Chapter One: Halloween Night

The twins were asleep when Arbella Figg opened the nursery door. She stepped inside to check on the twins. She had volunteered to stay with the twins while James and Lily went out to a Halloween party with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. She didn't have anything to do but look over her two cats. She was Lily's best friend and was godmother to both of the twins. Besides all of that, she couldn't stand going to a party with Sirius. He was too much of a party animal. She still remembered dating him while in Hogwarts. She was doing this also as a favor to the Potters.

James was becoming restless for being cooped up in his own Manor. Lily was getting aggravated with James. This party was perfect for the both of them to unwind. Dumbledore was reluctant for letting them go but after a quick yelling from Lily about James's restlessness. He agreed just so he didn't have an angry redhead. It reminded him so much of Molly Weasley, but he of course knew that Lily was from an old pureblood line with Molly being her second cousin.

Arbella closed the door to the nursery and walked back down to the sitting room to continue reading. She made it to the entrance hall before the double doors exploded inward. She was knocked off her feet and into the closes wall. Before she blacked out, she saw a tall, slender figure. His eyes were blood red and he held a wand in his right hand. She then went into unconsciousness.

When Voldemort heard that the Potters were going out, he immediately seized the moment. He summoned Wormtail to give him access to the Potter's Manor. He then apparated as close as he could go in Godric Hollow. He saw the Manor not to far from his location and went to complete his destiny. Voldemort shouted, "Explodra," at the double doors. The doors burst inward. When the dust cleared he saw Arbella Figg against the wall unconscious. Suddenly there were crying from up the hall. He followed the sound to up the stairs and in the last room on the right.

Evan and Harry heard a loud explosion from downstairs. They cried in fright hoping that their parents come soon. They heard footsteps coming towards them. When the door opened, a dark robed figure stepped through. Harry stared at the man while his older twin continued crying. He was tall with red eyes filled with hate. He continued to stare at the man until he pulled out his wand. Voldemort smiled, "Goodbye Harry, you will not stopping me now. Avada Kedavra."

A flash of green light sped toward the younger twin. His emerald eyes widen. The spell hit him in the chest. Harry began to shake all over his body. He felt that he was being pulled all over his body. A dusty gray aura surrounded him before hurling a gray light back at Voldemort. Voldemort's eyes went wide when he saw Harry had a dusty gray aura around him and from the same aura, it shot at him an unfamiliar spell. Voldemort screamed in pain, as he was being pulled apart. In his last efforts, he shouted, "Novus Incendio." The spell hit the back wall of the room before Voldemort was ripped from his body.

The room exploded with fire that quickly was spreading throughout the house. Voldemort's spirit stayed to watch as his enemies were going to be cooked alive. Evan was slashed with a support beam above them. It made a J on his forehead. Harry's dusty aura still surrounded him and began to expand to his twin and throughout the room. It made Voldemort spirit be expelled from the house. When it hit the door, the aura stopped expanding and went back into Harry. Harry fell unconscious.

Arbella woke up at the sight of fire. She rushed to her feet too fast and felt light-headed. She moved as fast as she could to the twins. She pulled out her wand and cast a charm so the fire didn't burn her. She pointed her wand in front of her and stopped most of the fires in her path. When she got into the room, she saw the younger twin lying on his brother unconscious. She then saw Voldemort's body. It was not moving and had some burns to the body. She picked up the twins and floated Voldemort's body to the fireplace in the sitting room. She took some floo powder and shouted, "Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts." She, the twins, and Voldemort's body went through the fireplace to safer grounds.

When she arrived, the Headmaster was talking with Severus. Both men were pale, but when they saw Arbella with the twins and Voldemort's body. Severus nearly collapsed on the floor in a dead faint. Dumbledore, on the other hand, had his eyes twinkling like mad. He approached Arbella. She was shaking in fear. Dumbledore led her to a chair by his oak desk. He made a cup of tea for her. She took it and began to sob. She started to tell everything that she could remember.

"I just checked on the twins. I was walking back to the sitting room before I was struck by an exploding hex. I was knocked to the wall. I fought to stay awake to see the attacker. It was the You-Know-Who. He was grinning. I then pass out. When I came to, the manor was on fire. I put on a charm so that I wouldn't be burned. I then took out fires on the way to the nursery. When I enter the room. I saw Harry unconscious with Evan sitting up awake. He had a J on his forehead. Then I found You-Know-Who's body. He wasn't moving and some of his skin started to boil. I took the twins and levitated You-Know-Who's body to the fireplace and came here." She was now shaking even more that she spilled tea on the floor. Severus took the teacup from her.

Dumbledore knew that it was either the Longbottom's child, Neville, or it was one of the Potter's twins. He took both twins. He saw that Harry had a lightning bolt on his forehead and Evan with J on his forehead. He also heard that Harry was unconscious. From the logical stand point, Evan defeated Voldemort and Harry was hit with magical backlash from his brother's power. He placed the boys on the couch and put a sleeping charm on them. The effects were instantaneously.

"Severus, go get Poppy for me so that Arbella, and the twins can be checked for injury." Severus nodded before leaving the distraught Arbella.

Dumbledore hated this part. He went to the fireplace and called out, "The Most Noble House of Black." Sirius Black's head came out of the fireplace. He was smiling.

"Happy Halloween, Albus. What can I do you for?"

Dumbledore grimaced, he didn't want to give bad news but had to anyways. "Sirius, I need James and Lily to come to my office. No questions, please, just do it." Sirius nodded, he heard that tone before. It was a sign of bad news. A few minutes later the confuse couple cam out of the fireplace before spotting the twins. Lily screamed and ran to the sleeping babies. James paled at the sight of Lily's friend shaking. Neither had noticed Voldemort's body on the ground beside the oak desk.

"What happened, Arbella?" James asked the shaking figure. At that moment, Poppy and Severus came through the door. Poppy immediately went to Arbella. James saw red at the sight of Severus. He pushed Severus against the wall.

"What did you do to my family?" James roared. Before Severus answered Dumbledore stunned James. He fell to the floor. Severus fell to the floor in an undignified heap. He was coughing from where James had his hand against his throat.

"Poppy, check Severus when your done." She nodded before responding. "Albus, Arbella has a mild concussion and is in shock. I'm going to take her with me after I check the others." She gave Arbella a sleeping potion then attended to the others.

She went to the twins and told that neither was harmed except for the scars on their forehead and magical exhaustion. He then checked Severus. She gave him a potion before checking James. He was stunned and that was all. She was about to revive him before Dumbledore told her to leave him as is until he was ready. Then he said the most startling news.

"Poppy, I need you also to take Riddle's body with you. I would like to know what had killed him." Dumbledore said as a matter of fact. Lily fainted and Poppy paled but nodded. She revived Lily before giving her a Calming Draught potion. She then pointed her wand at the body then Arbella. "Mobilicorpus." Both bodies floated in the air. She went through the fireplace to avoid unwanted attention from the halls to the Hospital Wing.

Dumbledore told Severus to go give a hand with Poppy. He nodded then left. He sneered at James's body on the floor when passing it to the door. When he closed the door, Dumbledore spoke softly, "Enervate." James sprung to life and looked around in confusion. He then remembered that Dumbledore stunned him. He got off the floor and went to sit by Lily. She looked paler than when he saw her earlier. He noticed then that they were the only ones in the room with Dumbledore and the sleeping twins.

"James, Lily, I'm afraid I have bad news…" Dumbledore explained what Arbella said earlier. James and Lily's faces were sheet white. He then told him his theory that Evan had defeated Voldemort. James became angry that Wormtail had betrayed the Marauders and the Potter family. Dumbledore noticed this but let it slide. Dumbledore then explained the markings on the twins' foreheads. Evan was hit with powerful dark magic and Harry was hit with Evan's magical backlash. James then realized his elder son had defeated the most powerful dark wizard in the world. He was proud at that. Lily had more of the lines of repercussion with the Deatheaters. Dumbledore agreed with Lily's line of thinking and told them to train Evan as much as they can for the return of Voldemort.

Dumbledore asked them to stay at the castle for a while until James could get his castle ready in England. His ancestors had built the castle as a fort against the Malfoy's from France. The two families were natural enemies until even this day. James and Lily nodded. Dumbledore flooed people for the rest of the night.

The next morning, the school was in an uproar at the revelation that Evan Potter killed Voldemort. The Daily Prophet had it for headlines.

Evan Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, defeated He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named

By Rita Skeeter, Special Correspondent

Last night, confirmed reports from the Ministry of Magic that You-Know-Who was defeated by Evan Henry Potter. The Wizarding World nicknamed the young hero as the Boy-Who-Lived. He is the son of James and Lily Potter. He has a twin brother also by the name of Harry. There are rumors that Evan will be giving the Order of Merlin First Class of the defeat of You-Know-Who.

On Halloween night, You-Know-Who came to the Potter's Manor that was under the Fideleus Charm (how it is used and the requirements to use it page 5) from attacks. Peter Pettigrew, a traitor and is currently wanted by Ministry officials in connection to intentionally harm the Potters, gave the key to You-Know-Who. You-Know-Who stormed into the manor knocking out the Arbella Figg, godmother of the twins. He then went to the nursery and preformed the killing curse. An unknown effect happened, the curse didn't kill young Evan. Instead another unknown effect happened, an unregistered spell killed You-Know-Who. Ministry officials and others in the magical community are stumped of what spell killed You-Know-Who.

Arbella Figg woke up and saved the twins. She also brought back You-Know-Who's body. She is currently in St. Mungo's for being treated of shock. She is to be awarded Order of Merlin Second Class for her bravery act of saving the two children and bringing back evidence of You-Know-Who's demise.

There were no comments from the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore, defeater of the Dark Lord Grindelwald (History of Dark Lord Grindelwald page 11). There are also rumors of the Potters staying at the school at the invitation from the Headmaster.

On behalf of the wizarding world, we would like to thank the Boy-Who-Lived for freeing us from another dark lord. May your future be successful and full of adventure

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