Chapter Eleven: Missing Memories – Interlude

Sarah looked around her room in confusion as she has been for the past several years. She knew that something missing but couldn't place her finger on it. It was as if someone wanted her not to remember something.

Besides her own suspicions, she had seen the paints around Potter Manor giving her morning looks with the exception of her great-aunt's portrait. She tried several times to converse with them on the topic of those looks but each one shook their head with the meaning that their not allowed to speak to her on it. She even tried to use her position as one of the heirs to force them to talk but her father's commands were law in the manor.

She stood up from her bed before starting her day. She had a usual routine. She would wake up, do her morning routine to keep her clean and pristine as her parents pounded into her head, and finally go to the Potter Library to read up on all sorts of books that she could use to restore what seemed to be missing. Today was no different.

She put on one of the many Ravenclaw blue robes that she wore. She found her family's taste in the Gryffindor house colors as an eyesore. There is only so much people could take to see Gryffindor colors before they would get sick of it. Not so with her family. They had decked out the manor in their old and current school house colors with the only exception being herself. She had her room made out in Ravenclaw's colors in memory of her ancestor.

She made her way down to the library, which the house elves had already prepared her usual breakfast, banana nut bread with an assortment of preservatives. She took a piece of bread along with raspberry jam on it before going to the pile of books that she had laid out last night. She hadn't had time to fully go through the books yet.

She ate quietly as she read another mind book on trying to recover what she had forgotten. She didn't dare go to her parents after the last time. Her father had gotten angry before telling her in a tight voice that she worrying about nothing. Her mother, on the other hand, went glassy eyed before sneering. That had made her more suspicious than ever. She didn't even go to her older brother. It was like she was talking to Dumbledore. She would get a pat on her head before telling her that he would look into it.

She threw down another book down in frustration before her eye caught a thin, worn book that she didn't remember putting there. She picked it up before opening it to reveal a photo album. She was about to discard when it showed her a baby picture of her brother before she caught herself. There was another one right beside him that looked exactly like him. Her eyes widened as she saw the caption under the picture.

Evan and Harry Potter – Halloween: 1½ years old

She flipped through the book to see that there were no other pictures of her other brother except the first one. She then went to one of the old tome's that had her family's genealogy. She flipped through the hundreds of pages that recorded each child's birth and death. It was near the back of the tome when she found what she was looking for.

James Godric PotterLily Rose Marie Potter nee Evans

Evan SiriusHarry James…

She stopped at her brother's name. She looked underneath the name to see that he had only lived for seven years before he seemed to have died. But just as she was about to close the book, she saw an asterisk mark followed by a number thirty-seven on his death date. She flipped to the end of the book that listed all the extra information on the death date of her brother. She saw numerous amounts of her ancestors being killed off by the killing curse before spotting her brother's cause of death. Her mind froze when she read the note for him.

37: Harry James Potter-Gryffindor-Ravenclaw was expelled from the family under the Alpha Disownment clause of Pureblood Law Seventy-seven.

'I have a disowned brother.' She said in her mind just as she blacked out.

The head house-elf smiled softly while leaning heavily on his staff. "It's time, young mistress." He said before turning to the hidden portrait at the entrance of the library. He bowed as far as he could without injuring himself towards the much older Godric Gryffindor sitting in the picture.

Godric smiled with appreciation that he was able to correct such a grave mistake that his descendants had made. Besides he had missed his little Sarah visiting him. He knew that the others had also missed her, especially Elizabeth.

He looked down at Sarah's sleeping form with her blissfully unaware that Godric and her magic were currently battling against James's memory charm. He knew that she needed some closure for the problem that had so eluded her. He smiled large when he heard her whisper something that he didn't think that he would hear again.

"Grandpa Godric."

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