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Chapter 8-Disclosure

Dr. Weir was standing overlooking the Stargate. She was very worried, first Major Sheppard's team disappeared, and then Stackhouse's did yesterday. Their attempts at communication had failed, and Elizabeth could not risk losing more personnel on that planet. Hopefully, they were alright.

At that moment, the Gate activated.

"Incoming wormhole! Receiving Major Sheppard's code."

"Lower the shield." Dr. Weir was quite relieved as the Jumper came through.

John's voice came over the intercom, "Hello, we're back, and we have a guest."

"Glad to have you back Major, we will all debrief in ten minutes."

Weir was waiting when everyone came into the room. After they all sat down, she asked "What happened Major?"

Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ford, and Stackhouse explained the occurrences of the day and night before, and that morning.

"So after the Tialysians rebuilt their Gate, they just sent you back, with the Dr. Hawat Belacu?"

"Yes." Major Sheppard answered Elizabeth.

"And this First Minister Brynisin expressed a wish for a treaty?"

"He did."

Rodney spoke to her, "I believe it would be a very good idea, Elizabeth. They have an incredible understanding of Ancient technologies. In the words of some giant aliens, 'the enemy of my enemies is my friend'."

Sheppard asked him, "I read that report, wasn't it just 'enemy'?"

"Yes, but they're the enemies of the Wraith and Genii, so I changed it."

"Whatever happened to the giants anyway?"

Rodney thought about it, "I really don't know."

"Let's get back to the question at hand gentlemen."

"Dr. Weir," Teyla commented, "They are a generous people, I would not hesitate."

"But Dr. Belacu shot you four and imprisoned you."

"She thought she was protecting her house, Ma'am."

"Good point, Lieutenant." Stackhouse commented.

"I don't think you realize how truly advanced the Tialysians are Elizabeth."

"I understand perfectly well enough Rodney. It's what they want access to that concerns me."

McKay responded, "So we do a little scientist exchange, big deal, it's only fair that if we want their knowledge they get something in return. And maybe they could tell us a lot more than we know about this place."

Elizabeth thought for a few seconds before answering, "Alright, Major negotiate a treaty, but Rodney I want you back here after."

"Thank you Dr. Weir." Major Sheppard was happy they had finally found a society that was both friendly, advanced, and willing to share, but he had this feeling there was something behind the scenes on Tialys.

Back at the ASC in Tialys, First Minister Brynisin and Dr. Belacu were having a discussion in his office. Tom was seated at his desk, as was Anirul on the other side. Well, they we really having an argument.

"Why shouldn't we tell them? They have a right to know."

"Anirul, nothing happened, nothing was even close to happening. So I don't see why we should worry them."

"If an attempt was made on your life Tom, wouldn't you want to know?"

"Do you know how many times Makina has threatened my life? More than you and Hawat put together."

"I still believe the Alantians should be informed that Makina knows of them now, after seeing their Jumper fly here."

"We are taking the necessary precautions, more than necessary considering the three agents did not even gain access to the Base last night. It was a pity the guards were forced to eliminate them though, they would have garnered some information."

"You know very well Tom that the remaining Makina are the best out of them all, and that they are trained to Never give up anything."

"We could have tried."

"Ugh! You are so stubborn; you have been like this ever since we were children growing up!"

"You are equally as stubborn!" Tom slapped his desk.

"If you don't tell them, I will Tom."

"Fine, but since you're so damn worried about Makina, I'm ordering you to move completely back to Bealle, not just for your little weekly trips to work directly with your research team."

"We're in agreement, as long as I have some time to move."

"Can I tell them about the reason the Wraith believe Tialys is deserted, or do you have an issue with that also?" Anirul asked in a rather sarcastic way.

"Of course I don't have an issue with that, as long as it's after the treaty is signed, so they are not influenced by it."

Major Sheppard had brought Dr. McKay, Dr. Zelenka, and Dr. Hawat Belacu back to Tialys. Rodney had recommended Dr. Zelenka for the scientist exchange, since Elizabeth had ordered him back to Atlantis. She wanted him in Atlantis to learn from the scientist the Tialysians sent. Before they all met with the First Minister, Dr. H. Belacu walked into his office.

"Welcome back, Hawat, what did you see?"

"They were telling the truth, it is Atlantis."

"Are you positive?"

"It's either Atlantis or another Lost City of the Ancients."

Tom laughed a little, "Okay, thanks. Let's go."

Hawat and the First Minister walked down the hall to the same conference room that what used to first talk of a treaty. Hawat left to go back to his lab to gather some work, but Tom went in. Sheppard, McKay, Zelenka, and Anirul Belacu were already sitting and waiting.

After the treaty to share technologies to defend against the Wraith and whatever other enemies that might ever show up was signed and sealed, Anirul got her chance to fully explain the situation on Tialys.

"Gentlemen, first I would like to inform you that three agents of Makina attempted to infiltrate this Base last night, but were eliminated by the guards. We believe they made this attempt because they saw the Jumper and knew you were here."

Sheppard, McKay, and Zelenka were concerned about this. John asked, "Are we safe here after that?"

"There is no need to worry," Tom reassured them, "The Base is fully secured; the fact that three of their best agents could not gain access is testament to that fact."

Rodney was a little annoyed that this was kept from them, "Anything else we need to know?"

"Actually, yes." Anirul said, "I am afraid everything about the Wraith and this planet was not disclosed yesterday."

"Like what?" Zelenka was interested.

"From we have deciphered from the Ancient's computer, there was a group of Ancient scientists in Atlantis that were developing a biological compound harmful to Wraith, but harmless to all other life."

McKay asked, "Did they succeed?"

"Not at first. After a successful test on a captured Wraith, they tested a version on plants and animals before they took it up to testing on other Ancients. That's where things went horribly wrong."

"They died didn't they? The ones that were being tested on." Rodney inferred, remembering the situation with the Hoffans when they developed their own inoculation.

Anirul continued, "Yes, every single one. Needless to say, the Ancient's governing council banned the scientists from continuing the work; they had already submerged Atlantis to protect from the Wraith and could not afford losing more people. So, the scientists secretly took a couple of Jumpers, all their research and their computer, came to Tialys, and hid deep within the caves. Only a group of supporters knew where they went."

"I assume they continued their work."

"Yes Dr. Zelenka, they continued improving the compound throughout the remaining war years. When the rest of the Ancients finally fled Atlantis, the scientists' supporters also came here. It still took a couple of years, but they were successful."

Major Sheppard asked, "But what did they do with it? The war was already lost."

"For the Ancients, yes, but for the humans, no. The scientists released the compound on Tialys."

"That still doesn't explain why the Wraith believe no one is here."

"The Wraith quickly discovered all Tialys life was poison to them, the compound was everywhere, in the ground, air, and water. The Wraith couldn't even step foot on this planet without instantly dieing, so they stayed in their ships, killed what they thought was the whole population, and buried the Avenue so no one could come here."

"They missed some people, then didn't they?" Dr. Zelenka asked is his accent.

"Yes, a couple hundred had survived deep within the caves, that is where the computer information ends."

McKay was a little worried, "So we have this compound in our systems now?"

The First Minister had been sitting back, watching and listening, but now he spoke up. "There is no need to worry, during your short stay on Tialys you wouldn't ingest much, and besides, it is harmless to humans."

"Well good."

Anirul and Rodney were standing on the Control Balcony at the ASC, overlooking the Avenue. He had only a little time left on Tialys, and Rodney did not want to leave, leave Tialys and Anirul. He felt there was something else she was keeping from him, something big, perhaps something to do with her work.

"Sometimes I forget how astounding it all is."

Rodney responded to Anirul while he was still thinking about the possible secret, "What's astounding?"

"This," Anirul gestured at the Avenue. "A device that can transport people across galaxies, and then the Ancients themselves, even the Wraith. It's almost unbelievable."

"I suppose it is. Living with it every day, you do tend to forget."

Anirul was lost in thought again; Rodney noticed she did that quite a few times over the past two days. "Dr. McKay, you leave in an hour did you say?"


"I want to show you something before you go."

Rodney followed Anirul through the corridors of the ASC Base, getting turned around so much he lost track of where he was. Wherever they were going, it was deep within the Base.

Finally, Anirul stopped at a door and opened it with a palm scan. The door slid open to yet another dark room. She turned the lights on and a fully packed laboratory came into view. There was equipment everywhere, counters around the walls, and lab tables in the center

"This is it," Anirul stated.

"This is what you wanted to show me?" Rodney was a little ticked that she led him on this long walk just to see this.

"No I meant this." Anirul walked over to a cabinet on the far wall that was sitting on the back of a counter. To open it, she had to use the palm scanner but also a retina scan.

Rodney's eyes opened widely, amazed at the sight. Almost as amazed as he was when he first walked into Atlantis.

"When the Ancient's computer was recovered, this was connected to it. We have been studying it for a long time."

"That's… that's a Z.P.M."

"We don't call it that, but okay, it's a Z.PM."

Rodney walked over to the device to inspect it. "How much is it depleted?"

Anirul moved closer to Rodney, "It has around 10 of its energy left. What do you know about them?"

"Atlantis was originally powered by three of them. They generate power from vacuum energy derived from subspace/time."

"That's all you know?"

"Pretty much." He was wondering what she knew about them. "You know more?"

"Yes, actually. We are hoping to be building a prototype within a year."

Rodney usually had a thing for blondes, but Anirul, Anirul was amazing. "You understand that much about Z.P.M.s you think you can build one?"

"I don't think I can, I know I can. My people have been studying the Ancients for hundreds and hundreds of years, Doctor. It is logical we would know more than your people."

Shortly after this disclosure, Rodney and Major Sheppard went back to Atlantis. When they were in the Control Room ready to leave Tialys, they were surprised to see the M.A.L.P. sitting there by the Gate. Apparently, the Tialysians had transported it there, but they only used their fledgling transportation technology for non-living things. Dr. Hawat Belacu was the scientist the Tialysians sent to participate in the exchange, being as he was the lead researcher for shielding and weapons technologies. He was off with some of the Alantian scientists while Rodney and John talked to Elizabeth in her office.

"They're working on constructing a Z.P.M?" Dr. Weir was surprised at this.

"Incredible isn't it? I didn't have the time to look at the research, but Zelenka should come back with some information." Rodney responded.

"Do you believe they could really do it Rodney?"

"Considering their other accomplishments, it's well within the range of possibility."

"I'm certainly glad we made their acquaintance." John commented.

"So am I Major." Elizabeth smiled.

"I just have one question," Rodney started, "I think there's something else they haven't told us."

"Like what McKay?" John asked.

"I'm not sure, they're hiding it." Rodney said back. "When I asked Dr. Anirul Belacu about a word to do with medical research on the Ancient computer, she changed the subject. Later on they revealed about the poison. But there was another incident when we were discussing the ATA gene and the Ancients, she was going to say something, but she changed the subject. There has to be more there."

"Possibly Rodney." Elizabeth continued, "If it was something we should know, I'm sure we will find out soon enough."

Rodney McKay was standing in the Control Room, drinking his precious coffee, and looking down at the Stargate. Anirul was right, it was amazing. As a child, he thought he would be on stage playing piano for a gallery full of well-dressed people, and now he was in a different galaxy, exploring different worlds. He was still thinking about the events of the past two days when he was called over the communication systems.

"Dr. McKay, you're needed in the lab."

"They can't leave me alone for a minute can they?" Rodney thought as he started walking.


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