Over Him

by Mirune Keishiko

chapter thirty

Often Mistaken for One and the Same

"Good morning, Megitsune."

"...Is it morning?"

"Well, it's still a few hours before they open the breakfast buffet, but technically, it's morning."

She said nothing. He nuzzled her head.

"You should shampoo. All this hairspray sucks."

"You should comb. That stupid hairstyle sucks."

He bit her shoulder, lightly. She yelped.

"How long till you move?" he asked, as she self-consciously touched her product-stiffened coils of hair.

"Two weeks."

"Not a lot of time."

"I don't have a lot of time."

"Will you let me visit?" He pushed the nasty hair out of the way, spoke nearly into her ear.

She paused. "Will you visit?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

The tears stung her tired eyes. "Why would you?"

He kissed her jaw. It tickled. "Because I'm a very simple guy with a stupid habit of sticking to the same thing forever once I realize it works."

"And a stupid hairstyle. Don't forget." She cleared her throat. "Does it really work all that well?"

She felt him shrug. "It will, once I'm done figuring it out." The rawness in his voice comforted her.

"Maybe it's just not a good combination. It and you. Maybe it's just not your style. Maybe it'll take too long to figure out, and you'd just rather give up."

"I think it's a great combination." His breath was hot at her nape. "Or it would be, if it would just let it happen."

"Pronoun trouble," they said at the same time. He laughed. It was a childhood cartoon they'd both loved.

"I'm hungry," she pointed out after a while.

"Only two hours now till the buffet."

"I barely ate a thing and now I regret it. All that free food."

"You should really take a lesson from me on that."

"...I'm hungry."

"Two hours, Megitsune. You know what we could do with those two hours?"


"I dunno. I'm a very simple man with a stupid hairstyle and stupid habits and a big—"

"Oh, I wouldn't go that far, Sanosuke. I've known big."

She grinned up at him. He bit her again, on the chin. She yelped again.

"But I guess you'll have to do. You'll have to make sure to visit very often."

"Oh, shut up, Megitsune."

"Shut me up then."

So he did.


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