Me: Hi, this is a parody of Paper Mario 2 as the title says. The parody of Paper Mario was done by Apple Kid. He gave me the inspiration to make this story, and Mallow-Chan is a good friend who has helped me in thoughts.

Vivian: Read and enjoy.

As usual the story begins as Parakarry delivered the mail to Luigi's house.

Parakarry yelled out mail call. He flew away and Luigi went to fetch the mail. As Luigi entered the house he saw that Mario didn't clean up again. Pizza boxes were on the floor, the dishes were piled up, and Mario's bed wasn't made! Luigi called Mario in by yelling his name. Mario stopped reading Luigi's diary and walked over to see what the problem was.

"Mario you have to clean up because I can't always clean up after you while you might be on another adventure!" Luigi scolded.

Mario was ashamed but he understood. Then, Luigi opened the letter and read it out loud.

Dear Mario,

Mario, I'm in need of your assistance. I'm currently in search of a legendary treasure. Please meet me at the Rougeport docks as soon as possible. Also, here's a ticket, and a treasure map.

Love, Peach

Luigi looked at Mario, and pulled out another piece of paper from the letter and they both saw an ancient map.

Mario began to think. "You can clean – after an adventure." Those were his precise words he thought. Mario left for the warp pipe and walked all the way to the docks, after going to the toad-port docks. He paid the fee and left on the boat.

As soon as he landed at Rougeport he didn't see Peach. He walked over to an arguing goomba, and robot. Soon the goomba asked Mario to help her.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed.

Soon he was fighting the robot's minions. The goomba girl didn't help though. After he beat them the robot with the staff called out for his minions. I walked past the crowd off crazed bots, and they left for the next district. The goomba girl introduced herself as Goombella. Mario heard a song play and a mysterious person started to explain her abilities. Luigi he thought. He must be trying to make me clean again. Both Goombella and the announcer yelled for me to listen. After the brief explanation she kissed him.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed again.

I showed her the map, and asked if she had seen the princess (by showing her signature at the end of the letter), but she said no. She led me to a front of some house and we met a goomba version of Pro. E. Gadd. (The one who helped me out of the painting)

He told us in a hushed tone about the map and after a nice nap he led us to a warp pipe. When we walked to the pipe he started to talk of a "command system." We practiced, by me jumping on Goombella, and her hitting me on the head like Goombario. After a while, and doing a timing system thing, we entered the pipe.

Three goombas came after Goombella, as soon as they saw her. After, we beat them the professor gave us another lecture, but I napped instead. I almost saw the enemies coming towards his way. He ended as soon as they came near and we beat them. After entering the next room we found this black box. It said to me that only heroes could hear it. He told me to find a black key and I pushed the goomba down the ledge and she reappeared behind me with the key. After escaping and scaring the goombas, it cursed me, by saying whenever I see a launch pad glowing yellow, and if I bush this "button" I'll turn into an airplane.

The Professor got into another lecture, and that meant another nap. After he finished his boring lecture, we explored. Going all the way to the left, since the other side was blocked, we killed a lot of enemies and after we found a really huge door.

Note: Revised, editing chapter 2-4 right now, happy! pick a perspective, and tell me, don't complain, write a reason why you want the perspective to change.