Two tall Irkens stood in front of another Irken. They looked down at her, because she was awfully short. She looked up at them and blinked, her antennas twitching.

"Go kill Zim."

One of the Tall Irken commanded. He wore a long red dress-like outfit. The Purple one next to the red nodded. The small Irken looked down to the side then up at the tallests, nodding. The red one snickered as the blue one bent down, patting her on the head.

"We're going to be veeery proud of you, Tir."

The blue one said and smiled. The small Irken's antennas shot up as her smile grew wide.


A voice called out excitedly. The little Irken's eyes sparkled. Both of the Tallest's nodded. Tir giggled and ran off to her ship as the Red and Purple tallest laughed.


Yelled a very annoyed voice from a large blue house. It looked quite odd, sitting in an empty lot. The looks of the house weren't that nice either. A cackle came from the house as footsteps were running around the house. Large mechanical machines could be heard, trying to catch something.

"I have the proof, alien! You'll be dissected in no time!"

A big headed boy yelled as he ran out the door. His hair looked like a sickle standing up, except it was leaning to the side of his head. He had two large glasses taking up most of his face. A green skinned boy ran after him. For some reason, his hair was falling to the side and part of his 'eyes' were peeling off. The green headed one finally stopped running after the big headed boy turned the corner. The green one seemed tired.

A small little green dog, looking like it was stitched together, was clinging to the green skinned one's leg. An eye of the little green dog twitched as it screamed out,

"That big headed kid LOVES PANCAKES."

The green one rolled it's eyes. Then they went inside their creepy house, now shutting the door. Right then, a small space ship, purple with a strange sign on it, flew into a vacant lot right by the house by the green kid's. It stopped there and formed a house. It looked like a normal house, not like the green kid's. The big headed kid stopped and ran towards where he saw the space craft. He ran past the house then stopped once more, trailing back his steps a few. He looked at the house and gasped. It was quite large, and it was completely white. There was a small fence around the house. The big headed boy walked up the sidewalk that had flowers by the sides. He walked up to the door and knocked. Why did he do this? Wouldn't it be weird to have someone just randomly walk up to your house? Well, this is Invader Zim, anything can happen.

The knob slowly opened and out came a girl with large glasses, like the big headed boy's. (He's getting his name soon. :0 ) She had blue eyes hiding behind her glasses and messy long black hair. She wore a shirt that had light purple and dark grey stripes while it had a face in the middle. On the face were two dots for eyes and fang-like-mouth. She wore long black pants and black shoes. She leaned against one side as she looked at him.


The girl mumbled as she chewed a piece of gum. The boy studdered then cleared his throat. He hated talking to girls. He smiled and waved a bit, looking side to side nervously.

"I'm Dib. Welcome to the neighborhood."

Dib welcomed as the girl rose an eyebrow. The girl smiled and walked outside, quickly closing her door. Dib blinked and started to open his mouth but stopped. The girl looked around then looked at him. Dib was standing there, waiting for her to greet him back or something.

"Oh! Ohhh! Ok! I'm Inv- Tir. Yes. Tir. I'M TIR SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH."

Tir yelled in his face as he quickly shut his mouth. Tir smiled sweetly then walked down the steps. She walked down the sidewalk and looked around. She frowned and turned back to him, glaring.

"Where's Zim?"

Tir snapped at him as Dib blinked. Even before Dib could say anything, the green boy poked his head from beside the building next to Tir's and his houses. He snickered and walked over, making small squeaky noises as he walked. He stopped next to Tir as he snickered and raised his hands in the air for dramaticness.


Zim called out as Tir snorted. Dib rolled his eyes and laughed at the patheticness of Zim. Tir looked at Zim and snickered, pulling out a knife. Dib saw the knife and blinked, stepping back.

"Whoa, hey, wait. Before you do anything, he's an alien. So green blood might come out. Just to let ya know."

Dib said snickering as he pointed to Zim. Zim glared at Dib before he took a step back in fear. Dib sat down and decided to watch. If it involved Zim getting hurt, he'd watch it. Tir cackled as she pointed at Zim.

"You, Zim! You must meet me at my ba- home. HOME. HOME I SAY."

Tir's eye twitched as she walked back into her house. Dib and Zim just stood there. Dib rose an eyebrow and looked at Zim who was staring at the house with suspicions.

"What was THAT about, Zim?"

Dib asked, looking at the house and then at Zim. Zim blinked and looked at Dib. Zim just realized his question as he snickered all-knowingly. He put his hands on his hips and cackled.

"She wants the almighty Zim to be her MATE. She wants MAD LOVE FROM ZIM."

Zim explained as he shook his fist at Dib. Dib stood still and just stared at Zim. The idea of mad love intreged him.. making him wonder and wonder until.. Dib blushed, realizing what he was thinking about. He quickly shook his head as Zim walked away. Dib walked home as well, still blushing.

Why was I thinking of that?

Dibasked to himself as he walked home. Tir was watching Dib walk away through her window. She sighed and put her hands under her chin, almost daydreaming. A small robot walked up behind Tir, poking her leg. The robot had large purple eyes, instead of Zim's blue eyed robot.


The little robot squeaked as Tir looked back at her robot heavenly. She sighed and slowly plucked it's antenna. She made a small heavenly 'Hmmm?' sound. The robot looked up at Tir with large, cute eyes. She smiled as her soft voice started to speak again.

"Why's that boy's head so big?"

The little robot asked as it walked off to bake random goodies such as PANCAKES. Tir sighed and shook her head, not knowing herself. She saw his big head attractive in a way.

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