Chapter Three

Reluctantly, because he wasn't the type to tell his deepest, darkest secrets to a stranger, Daniel went to therapy. At first, it was agony for him. He didn't like admitting to himself what he'd done – in his vision, at least – let alone to a stranger, however well qualified that stranger might be. But Stargate's resident phycologist was a brilliant man – only the best for the world's first and only defence against the Goa'uld and other assorted alien threats – and gently coaxed Daniel out of his shell until Daniel felt comfortable – or something like it – confiding in the man.

Samantha noticed he seemed more at ease now, less haunted by the memories of his vision. Very occasionally he told her some of the details, and the more he told her, the more she understood why he had been so haunted by the vision – the Daniel in his vision had been as far removed from the Daniel she knew as you could get. She knew that. But he was having difficulty getting his head around it.

But they were making progress. He opened up to her more, and when they were alone together they took things further – but always only so far. He wasn't ready to have sex yet, and Samantha tried to understand it, but it was so frustrating sometimes. Daniel was so goddamn hot, and he knew how to touch her, and every time he pulled away she wanted to grit her teeth in frustration and demand that he make love to her.

This has gotta be a first, she had thought more then once. A guy turning down a woman – time and time again. But she tried to understand.

She vented her frustrations to Janet, though. " It's so frustrating, " she complained. " Everytime I think something's gonna happen, he retreats. He must want it. He must have urges. "

" I think you have urges, too, " Janet commented wryly, and Samantha blushed. She couldn't deny that, and wouldn't to her best friend, no matter how many times she told Daniel that it was fine whenever he took a step back – especially after one of their heavier making out sessions. She remembered the way he had made her feel last night, and how she'd wanted to deck him when he'd slowed down, and felt the blood rushing to her cheeks.

Janet noticed her friend's embarrassment, but didn't say anything. She knew Samantha was trying to make things easy for Daniel, and wouldn't say anything to him. Janet, however, didn't see anything wrong with a little intervention…

She found Daniel alone a few days later. She had been looking for the opportunity to talk to him privately, but he was always with someone else. Finally, she got him alone. " There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about, " she started, unsure how to go about this.

" About what? " Daniel asked mildly, his blue eyes focused on Janet.

" About Sam. "

Immediately Daniel blanched. " Has she said something? " he asked fretfully. " Have I hurt her? "

Janet smiled reassuringly. Samantha had only told Janet the barest details of his experience, but based on that and knowing Daniel, she knew he must be going through hell. She knew Samantha was frustrated by Daniel's self-imposed restraint, but Janet, with a clearer grasp of the situation, could understand his reasons. " Not exactly… actually the opposite. She's pretty, uh, frustrated with how slow things are going between the two of you. "

The colour drained from Daniel's face, a combination of embarrassment at being in this conversation and the memories of his vision. He was very aware of how frustrated Samantha was, but he had no idea how to deal with it. " I'm not ready, " he whispered painfully, clearly embarrassed to admit such a thing.

Janet looked at him sympathetically. " I know it must be really hard for you, Daniel, " she said. " And if you're not ready, then don't do anything just because she wants it. She definitely doesn't want that. But maybe there's some kind of compromise? "

" Like what? "

Janet winked. " I'm sure you can think of something, Daniel, " she said, before she sauntered off, rolling her eyes. Men. They could be pretty thick sometimes.


The next evening, on a rare night when they could leave the base, Samantha and Daniel had dinner in Daniel's apartment. Samantha liked to think she had made vast inroads on Daniel's idea of cleanliness – although to be fair, he was a damn good cook. Much better then she was. She laughed inwardly at the thought.

After dinner (Daniel insisted on washing up, she was his guest after all – and Samantha wasn't above a little pampering) they settled down on the couch. As comfortable as the alternative was, Daniel had made it clear his bedroom was off-limits and Samantha, as always, didn't push him.

They started making out, and Samantha felt the usual thrill of feeling Daniel's hands and mouth of her body. She had never felt what she felt with Daniel with anyone else. If only they didn't have to take things so damn slow… she felt Daniel's hand slide down her leg to the hem of her skirt, slowly drawing it up. She gasped when she felt his fingers stroke the inside of her thigh. " Danny… " she said, half groaning, half questioning.

He pulled away from her slightly so he could face her, but he didn't remove his hand. " I'm still not ready, Sam, " he told her. " But I wanna make you happy. "

" You do make me happy – ohhhhh " Samantha groaned as Daniel slipped his hand between her legs, running over her panties. Automatically she pressed herself against him.

Daniel kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back hungrily and his fingers slipped inside her panties and began exploring her womanhood.

He broke his no-bedroom rule that night, and if not for the reasons that Samantha wanted, she was too far in ecstasy to care. With his hands and tongue he made her climax over and over until she was absolutely exhausted, her throat hoarse from screaming his name. When she couldn't take it anymore, he pulled her trembling, perspiration-soaked body into his arms and held her tightly. She had never felt so amazing in her life.

" You know, " she said once her ability to speak returned, " I'm going to return the favour. "

Daniel's fingers began to flex nervously. " You don't have to do that. "

" You don't want me to do it, you mean. "

" Yeah. "

Samantha turned to face him, and grinned impishly. " Well, tough, " she informed him. " I'm your superior officer and what I say go. "

She always made him smile, and now was no exception. " And that's in the regulations book, is it? 'All subordinates must accept oral sex'. "

" Yep. "

" You're full of crap, Sam. "

" And you love me for it. " Her blue eyes danced with amusement and adoration.

" I do love you, Sam, " Daniel said seriously.

She kissed him lightly. " I know you do. "

" And I don't want to hurt you. "

" I know. Would it help if I kicked your ass so you can see its pretty bloody hard to hurt me? " she asked with a grin.

" I bet you were one of those girls who enjoyed beating up the boys in grade school, " Daniel said with a laugh.

" Absolutely I was. Dad tried to be disapproving, but I know he always thought it was a riot. I'd be more then happy to kick your ass if you want. "

" I think I'll settle for a kiss, " Daniel said, and Samantha obliged by planting her lips on his.


" You're in a good mood, " Janet noted when she saw her friend the next day. " Something happen last night… with Daniel? "

Samantha tried to look indifferent when she was glowing from head to toe. Her whole body tingled when she thought of her experience last night… she had never thought Daniel capable of such talent… she had never thought any man capable of such talent… she realised her mouth was open and she was staring off in the distance like a lovesick teenager. " Maybe, " was all she said, far too smugly for Janet to let it go.

" Did you guys…? " Janet asked.

Samantha found herself blushing, although she had no idea why. Maybe it was the intensity of the night before – she didn't want to share it with anyone. " No. But he, um… well let's just say he knew what he was doing. "

Janet smirked. She knew exactly what Samantha was talking about, and it must have been amazing for Samantha to be acting like this. " So you made a breakthrough? "

" You could say that, " Samantha replied knowledgably. And she walked off in a semi-daze, her thoughts filled with a hunky archaeologists who had made her orgasm a dozen times the night before.


Another month passed, and things were definitely improving for Daniel. He confided in his therapist more, in Samantha more – she really didn't like hearing the details but she was glad he was telling her and she knew it was good for their relationship – and their relationship ascended to a new level of intimacy. At first, he was reluctant to let her return the favour, but she gently coaxed him into it.

He had been so nervous the first time. Samantha was amazed that a guy who hadn't been laid in three and a half years (Hathor not withstanding) couldn't get it up – but she had her ways and means, and soon he was looking forward to their evenings together as much as she was.

He wouldn't stay the night. Apart from the comments they'd get if they went into work together, despite that everyone on the base knew that they were together, it was just another thing he wasn't ready for. Part of it was the level of commitment it was symbolise, and part of it was he didn't know if he could keep his hands off her for an entire night. So it was just another thing Samantha did her best to understand.

A month more passed, and Daniel showed no sign of wanting to move things to the final level. Samantha figured the initiative would be entirely up to her. Worse then that, she had to convince him he could have sex with her without raping her – something that was proving far harder then she had anticipated. A few times she demonstrated she was stronger then he was, he couldn't possibly restrain her for the time it would take to have sex with her, but he couldn't get past his irrational but deep-seated fear.

Until Samantha had an idea.

They were in her house, in her bedroom, making out. She undid his shirt, sliding it off his broad shoulders, running her fingers over his chest the way he liked. She kissed him to distract him, then swiftly pulled out a pair of handcuffs and secured his wrists to the bed, the cuffs threading through the posts of the bedhead so he couldn't get free – and couldn't move his arms beyond some futile straining.

" Sam! " Daniel yelled, his immediate thought that his beloved had some kind of S&M fetish. " What the hell are you doing? Get these off me! "

" I'm making you feel secure, " Samantha replied matter-of-factly. " You couldn't restrain me now even if you wanted to. "

That was true, but Daniel still didn't like it. " This isn't funny, Sam, " he growled. " You said you'd wait 'til I was ready. "

" And I will, " Samantha replied evenly. " The way I see if, if you're really not ready, you won't be able to perform. But if it's just your fear of overpowering me – well, I figure you've got nothing to be afraid of now. "

" You're evil, Samantha Carter, " Daniel growled. He did his best glare, which was pretty futile, given how ridiculous he looked. He was completely at her mercy.

Well, at least it wasn't the other way around. She kind of had a point when she'd said he couldn't fear overpowering her now – she was completely in control. The thought put him surprisingly at ease.

Slowly, deliberately, Samantha divested Daniel of the rest of his clothes until he was completely naked. She ran her hands over his body until she felt him respond, and then she began taking her clothes off with even more deliberation.

Unable to do anything but watch, Daniel watched Samantha undress down to skimpy, lacy lingerie that she had bought just for the occasion. She straddled him and writhed on top of him until his whole body was on fire. She unclipped her bra, exposing her perfect breasts, and lowered them to his face so he could kiss them. " Do you want me, Danny? " she cooed seductively.

He strained against the handcuffs. " You know I do, " he said hoarsely.

It seemed like an eternity passed while she divested herself of her panties and straddled him again. Slowly, she mounted him, burying his manhood deep inside her.

He groaned on impact and thought he was climax straight away. He was so hard and she was so wet. " Not yet, Danny, " Samantha ordered. " I've waited to long for this for you to come straight away. " She began rocking, at first gentle, then faster and harder and they both hurtled towards a quick climax. She was completely in control, and he loved her for it.

" I could wring your neck for that, " Daniel growled later when they lay together, naked and momentarily sated. She had uncuffed him, and low they lay in bed together, her back pressed against his chest, his arms wrapped around her tightly, their fingers laced together.

" I had to do something, you were never going to get there on your own, " Samantha pointed out.

Daniel nuzzled her neck. He couldn't be mad at her. He had just experienced fantastic, albeit quick, sex with the woman he loved – a woman who had gone to innovative lengths to help him past his fear of sex. " Thankyou, " he said.

" You're welcome. "

They lay in silence together for a few minutes before Samantha ventured, " Will you need me to do that again? 'Coz I really don't want to have to handcuff you to the bed just to get you to have sex with me. "

He traced a pattern down her arm absently. " I don't think so. I mean, I know you can kick my ass, I just needed that security the first time. I'd, uh, prefer it if you were on top for a while, though. "

She smirked. Daniel was just like any other guy in that he didn't like to admit he didn't want to be on top, but literally and figuratively, all the time. " No problem. "

She thought about broaching the subject of him staying the night, but it turned out to be a moot point. They made love that night four times until they were both completely exhausted, and there was no question of Daniel returning home.

" I love you, Sam, " Daniel murmured as he and Samantha drifted off to sleep, their bodies a sweaty tangle. " Thanks for helping me through this. "

" I love you too, Danny, and you're welcome, " Samantha murmured back.

The next day they went into work together.

THE END. Unless you people can think of something else :p