Title: Rivals

Author: Aya Maxwell

Pairings: 1x2

Warnings: Lemon in some parts, lots of bad language, violence, NCS, AU

Notes: This takes place in 20th Century USA in some city.. I didn't specify which one. There are two rival gangs.... OZ and Romefeller. (Ok I admit that Romefeller is a stupid name for a gang... but go with it.)


Disclaimer: I own nothing... I have nothing.

~ OZ Hideout. 5:56 PM ~

"Yo man when is Yuy getting here? I got a date with this fine ass bitch later and he is takin forever already." Dean Harrison complained as he shifted from foot to foot impatiently. His twin brother Cody glared at him. "Just shut up and wait. This meetin' is sposto to be important man. About Romefeller or some shit."

At the mention of the rival gang, Deans' face turned grim and he scowled. "Romefeller... Those punk bitches are tryin to take over our territory and shit. We just need to kill em' and be done with it." Cody nodded in agreement and pulled his gun out of the back of his jeans. "Hell yeah man, I got the answer to our problems right here. All I need is Solo Maxwell in front of me and POW! That bitch is as good as dead."

"You say it's that easy but it isn't."

They both turned around and found themselves face to face with Heero Yuy, the leader of OZ. "Hey Heero man, what's up?" Cody said energetically.

Heero Yuy had been the leader of the gang for four years, ever since the previous leader Trieze Khushrenada was shot and killed by Solo Maxwell. It was then that the feud had developed between the two gangs, and ever since then both sides had been desperate to kill each other. It didn't matter that many innocents had also been hurt in the process. As long as the other side was aching too.

Heero walked to the front of the room, which was really an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. He eyed each one of his followers in turn. Not all of them were eager to follow him because many were well in their early twenties while he was only seventeen. However they were eager to kill and settle the score and they knew that, that is what Heero Yuy did best. Kill.

"Dean is right; Romefeller is taking over more and more of our territory. This aint even a big town and they are trying to push us out of it. Last week Stevie and Mitch were both stabbed in the parking lot of Genoes Pizza by those motherfuckers. We aint gonna let that shit pass either. As long as they keep pushing us we are gonna push back even harder. This war is startin' to wear down OZ. More and more of us are gettin hurt or killed by them and it is time that we end this fuckin war once and for all." Heero crossed his arms over his chest and watched as they all nodded in agreement with him.

"So what are we going to do? Kill Solo?" Some unknown person called out.

Heero scowled at them. "That might seem like the simplest way but let me tell you, that's not going to be easy. No one knows where he lives or where he hangs out. He is like a fucking ghost. He just disappears. But we aint gonna let that stop us."

"So what we gonna do now Heero?" The same person yelled.

Heero leaned against the wall. "I don't need anyone gettin arrested now so don't go around doin stupid shit. Just lay low for awhile, I'll let you know when we make our move. And when we do... Solo Maxwell is fuckin dead."

~ East Side Apartment Complex. 6:39 PM ~

"Duo! Come get your shit and hurry up! Your gonna be fuckin late again."

Duo Maxwell ignored his brothers shouts and carefully braided his hair as he peered at himself in the mirror.


The longhaired boy scowled. "SHUT UP MAN I'M COMMIN ALREADY!" With one last glance at his reflection he pulled his leather jacket on and grabbed his bag.

"You wouldn't even have to go to night school if you passed your fuckin morning classes." His older brother chastised angrily. Duo snorted and made a face. "This comes from the guy who dropped out of high school when he was fifteen. Really Solo stop with the preachy shit. It doesn't suit you at all."

Solo glared at his younger brother before pulling on his own jacket. "And if you would learn how to drive like a normal person I wouldn't have to chauffer you around town like a fuckin servant." He grumbled.

Duo rolled his eyes. "I can drive, I just drive fast. Besides that's what motorcycles are for. Speed."

"Yeah and when you go get in an accident, who is going to have to pay the hospital bills? Me. So you aint ridin that goddamn thing no more."

Duo and Solo were brothers. Their parents had dumped them in an orphanage when they were very young and when Solo was old enough he had gotten a job as a mechanic and moved him and Duo into a apartment. Even though they were brothers they looked and acted as different as night and day.

"Why the hell were you rushing me if you weren't even ready?" Duo complained.

Solo rolled his eyes and shoved his gun in the back of his jeans. "I'm ready now."

Duo eyed his brother warily. "Why the hell are you bringing a gun with you? Planning on having a fight with OZ later?"

Solo shrugged. "No, but I wanna be prepared just in case."

Duo sighed heavily. "Why do you have to fight with them anyway? It's stupid.. this little feud has been going on since I was thirteen. You are just going to get yourself killed or put in jail. I don't see why you have to go around shooting people anyway."

Solo stiffened. "The only person I ever killed was that fucking bastard Trieze."

The longhaired boy shook his head warily. "Yeah and look where that got you." He muttered.

Solo glared at his brother. "He fucking tried to rape you. No one touches my family and gets away with it. Nobody. I don't fucking care who he was or what it started. I wasn't going to let you get hurt like that again."

Duo hugged his brother. "I know man, let's just get out of here. I'm gonna be late again!"


A half hour later, Duo hid behind a bush and watched as his brothers car disappeared down the street. He had no intention of going to night school.. it was a perfectly good Friday night and he wasn't going to waste it in Chemistry. As soon as the old red Dodge Charger was gone, Duo began sauntering down the street.

//Maybe I should go to a club... I hope that ID Q-Man gave me looks good.//

As he walked towards the subway, he spotted a group of guys around the stairs. They were pretty good looking and he recognized a couple of them from school. The tall green eyed boy looked very familiar.

//Oh yeah! That's the dude Q-Man is so gaga over. Trowa or something//

As Duo moved closer he saw that Trowa was talking with another boy... a completely hot boy. He had messy brown hair and intense blue eyes. The kind of eyes that you could drown in if you stared long enough.. the guy was gorgeous and he had a body to die for. At that same moment the boy looked up and stared directly into Duos eyes.

Duo shifted his gaze quickly and started to hurry down the subway stairs, ignoring the whistles the other guys in the group aimed at him.

"Hey pretty boy... I like those tight jeans."

"You sure he's a boy... he has enough hair to be a chick." Someone else called out.

"Does it really matter with a tight little ass like that?"

Duo turned red and rolled his eyes. Damn hoodlums.. why couldn't they just leave him alone? Duo stopped in front of the turnstile and fumbled in his pocket for a token. Just as he pulled it out, someone tapped him on the shoulder and the token went rolling away.

"Gomen." A deep voice said in his ear.

Duo spun around and found himself face to face with the gorgeous blue eyed boy from outside.

//Wow... he's even better looking up close...//


End Part One