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Rivals Part 12

By Aya

~ 4 years ago ~

"Hey sweet thing, c'mere."

Duo grimaced and quickly jerked his keys out of his pocket. This was the last thing he needed.. One of those thugs harassing him again. Maybe it was the hair that attracted them; they always mistook him for a girl.

"I said c'mere damnit!" The voice snapped, closer now.

The longhaired boy turned around and glared at the taller man. He looked to be about nineteen and he was surprisingly good looking with his blue eyes and ginger colored hair, but Duo knew better than to talk or flirt with street thugs. His brother warned him about it all the time. "I'm a boy." He informed the man with a smirk.

Treize raised a forked eyebrow. "I know, and that just makes it better. Now get over here so that I can get a better look at that tight little ass."

Duo shifted uncomfortably and started to back away. "Look mister, I don't know what you're thinking but I'm way too young for you."

The blond man smirked, stalking closer. "Is that so? Well sweet thing, I like my boys young and pretty and that's exactly what you are." A strong hand closed around Duo's slender arm like a vice and Treize started to pull him towards the parking lot.

"Hey man cut it out! If my brother comes out here he'll be fucking pissed!" Duo shouted angrily, trying to mask the fact that he was scared as hell.

"You talk too much. I think I'll teach you how to use your mouth in much more pleasing ways." Treize said, pushing the younger boy up against the back of a car. Duo swung out frantically, hitting the older man in the head with his fist. Treize stared at him in shock and Duo took the opportunity to make a run for it. However he didn't get far.

"Don't you ever touch me you little cunt." Treize sneered, punching him so hard that his head snapped back. Duo whimpered and fell backwards, his head smashing into the back of a nearby car.

Treize yanked him up and pinned him against the car, ripping at the front of his jeans in impatience. "I'm going to show you how to get fucked by a real man." He sneered as he ground his erection into the back of the boy's jeans.

"No! Please just leave me alone!" Duo begged tearfully, choking on his own sobs as the man successfully pulled down his jeans and underwear, exposing his bare ass. He struggled in vain to get away but a skinny little thirteen-year-old was no match for a grown man. "God somebody help me!" He shrieked just as Treize started to push the head of his arousal into his tight entrance. Just as the blond man started to moan in pleasure, the sound of footsteps were heard running into the lot.

Young Solo; just sixteen at the time cocked his gun and pointed it at the man he recognized as Treize. "Get the fuck away from my brother." He said coldly.

Treize looked up in surprise, his eyes narrowing. "Well well little Solo, this little tart is your brother huh? That just makes it better." He hissed, voice husky and eyes still glittering with lust. Duo whimpered under him, and he automatically slammed the boy's head against the vehicle; telling him to shut up.

Solo growled in outrage, ripping the vile man away from his brother. Duo fell to the ground, crying silently while hiding his face in shame. "I will fucking kill you if you EVER come near him again!" Solo screamed, tears of anger filling his eyes at the sight of his brother cowering on the floor and bleeding.

"Why not kill me now?" Treize asked casually as he zipped his pants. "Too scared? Or are you afraid OZ will destroy your pathetic excuse for a gang afterwards?" He sneered.

Solo stole another concerned glance at Duo. "You better get the fuck out of here now before I pull the trigger." He snarled.

The blond man snorted. "I don't think so." Then he attacked Solo, going for the gun. The smaller teenager tried to back away but they wound up sprawled on the floor together, fighting for the gun desperately. A few seconds later a shot was fired - whether it was fired mistakenly or intentionally is not known - and Solo pushed Treize's still form off of him. He got to his feet and kicked the body savagely. "Filthy cock sucker." He snarled.

".. Solo.. Are you ok?" Duo's small voice called out. His brother hurried to his side and picked him up easily. Duo's lips trembled and he buried his face in Solo's chest, not wanting his brother to see him cry. "It's my fault.. I wasn't strong 'nough to make him stop." He said miserably.

Solo caressed his back soothingly. "It's ok Duo.. it's all over.. you're safe now.. "


~Present, OZ hideout ~

//It's not over.. it was just the fucking beginning.// Duo thought disgustedly as he sat slumped in the hard wooden chair Milliardo had tied him too. It was amazing how that one event all those years ago had triggered all of this madness. So many young guys on both sides had died because of it. The whole thing made no sense.

"Are you going to shoot me or are you just going to stare at me?" He snapped irritably as the blond fool with the mask ogled him.

Milliardo smirked. "I told you I was going to have fun with you until brother dearest got here." He said with a slimy smile.

Duo snorted. "If you call staring at me fun.. you seriously need to get out more buddy."

The blond man frowned and strode forward. "You have a real smart mouth for someone who is tied to a chair and completely vulnerable. I could do anything I wanted to you and there is not a damn thing you can do about it."

Duo chose to ignore that last comment, trying to stall for time until Solo came for him. *If* he came.. he was so mad that Duo had doubts about his brother actually rescuing him. But then the image of Solo's angry tearful eyes from all those years ago flashed in his mind and Duo shook his head. No matter what happened, he knew that Solo wouldn't abandon him. He couldn't.

"Why the heck are you wearing that ridiculous mask anyway?" Duo piped up, giving Milliardo a scathing look.

"That is of no concern of yours little boy."

"You look like a moron just so you know." Duo continued with a snicker.

Milliardo sneered and backhanded him roughly. "I've just about had it with you." He growled angrily.

Duo glared at the man hatefully. "I hope you know that before this is over, you are going to fucking die."

Pale blue eyes narrowed and Milliardo raised his hand again, landing the first of many blows on the smaller boy's slender body.


~Warumono Projects, Heero's Place ~

The Japanese boy stared at himself in the mirror, marveling at how fast his bruises always seemed to fade. It had only been a week ago that he had gone through the Gauntlet and the bruises were already almost gone, his cuts already closed. The only really serious wounds he had gotten were his three fractured ribs.

However he was very pale and there were dark circles under his eyes. By far this had been a really shitty week. He had gotten his ass kicked by Solo, lost the love of his life, then got the shit kicked out of him by his own men. Yes.. very shitty. Not to mention the fact that every time he closed his eyes at night he saw violet eyes and long chestnut hair. He couldn't get Duo out of his head and no matter how hard he tried to hate the boy.. He knew he couldn't. The fact remained that in this whole mess Duo was the only one who was truly innocent. He was the best thing to ever happen to Heero.

"And I fucked it up." The blue-eyed boy said disgustedly, turning away from his reflection. He walked into the kitchen and started to grab a beer. He had to find a way to get Duo back.. but he wasn't sure that that was possible. "Especially with Solo in the picture." He muttered and opened the fridge. Just as he did, the phone rang. Swearing under his breath, Heero slammed the refrigerator closed and practically yanked the phone off the wall. "What?" He snarled into the receiver.

"Milliardo has Duo." Trowa's voice stated calmly on the other end.

Heero froze, a million different emotions going through him. "Nani?"

"He has Duo at the warehouse, and he's planning to lure Solo there then kill them both. We need to haul ass Yuy so get down here now."

"Where are you?" Heero demanded, already shoving his gun in the back of his jeans and hurrying towards the door.

"Parking lot, I got my bike. Get down here NOW." The line clicked off and Heero tossed the phone somewhere behind him as he ran out of the door.


~ East Side Apartment Complex ~

"See man, wasn't that fun? You needed to get out some!" Wufei said with a knowing smile as he and his lover rode the elevator up the apartment. Solo grunted and waited impatiently for the lift to reach the thirteenth floor. "Sheesh Solo, calm down. Nothing happened!" The Chinese teenager said looking annoyed.

Finally the elevator stopped and they walked out towards the apartment. When the door came in to view they both stopped and stared in shock. There was a large hole blasted through the door and it looked as thought someone had kicked it in. They both automatically drew their guns and moved stealthily towards it. When they went inside, Solo swore under his breath and kicked the wall. "FUCK! I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!" He yelled angrily.

'Dragon' winced at the site of the destroyed living room and began quickly checking for signs of blood, even expecting to find Duo's body somewhere.

"Fuck goddamn me to hell!" Solo put his head in his hands. "They've prolly killed him by now."

Wufei shook his head and examined the note he had just found pinned to the wall. "No they didn't. Solo look at this." He rushed over to his lover and shoved the hastily scrawled message into his face.

The taller teenager snatched the note from him and looked over it quickly, reading it out loud. "'Well brother dearest, I have your brother and I'll finish what I start unlike Treize. By the time I'm done with him he'll be screaming and begging for more. Or you could come down here to Warehouse 06 by the docks, try to save him and I'll kill you both. Your choice. XOXOs Milliardo.'" Solo sneered and tossed the note on the floor. "That sick son of a bitch. We have to get down there now." He said, starting for the door.

Wufei frowned but followed him. "Shouldn't we get some kind of back up?" He asked as he tucked his gun into his jacket.

Solo shook his head and started to sprint down the hallway. "That will take too much time. Now hurry the fuck up!"


~ Warehouse 06 ~

Duo moaned helplessly, his head lolling back as Milliardo hit him once again. He didn't know how long this had been going on but he was sure that by now his body was a map of bruises. "If you learned to keep your mouth fucking shut, I wouldn't have to do this." The blond said conversationally as he kicked the boy in the gut. Both Duo and the chair fell backwards, it splintered under him.. shards of wood piercing him all over.

"Go fuck yourself." He slurred, trying to get to his feet but only managing to fall over and pass out.

"Fuck myself? No I think I'll fuck you instead." Milliardo said with a wide grin. He leaned over the boy, fully intending to strip him naked but before he could someone grabbed him roughly.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" A voice hissed dangerously in his ear.

Milliardo spun around. "Heero! W..what are you doing here?" He demanded, fear creeping into his eyes at the sight of the Japanese boy's enraged expression.

Trowa rushed over to Duo's side, making sure he was still alive. "He's ok, just beaten up." He informed Heero.

Heero glared dangerously and grabbed Milliardo by the scruff of his neck. "You sick motherfucker. How dare you touch him?" He growled, lifting the man about two feet off the ground. "I should kill you right now."

"Now now, don't be hasty. After all he is a Maxwell and he his brother did kill Treize. You seem to forget that Yuy." Milliardo said, trying to keep up his calm facade as the smaller boy began to choke him. "Treize was a fucking rapist. He deserved what he got." Heero said coldly.

There was a collective gasp around the room and several guys who had been lounging around, watching Milliardo abuse Duo stood up; advancing towards the two men.

"Stay where you are! Heero is still rightfully your leader, he survived the Gauntlet." Trowa yelled at them. The Ozzies looked at each other uncertainly but they stopped.

Heero sneered and tossed Milliardo to the floor. "You're not even worth the bullet." He said and kicked the man roughly in the chest. Milliardo coughed violently and clutched his chest in pain. Ignoring him, Heero knelt beside his small lover and looked him over worriedly. "Let's get him out of here." He muttered and started to pick him up.

"Get your hands off my brother."

Heero groaned quietly and stood up, facing Solo. "Look man - this is not the time for -"

Solo cocked his gun and pointed it at his head. "Get away from my brother now or I'll kill you."

Wufei made his way over to Duo cautiously, eyeing Heero warily. He pushed Trowa out of the way and started checking Duo's pulse. Making sure he was still alive. Trowa pushed him back and glared dangerously. "This is not what you think; neither Heero nor I did this to Duo." He said calmly, glancing from Solo to Wufei.

Solo snorted. "Wufei bring Duo and let's get out of here before I start shooting these pansy bitches." Heero's eyebrow twitched but he said nothing.

Duo stirred finally, opening his eyes wearily. "Wufei..? What the hell happened?" He mumbled wincing at the pain that was coursing through his body. The Chinese boy caressed his hair soothingly. "It's ok Duo, we're getting you out of here."

Duo sat up and looked around blearily, his eyes resting on Heero and his brother. Solo looked up at him, relief evident in his eyes. "Yea baby bro - these punks ain't gonna hurt you no more." He said glaring hatefully at Heero. Duo looked at the Japanese boy in confusion. "No.. it wasn't Heero - he wouldn't.. " His sentence trailed off when a sudden jolt of pain coursed through him. He groaned and leaned against Wufei.

"I did not do this to Duo. I wouldn't." Heero snapped, glaring at Solo.

Before Solo could retort, Milliardo stood up, still holding his chest. "None of you bitches are going anywhere." He snarled.

Solo made a face. "Who the hell is this asshole?"

The blond man smirked evilly. "I'm the one that's going to kill you, your slut brother, and this fucking traitor piece of shit." He growled, gesturing at Heero.

Solo narrowed his eyes at Heero, and the Japanese boy raised an eyebrow as if to say 'I told you so.' "Look punk - I don't know who or what you are.. But you need to back the fuck up before I lose my temper and blow you away."

Milliardo smirked. "It's a shame Yuy had to interrupt the party, I was just about to fuck that cheap little slut." He purred with a filthy grin. Heero lunged forward and punched him in the face, knocking him down yet again. "Fucking pig." He snarled and kicked the blond man in the stomach. He turned to Solo when he was satisfied with the quivering mess he had made of Milliardo. "Get Duo out of here. I'll deal with this piece of shit." He said coldly.

Solo said nothing but he walked over to his brother, shooting weary glances at Heero the entire time. Just as he kneeled down to help Duo up, Milliardo opened his eyes. Grimacing in pain, he

pulled a gun out of his jacket before anyone could stop him and pointed it at Solo. "At least you'll die. This is for Treize you shit." He shouted and pulled the trigger.

Several things happened at once and the next few seconds went by in a blur.

Just before the bullet hit Solo, Duo screamed and threw himself in front of his brother; successfully keeping him from harm. Just as he did that, Trowa shot Milliardo in the head.. Killing the man instantly.

Silence. Then... "Duo? Duo!!? Oh my god no!!"

Heero spun around and his eyes widened in horror. His love was lying motionless on the floor, blood rapidly spilling from his chest. He rushed to the boy's side, frantically pressing his hands to the wound, trying in vain to stop the bleeding. Tears welled in his eyes, blinding him. "No.. no.. god no.. please.. " He sobbed, burying his head in Duo's hair.

Solo pushed him away. "Leave him alone! This is all your fault!" He shouted through his own tears.

"You shut up! If it hadn't been for you this would have never happened!" Heero screamed back.

"Both of you shut the fuck up!" Wufei shouted.

Trowa knelt beside Duo, checking once again for a pulse. "He's still alive.. but barely. If you two would shut the hell up and stop arguing for one minute we can fucking make sure he stays that way!" He snapped at Heero and Solo.

"You're not taking my brother anywhere!" Solo yelled.

"Solo stop it! God look what's happened because of this ridiculous fight. Your brother is dying and that is still all you can think about! For gods sake give it up!" Wufei yelled at him. Solo wiped a hand across his face, realizing that what 'Dragon' was saying was true. "Fine - but if you hurt him I'll kill you." He relented, standing up and wiping his tears.

Trowa cradled Duo's limp body in his arms. "Heero get up and stop crying! Now!" Then he hurried out of the warehouse, with Solo right on his heels. Wufei grabbed Heero by the arm and began dragging him along, actually feeling sympathetic towards the hysterical boy. //If this doesn't prove to Solo that he really loves Duo, I don't know what will.// He mused silently, and practically threw the Japanese boy in his car.


~ West Craven Hospital, Several hours later ~

Trowa sighed and nodded as the doctor filled him in on Duo's condition. He smiled grimly and thanked the man before going back towards the rest area. Solo and Wufei were curled up on a sofa, both asleep. Heero was sitting in the window, staring blankly at the now rising sun. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked like he had been to hell and back. The green-eyed boy touched his shoulder gently. Heero jumped, startled and looked up at his friend. "What do you want?" He asked, his voice hoarse from crying.

"Well, you can go and see him now. He's stable."

Heero stood up slowly, his body still sore. "He's.. is he ok?" He asked softly. Trowa blinked and couldn't help but smile at his friend. He had never seen Heero so scared before. This kid certainly had an effect on him. "Yea, he'll live." He responded.

Heero sighed in relief and started to walk out of the room. "What about them?" He asked gesturing towards Solo and Wufei.

Trowa shrugged. "I just thought you might want to see him alone first. I'll wake them in a bit."

Heero gave him a small smile. "Thanks man." He said and exited the room. The Japanese boy stood in front of Duo's room for a minute and took a deep breath before going in. What he saw nearly broke his heart. The boy looked smaller than usual, his chest appeared to be covered in bandages under the thin hospital gown. His face was covered with bruises and he was hooked up to a lot of different machines. "Duo.. I uh.. I don't know if you can hear me but.. I guess I better say this anyway huh?" He murmured, sitting down besides the boy.

Heero licked his lips nervously and gingerly touched the boy's clammy face, caressing his hair. "I'm sorry Duo.. I never meant to hurt you. I just.. I don't know, I was so confused.. so you know into the OZ vs Romefeller thing. I had so much hate built up inside me that I guess I was kind of blind about everything else. But I met you and you were so great, so special and you made me feel things I had never felt before. I know this thing with Solo.. it's been so stupid. I see that now.. he was protecting you, and even if he wasn't.. Treize was still one sick fuck. But now I see ya know.. I see what I've been doing and I'm so sorry baby. I'm so sorry I took things out on you and I'm so fucking sorry this had to happen." He whispered, his voice cracking on the last sentence. Tears filled his eyes and he kissed Duo's lips gently. "I love you baby.. I love you so much." He whispered.

Someone cleared their throat behind him and Heero jumped, wiping the tears from his eyes quickly. Solo stared at him with a small smirk on his lips. "How long have you been standing there?" Heero asked nervously.

The older boy shrugged and sat on the other side of the bed, leaning forward and kissing his brother on the cheek. "Long enough."

"I see." Heero sighed and twined Duo's fingers with his. "Look Solo, I know how you feel about me and all but I want you to know that I really care about him."

Solo raised a eyebrow. "I know. I kind of got that from all that stuff you said to him." He smirked when Heero turned red in embarrassment.

"Eavesdropper." he accused.

Solo snickered. "No one ever said I was perfect."

The dark haired boy snorted. "Got that right."

They sat in silence for awhile before Solo finally said. "So.. what now? I mean what are we going to do about OZ and Romefeller. I think this fighting thing should end. Look what happened cuz of it."

Heero sighed wearily. "I know man.. we could just call a truce. Even though I doubt our guys will be too happy about that."

Solo shrugged. "Who cares what makes them happy. They will do what they are told." he said confidently. Heero nodded but looked skeptical. Suddenly something occurred to Solo. "What about that blond guy. Isn't he a Peacecraft? There will be big trouble when people find out what happened to him and why."

Heero waved a dismissive hand. "Don't worry about that. No one outside OZ knew he was associated with us. He made sure of that. Why do you think he went parading around in that ridiculous mask? We'll dump the body in a alley somewhere and when they find him they'll probably think he got mugged or something."

"Ok then."

They sat in silence again.

"So.. I guess this is it then." Solo said, not looking thrilled about having to be nice to the guy he had spent the better part of 5 years hating.

Heero nodded, narrowing his eyes. He didn't look happy either. "Yea... truce and all that stuff." He muttered.

Solo rolled his eyes and half-heartedly shook Heero's hand. "Truce."

"You guys are not going to start getting all mushy on me are you?" A weak voice asked.

Heero's eyes widened and he looked at Duo happily. "You're awake!"

The longhaired boy winced and gingerly touched his chest. "Unfortunately." He said groggily, his eyes clouded over with pain.

Solo patted his brother's head, smiling. "Good to see you kid. Glad you ain't dead."

Duo tried to make a face but wound up wincing instead.

"Get some rest baby, don't worry everything is going to be fine." Heero said, kissing Duo's forehead tenderly. Duo nodded and smiled weakly at the two of them before drifting off into a painkiller induced sleep.

Heero and Solo both stood up, starting to go back out to the rest area. "I guess we should tell your friend and Trowa about the truce." Heero said with a wry smile.

Solo groaned. "Yea I can't wait to see how they take it." He rolled his eyes and they went outside to tell the others the good news.

~ Owari ~

~ Oookaay I'm finally done with this ficcie and it only took *glances at calendar* three or so months. ^^;;; I'd like to thank Death Dragon for giving me the idea to do the whole flash back sequence thing. I hadn't thought of it before that. ^_^; Thank you, all the people who replied and encouraged me to continue! I was going to stick a lemon somewhere in there but it *really* wouldn't have fit the ending.

*sniffles* It's really over.. and I'm kinda sad about it. I really had fun "ghettofying" the boys. ^_^ Hope everyone likes the ending ^_^

~ Aya