my Ani. My Ani follows the Jedi code to the death. My Ani doesn't, wouldn't! Kill innocent Younglings. Why would he? He will have a Youngling of his own soon. I don't believe Obi-wan. Yes, I have thought him trustworthy in the past, but now? No, Anakin would not do that.

I see him now, he is different. Yes, Ani has always been different. Hard-headed, stubborn, and yes, he has a temper, but he would not turn on the Jedi. Unless he was tricked. That must be it. No, Anakin has not switched over. If he is...I will find out soon enough. We are landing.

That is not Ani. I am not convinced. It may talk like my Ani, resemble my Ani, but that it not my Ani. Not the Anakin that held me by the lake, no. It barely looks like Anikan anyway. This, this, clone of Anakin doesn't look like it has slept. It has circles under it's eyes. It has a power hungry look in it's eyes.

That is not my Ani.

It talks like my Ani. It speaks to me. No, it doesn't talk like Ani. Anikan does not accuse of

Obi-wan of turning me against him. Anakin never gets angry at me. Anakin never raises his voice to me...Ani never raises his hand to me.

This is not my Ani.