After a number of puzzles, and leading these guys like Pikmin, I was pissed, I felt like I was here for like freaking 6 months! Anyways we got to the bottom of everything and now I'm facing off a robot that somehow got in here, with no explanation! Anyways I defeat it with the help of my ugly friend. After that guy ran away and I just grabbed the crystal star and did my thing.

Peach enters Tech's room and he asks her something

"Can you dance with me?" Tech asked

"Dur, ok, you're purty!" Peach remarked

Tech creates a hologram and they dance although Peach ends up destroying most of the computer room. They finish and Tech says goodnight.

"Uh…isn't it always night time?" Peach asked

"Shut up and go to your room and shower again!" Tech exclaimed

"Duh, ok, but you er don't have to yell er there!" Peach replied

She leaves

"Sigh" Tech just typed

Back with Bowser (And the better part of the game/story!)

Bowser enters the meadow and reenacts Super Mario Bros.

"Ready to roll!" Bowser exclaimed

Bowser dies

"IT WASN'T FUNNY THE FIRST TIME!" Guess who yelled

He dies

"CHEATING GAME!" He yelled in rage

He dies


He dies

Bowser goes through the level again and he falls through the bricks

"F-"He stuttered

He gets stuck in the pit

"Great…Now, I have to wait for the darn time to run out…" He said breaking down the fourth wall

He dies after the time expires

He makes it through the level, but he goes back and kills himself

Bowser breathes fire everywhere this time and dies again when a goomba touches him

He finishes the level this time and ends up in the Koopa village. He walks around and spots Peach in a house.

" What's that, you're speechless to see little old me? I'm flattered but, I must take you with me." Bowser said to himself with a smirk


"And who has the shell to say that to me?" Bowser asked looking around

Random Koopa 10954 runs out of his house and takes the poster inside

Bowser if left with tiny eyes and his body drooping over the ground


Next chapter goes back to Mario and I will skip some of it since it's mostly about battling random enemies