STAR WARS: End Of The Force

Holden, Lea, John Paul, Savannah, Nicole and Jessica all watched their master fight. They were all Jedi Knights, and all of them had been trained by Master Jared. They were on the planet Mustafar, where there master was fighting the Sith Lord, Darth Tram. They had come to help if their Master began losing the fight, since the slightest mistake could mean falling into the deadly lava that covered most of the planet.

Right now, Jared and Tram were fighting on a large hill, neither one having the upper hand.

"How much longer do you think they'll keep fighting?" Holden asked. Jessica shrugged her shoulders.

"Who knows," she replied. Suddenly, they all gasped as Jared was pushed off the edge of the cliff, down to the safe sand below. Holden, thinking he needed to protect his Master, jumped, landing in front of Tram, who was still on the hill. He was soon joined by his friends. They all tried to attack Tram, but she deflected every slash of the lightsabers. Suddenly, Holden screamed in pain as Tram's red lightsaber cut through his legs, chopping them off above the knee.

He quickly tumbled down the hill, landing near the lava, his flesh beginning to blister from the heat of the blackened sand he had fallen in. He screamed in pain, and tried to crawl up the slope. He looked up in time to see Nicole's lifeless body falling down the hill towards him, he lightsaber still in her hand. It was turned on.

As Nicole's body slid past him, the blade struck his side. He screamed and grasped his side with his left hand, and he began to slip farther down the hill. He quickly let go of his side and grabbed the ground again. He cried as the sand began to burn into his clothes. He looked up, and saw Tram and a wounded Jared fighting again, not even noticing his pain.

He winced, and looked down. The sand had caused his Jedi robes to catch fire, which was now spreading over his body. He looked up again, and saw Tram and Jared looking at him, not bothering to help. He howled in extreme pain as his flesh bubbled under the immense heat of the fire, his hair beginning to burn off. He knew if he didn't get help soon, he would die. That bitch of a Sith had got a lucky shot, and had caused the pain. But, the Jedi wasn't helping him either. He finally tried to crawl up the slope once more, and passed out.

Jessica looked down the hill and saw Holden. They had been looking for him for hours, ever since Tram and Jared had killed themselves. They had been fighting and had pushed each other into lava.

"Guys, I found him!" she screamed, and ran down to him, followed by the others. Holden was lying on his stomach, both of his hands still grasping the ground. What remained of his clothes were burned into his skin, and his hair had burned off. She flipped him over, and felt nausea overtake him. He was covered in horrible burns all over. His eyes were singed shut, and his breaths sounded ragged. She guessed he must have swallowed some if the hot sand while he had passed out. Slowly, they all picked him up, and carried him back to their ship.

Lea winced as she watched the droids work on Holden. They had taken him to the Jedi Temple, to see Master Luke Skywalker, who had taken Holden to the emergency center. Now, the droids had just begun to work on him. Lea gagged as they started ripping off some of the burnt skin. She listened as she watched the droids do something, followed by Holden's screams. They had ripped his eyelids apart so he could see. They soon took large pieces of metal, and placed them on the stumps of Holden's legs, and began using a blow-torch to singe the metal to the flesh. Lea quickly walked away, unable to watch any more.

Luke Skywalker watched as Holden Johns was operated on. He was still quite unsure if Holden would survive, since the sand he had swallowed had heavily damaged his lungs. Luke used the Force to contact his old mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"Ben, do you think he will survive?" Luke asked. Holden had been a good student and it would be terrible to let him die after he had fought to survive.

"These injuries are extremely similar to your fathers, Luke. If you want him to live, you know what you must do," Kenobi told him though the Force. Luke shuddered at the thought. He wouldn't do that to the kid, he couldn't. He didn't even have it anymore.

"Ben, I don't have it anymore, I burned it, remember?" he told his mentor.

"If you want the Jedi to survive, build a new one," explained the old Jedi Master. Luke nodded. He would have to build the suit.