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It hit him square in the face, quite literally. The full gust of autumn wind hit the young man just as he sat up from the grassy field, the wind gently rustling his golden hair.

As he closed his eyes, the young man took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly. The air smelled of pine and tree bark, which was no surprise as the young man's chosen spot bordered along the grassy field's of Konoha's eastern edge and the thick forest that lay beyond.

It was truly moments like this that the blonde haired man knew it was worth all the effort it took to sneak out of the village of the Hidden Leaf. Cracking his neck from right to left, the he chose that moment to stand up and stretch.

Yes, the Fourth Hokage, Arashi Uzumaki really did need these brief moments of clarity. In other words, a chance to get away from all the crap back at the office for an hour or so.

Looking back on it, it probably wasn't the most professional thing to be doing as Hokage, to be sneak out without telling anyone. But he needed his personal time! No 'Hokage this!' or 'Hokage-sama that.' For a village full of trained warriors, the people of Konoha weren't very self-sufficient.

No wonder Sarutobi had been so eager to slap that Damn Kage hat on his head.

Frowning slightly, Arashi decided it was probably time to head back. Who knows what could have happened while he was gone. Ha! Maybe somebody had slaughtered the entire Uchiha clan or something.

'Pffh! Yeah,' Arashi thought. 'Like that could ever happen.'

But just as the young Hokage was about to head back. A rustling in the nearby bushes caught his attention.

Looking at the bush, the Yondaime watched curiously as a sizable red fox emerged. A red fox with… nine tails?

Arashi had to admit; the fox was quite a sight. Much larger than most foxes of it's size and with a beautiful shimmering red coat of fur. The Nine bushy tails of the fox swayed back and forth like waves of red fur. The creatures narrow black eyes looked at the young man curiously.

"Well, hello there." The young Uzumaki greeted as he crouched down towards the fox. Completely forgetting his earlier plan to head back to the village.

The fox tilted its head to the side in curiosity. Slowly stepping closer, slightly cautious of the blonde haired man.

"It's okay" Arashi soothed. "I won't hurt you…" Arashi extended his hand towards the animal. The Fox cautiously crept even closer, sniffing the young man's hand.

"Aren't you just a beautiful thing." Arashi smiled as he gently began to pet the Fox's head. He had to admit, as he brushed his hand against the beautiful auburn red fur, it felt like silk in his hands.

Feeling more comfortable, the Fox moved in closer, enjoying the attention.

As the creature moved closer, Arashi could suddenly feel it. As if he'd been half a sleep and unable to notice it at before, he suddenly found himself noticing an immense level of charka radiating off the animal.

"What are you?" Arashi half whispered as he scratches the nine tailed animal behind its ear. This wasn't some kind of Genjitsu illsion… At least not one that he could see… Where was all this power coming from?

Suddenly the little moment between man and animal was cut short as the young Hokage finally remembered he had duties to perform.

"Well…" Arashi began as he pulled himself to his feet. "It was a pleasure meeting you…" He thought for a moment about it. Looking at the red fox and it's many tails swaying back and forth. "Nine tails… Yes… That's it! It' was a pleasure meeting you… Kyuubi."

With that, the Yondaime flashed a bright cheesy smile at the fox and gave a short bow.

As far as animals went, the Kyuubi looked somewhat surprised and watched intently as the Fourth Hokage slowly made his way through the sea of green grass.

The Nine Tailed Fox, Kyuubi, sat there watching until the young man was completely out of sight.

A moment later, the fox got up and followed after.

Crying, Arashi Uzumaki, the Fourth Hokage, was crying. Why you might ask? It might have something to do with the two-foot pile of papers lying on his desk.

"I don't want to be Hokage anymore." Arashi mumbled as he slammed his head on his desk. It was at that moment another secretary laid another two inch thick folder on his desk.

"I don't want to be Hokage." Arashi proclaimed, pulling the hat off his head and handing it to the secretary. "Here, you want to be Hokage?"

"Ha! Like I'm that stupid." The Secretary laughed before exiting the office. Leaving the poor Uzumaki to his dreaded fate.

But just as it seemed our young friend here was doomed to hours of menial form signing. Fate decided to give our blonde shinobi a helping hand. How you may ask?

At just that moment, the third and previous Hokage, Sarutobi stepped into the office. With a Cheerful gleam in his eyes and a warm smile, the elder Shinobi made his way to his successor.

"Uzumaki! What are you still doing here? My young friend you should be getting yourself ready now!" Saruboti exclaimed as he pulled the young man from his seat.

"Huh?" Arashi asked completely dumbfounded. But not at all unpleased with being taken away from the dreaded paper work.

"Oh come now boy! Don't tell me you forgot about the festival?" The elder man asked jovially.

Ah yes, the Hidden Leaf's Autumn Festival. A tradition steaming back to the founding of the village three generations ago. A day where all the members of the leaf would hold off on all mission non-A rank or S-rank and celebrate the founding of the village and the strong bonds between all of its Shinobi.

"I would think you would have remember." The Third went on. "Seeing how you are the main attraction at this years festival."

"Oh yes." Arashi nodded. "The first festival where I'll be the Hokage."

"Oh yes, that too." The Third nodded. Obviously he had another reason in mind. "But I'm talking more about another reason."

"Huh?" Arashi asked.

"Oh come now boy!" Sarutobi chided. "You are now the Fourth Hokage. You're a handsome young man and possibly the strongest Shinobi in the village."

"What do you mean 'Possibly' the Strongest?" Arashi smirked. "I thought being the Hokage meant I WAS the strongest."

"Oh I think I can still give you a run for your money now." The third smiled. "But really now. This is a perfect time for you lad!"

"It is?" Arashi was still kind of confused here.

"Yes!" The Third exclaimed. "With all of the most eligible ladies of Konoha will be at this festival." With that, the Third Hokage gave a wink and nudged Arashi in the ribs. "You'll knock 'em dead."

"O-oh, yes that…" The Fourth chuckled nervously. "Well, I'm not quite sure if this is the best time for me to think about such matters…"

"Are you joking lad?" The Third asked. "This is the perfect time! While your still young and can get any pretty girl you want!"

Ah yes. Sarutobi's more perverted nature surfaces again.

"Right." Arashi sighed.

"Good, now go get ready. The Festival will be starting this evening."

It was indeed, quite a display. With the setting sun painting the sky a mural of blues, purples and oranges, it made a perfect mood for the Autumn Festival.

Lanterns were strung up everywhere around the large open court for the festival. Booths for food, and games circled around the entire party area. Children running around in kimonos and yukatas playing games while the adults chose to group together to mingle. Every one of them, old enough to have made it to Genin had their Leaf head bands on. Whether on their foreheads, around there necks or tied into their clothes. All the Shinobi of the Leaf proudly displayed their status as ninjas.

It was a sight that Arashi liked very much. Now standing in the center of the floor, wearing the formal robes of the Hokage. The young man watched with much pleasure as the people of Konoha conjugated and took a very much-deserved moment to truly enjoy themselves.

The people of Konoha, HIS people. In the center floor, many couples were dancing together to the slow sway of the music. Many of the older couples as well as several of the younger, who Arashi could tell by the redness of their faces, where embarrassed but at the same time having the time of their lives with each other.

Ha! Even Rin had dragged Kakashi onto the dance floor. Much to the silver haired boys displeasure.

"Enjoying yourself lad?" Arashi looked mildly surprised as he turned to see the Third coming up to stand next to him.

"Yes, they all look quite happy. It feels wonderful to see them like this." Arashi explained. "Sometimes I worry that I'll imagine this, but never see it."

"Yes, the kind of thing you'd spend your time imagining alone in a grassy field avoiding your paper work." The Third nodded.

"Urk!" Arashi winced. "I take it I was gone too long then?"

"Not really." Sarutobi soothed. "I used to do the same thing when I was Hokage. Sometimes you just need a moment to yourself to forget your worries."

"Hmmm." Arashi nodded. "That reminds me. I ran into quite an extraordinary creature today."

"Really?" The Third said, taking his eyes away from the crowds of people.

"Yes. It was a fox… With nine tails." The blonde explained, noting the look up surprise on the elder man's face.

"Really? A nine tailed demon fox?" The Third asked.

"Demon?" Arashi asked.

"Yes, I've heard some legends in the Fire country about a demon fox that lived in the woods near this village." The third explained, looking thoughtful. "But in all my time, in this village. I've never seen or even heard of another seeing it… What did it look like?"

"Well…" Arashi said as he recalled the incident. "If it was a demon… It was a very beautiful demon. You should have seen the coat of fur on that animal. It was an amazing shine of Auburn red and it felt like silk in my hands… And…" Arashi paused.

"Yes?" Saruboti asked.

"When I got closer to it… I could suddenly feel this incredible wave of chakra radiating from it… I think you were right about it being a demon… Such power. It was amazing."

"You are very lucky man, lad." The nodded. "You know… Speaking of Foxes… Check out the little number over there."

Rolling his eyes. Arashi couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed by his predecessor's blatant lecherous ways. But lecherous or not, the old man still had good taste.

So with that said, Arashi turned to look where the elder man had pointed. And seated there at a table filled with nobles and delegates from all over the Fire Country. Sat what Arashi thought must have been the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Seated there with her legs crossed, wearing a dark red kimono, which Arashi noted wrapped around the woman in such a way to reveal a great deal of cleavage. Her complexion from the tips of her fingers to the end of her nose was milky white. Contrasted by her bright shimmering red lips, eyes, and fingernails.

Her face was angular and her red eyes were narrow and almond shaped, giving a slight foxish look.

And her hair… There was something about her hair, tied into a loose bun with ornate hairpins, cascading loosely around her face and back. Arashi could have sworn he had seen that shade of auburn red before… somewhere.

It was about that time the blonde finally realized that the young woman was looking back at him.

"Go get her lad." The third smiled as he nudged Arashi in the rips and gave him a playful wink.

Turning slightly red, Arashi took a brief moment to compose himself before heading over to the table.

Standing there in front of her, Arashi came to a sudden realization.

He had no idea what to say. But it appeared fate was on his side today as the young woman looked up at him, smiling sensually at him.

"Hello. You are… The Fourth Hokage?" The woman asked politely. As he looked closer at her, Arashi noticed three red lines on each side of her ivory white face. Stretching from the bottom of her jaw to her upper cheeks. It seemed to intensify her exoticness.

"Oh, yes… I am." Arashi fumbled slightly. The woman giggled slightly, bringing her hand to cover her ruby red lips. He voice seemed to have a calm and collect softness to it. "A-and who might you be?"

"My name…" The woman appeared to be thinking about it for a moment. "Kyu…"

"Kyu?" Arashi asked. A grin appearing on his face. "Is that your REAL name?"

"Maybe." Kyu smirked.

"So, what brings a lovely lady such as yourself to our humble village." Arashi asked. The young blonde may have started off rocky, but never forget that this young man was trained by none other than the ladies man himself Jiraiya.

"I… Saw a handsome man going into this village earlier today." Kyu explained. Pulling out a dark crimson fan from her obi and fanning herself with it. "I heard that he would be here at this festival."

"Really?" Okay, this could go either way. Either his luck was just about to run out, and she was talking about someone else or his luck would hold and she was indeed speaking of him.

Well, of course a lot of people had been coming and going through Konoha today in preparations for the festival…

"Would you like some assistance in find him?" Arashi asked, his polite smile never faltering.

"Yes, that would be nice." Kyu nodded. Her ruby red eyes never leaving his sapphire blues. "He had a handsome face, a charming smile … and wonderful golden blonde hair."

Golden blonde hair? SCORE!

"Well, what would you like to do if you found this man?" Arashi asked. His polite smile replaced now with a more knowing and sly one.

"I would very much like to dance with him." Kyu answered.

Without another word, Arashi bowed to the young woman and offered her his hand. "Would you care to dance M'lady?"

"Very much." Taking his hand, Kyu was lead into the dance floor.

What happened next Arashi would later realized that he couldn't quite describe. From the moment he took her hand and lead her onto the floor. It was almost as if he was in a state of euphoria. Yet so much more. Like… like a wonderful trance you didn't want to wake up from. Who was this woman?

As the night winded down, the young Hokage found himself outside the area of the festival. The Beautiful Kyu beside him as they looked up at the monument of the Hokages.

"They are the ones who founded and protected this village." Arashi explained. "This village was precious to them and they protected it with their lives."

Holding onto his arm, Kyu leaned her head against his shoulder.

"And you do the same?" She asked.

"Yes, Everyone in this village is precious to me as well." He nodded. "We shinobi are truly at our strongest when we are protecting what is precious to us."

"Is there anyone particularly special to you?" Kyu asked, not taking her eyes away from the monument of the three previous Hokages carved there.

"I… Uh… Well…" He was fumbling again. " I… I used to have my mother and father."

"Really?" She asked.

"Yes… But they died along time ago."

"I'm sorry." Her voice was barely above a whisper. Arashi looked down at her. She still did not look away from the monument. "So then… There is no one special to your heart?"

"Well, I do have my friends." Arashi explained, but shook his head. "But that's not what you mean is it?"

"No." She answered simply, a smile gracing her red lips. "But you look like you would like to find someone like that."

"You can tell all that from one night?" Arashi chuckled.

"No." Her smile never faltered. "I can tell from all the times I've seen you sitting in that grassy field."

Her smile didn't falter, but his did.

"What?" Arashi asked, confusion clearly evident on his face.

Finally, Kyu turned her head and looked at him. And Arashi noticed that in those ruby eyes, here pupils had suddenly become narrow vertical slits.

"I've watched you in that field for many years." She said turning to face him completely. Was it a play of the eyes? Or did she suddenly sprout fox ears on the topsides of her head?

"You are truly a most intriguing and honorable man… I've seen it." Kyu continued. Gently taking his hand in hers. "You have such power and strength. And yet… You are capable of such tenderness and compassion."

Arashi didn't know why he let her take his hand, or why he didn't object when she move herself closer to him, until they're bodies where touching. It almost felt as though he were in some kind of trance. But a good trance. Oh yes, a VERY good trance.

"I've always wondered if a man such as yourself…" She leaned in closer, propping herself onto her toes as her face slowly reached his. "…really existed."

Arashi, without even thinking, leaned down the rest of the way, and gently met her lips. It was an after thought when they broke the kiss, that Arashi noticed the nine bushy auburn red tails swaying gently behind Kyu.

"Kyu… Kyuubi." Arashi mumbled, half dazed. There was no mystical trance or anything. Just his own surprised shock.

"Yes." Her soft voice traveled into his ears, and her arms wrapped tightly around his waist.

So there he stood. The Fourth Hokage, embraced by a nine tailed demon fox in the form of a beautiful woman. Who appeared to… be in love with him?

There was only one thing that could be said in a situation such as this.

"Wow." He muttered in a half daze.

Before he knew it, her lips were on his again.

And again, and again, again again.

To be continued…

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