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Chapter One Stranded

One morning Teyla walked up the staircase in the Gateroom, looking for Dr. Weir. She saw her bent over the dialing computer, and walked up to her.

"Dr. Weir, you sent for me?"

Elizabeth turned her head and stood up, she had quite a hopeful look on her face.

"Yes, I want to know if you've seen this address."

Teyla read the address on the computer screen and shook her head.

"No I do not, is there a reason you ask?"

"This planet is on the edge of the Pegasus galaxy. We sent a M.A.L.P. through and it detected strong EM readings, I'm sending your team through."

Two hours later, Major Sheppard, Lt. Ford, Dr. McKay, and Teyla stepped through the gate and emerged on the other side. The stargate was in a large football sized field surrounded by tall, leafy green trees.

"I'm detecting the EM readings are coming from that way," McKay said and gestured straight ahead to the south. As they started walking, Ford noticed a slate stone pedestal nearly covered by a brown bush near the gate.

"Major, have you seen this?" Sheppard turned around and saw the pedestal too and called out to McKay,
"Hey Rodney, check this out." As Rodney moved the bush back to get a better look at the pedestal, a look of surprise came over his face.

"Well, what is it?" Sheppard asked impatiently.

"It's in scripted with Ancient writing…"
"Can you translate it?"

"Of course I can, it says –The Avenues were originally built by the Ancients millions of years ago for travel among the stars. This Avenue was unburied and placed here in the year 9801 with…- I think this word "slutac" means the DHD… but it says something about it being duplicated... or deactivated…."

"Deactivated?" Sheppard remarked.

"That's what it says… it's almost like a historical marker."

Immediately, Sheppard had Teyla dial the gate back to Atlantis, but nothing happened. The DHD was dead. Rodney went over to it to see if it was repairable, but there was no energy source at all.

"Great, this is just great. Stuck on an alien planet." Rodney said

"Lets relax, if we don't report back Dr. Weir will dial here again and we can tell what happened and they'll send a Jumper to pick us up." Sheppard responded.

"Except for one little problem, we're on the other side of the galaxy, it will take months to reach here in a Jumper." Rodney snirked back.

"Sir, what are we going to do?" Ford asked.

"We're going to finish the mission. Someone had to write on that pedestal, maybe they can help."

After less than a miles walk in the direction of the energy readings McKay detected, the team came up on a building in another clearing. It was two stories tall and a hundred feet long, it looked as if it could have came straight out of Atlantis. Twenty feet from the building was a freestanding archway, and a wide dirt path led from this structure into the woods behind the building.

"These readings are definitely coming from that," McKay said as he gestured towards the structure.

The team continued their approach, stopping at the archway. Teyla noticed that there was also Ancient writing on it, above a panel roughly the size of a piece of paper. McKay translated it as "Only those who are friends my pass. All others will be dealt with swiftly and without leniency."

The Major remarked, "Now that doesn't sound very friendly, let's hope they don't mind a couple of guests."

Teyla replied with, "Its not friendly at all, they had to be afraid of someone."

"Or something," Rodney quickly pointed out. The rest of team just glared at him, and he switched into defense mode. "What? I'm simply saying that it could be anything," and checked his sensor again.

Eager to keep moving, Sheppard said, "Let's just keep moving" and started to walk to the building.

"Major! I'm detecting another person behind us somewhere!" McKay suddenly exclaimed. Just as Sheppard was turning around, he walked into an invisible force and was thrown back five feet towards the team. Ford brought up his P: 90 into ready position, scanning the tree line behind them, but he saw nothing but air. Teyla helped Sheppard up as he yelled at McKay, "What the hell was that!"

McKay approached the spot where he was thrown back and held out his arm. The air glowed blue around where his fingers were. "It looks like a shield."

"Can we get passed it?" Sheppard asked. But before McKay could give an answer a sudden rush of pain passed through them all, forcing them to the ground. The last thing McKay saw was the figure of a woman standing over him.