Author's Notes: A very short piece on Gibbs after Kate's death. It came to me in about a half an hour, I know that it's short, but….it's what I came up with.

Disclaimer: …If I owned them, would I have killed Kate? I don't think so. They're not mine, and they never will be.

Rating: PG

He never goes home anymore. There's nothing there for him. Hell, there's nothing here for him either, but here at least he can pretend that things are normal. At home, there are signs of her everywhere. He gazes over at her former desk. He sighed and turned back to his computer. Come to think of it, there wasn't any place that he could escape her memory…even if he wanted to.

They were involved, and had been for quite a few months when Ari interjected himself into their lives again. And with one bullet, their life became his life. His life alone.

If he wasn't consumed before, he definitely is now. Ari could have killed anybody, anybody at NCIS, and he would have been consumed by his hatred for the man. But Ari took away Kate, his Katie, and for that, the bastard was going to pay. It didn't matter what anybody said, the next time the Gibbs saw Ari, he was going to put a bullet between his eyes. Just like he had done to Katie.

He wasn't going to get away. Tony wouldn't let him, McGee wouldn't let him. And Gibbs sure as hell wasn't going to let him. And after he killed Ari, he would go to the cemetery that Kate is in, and tell her all about it. He knew she'd appreciate it.

Ari wanted to kill Gibbs. And while he wasn't the one lying six feet underground, he was dead just the same.

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