This was originaly a school report i had to write. It's suposed to be and epilogue for the book.


It's been over ten years since I wrote the original story. Many things have happened since then, but I still am the same Ponnyboy Curtis I was back then.

Soda, Darry and I are still very close. A few years after I left off Soda, Darry, and I moved. Two-bit and Steve also came with us. We moved into the country, into a small town were there are no socs or greasers, just normal people.

Soda worked at their local garage and eventually owned it. He got married a few years later to a really nice lady named Miranda. Miranda and him have one kid now and another on its way. They are very happy, and Sodapop even got another horse.

Darry started attending night classes at a near by community college. He worked hard and graduated. He now works at the local high school and teaches the football team. He has yet to get married, but he has been showing interest in one of his fellow teachers named Emily.

Two-bit is still as goofy as ever. Marcia and him got married a few years back. Marcia says she is proud to have him as a husband even if her family dislikes him. They are perfect for each other. They share a sense of humor and get along famously. They both work at a restaurant in town.

Steve is still Soda's best buddy. He works in the mayor's office of our very small town. He never seemed much for politics before, but he does seem to enjoy the job. He has yet to get married and claims he doesn't plan to anytime soon.

I really don't know what happened to every one else. I'm sure the Brumly group is still causing trouble and spending time in jail like we all knew they would. I heard that Cherry moved away a few years ago, but I haven't talked to her for along time.

I return to our old town three times a year. I always go back on Johnny and Dally's birthdays and visit their graves. I also go back on the day they both died to sit by the graves and tell them all that has happened.

I haven't really explained what happened to me in the last ten years. When we moved I had to go to a new high school. I met a girl named Danielle. Danielle was nice enough to show me the ropes around town. We became best friends. In my last year of high school I finally got up the courage to ask her out. Now we are happily married.

Danielle knows about what happened with Johnny and Dallas. She understands, unlike some people, that I can't just forget about it. Johnny and Dally were two people I can't and wont ever forget.

I have been able to move on with my life as have the rest of us have. We miss Johnny and Dally fiercely, but know that neither of them would want us to put our lives on hold.

Danielle and I are parents. We have a little baby boy we love more then life its self. His name is Johnny.