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A/N this takes place post the courtship of Wyatt's father, I guess, since Piper is pregnant and Leo isn't around, but presuming no one knows anything about Chris yet.

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Part 1 – the present:

The oh so brilliant abilities of our favourite neurotic whitelighter.


As she looked over he little boy sleeping peacefully in his bed, she wondered how he could go so wrong. His golden hair curled gently around his forehead making him look angelic, which considering he was part angel, made perfect sense. Turning over as he slept, the boys mother wondered what he dreamt, whether even now he was thinking evil thoughts. 'No', she scolded, Chris said he was turned evil; he wasn't always that way. Maybe there was still hope for her little boy yet.

Walking away from her son and towards the kitchen, she decided to make herself a sandwich; she had a strange craving for chocolate and banana. That was strange; she hadn't eaten one of those since she had been pregnant with Wyatt… No? It couldn't be, could it? She hadn't had sex in months, except that one time with Leo on the astral plane. Could you even get pregnant on the astral plane? She shook it off; she was probably just being stupid, I mean chocolate was comfort food, and heaven knows she deserved that, and bananas… she liked healthy food.

Beginning her sandwich she had a thought; that pickle would go really well with chocolate and banana. Who was she kidding? She was definitely pregnant.

A little later she stared at her face in the mirror, ' Piper Halliwell, mother of two?' she questioned. 'Well maybe this one won't turn out evil… ooh! Maybe I'll get a girl.'


Flipping through the book Paige was overcome by an intense feeling of pointlessness. "Chris," she whined, "I already made 6 potions this morning. We don't even know these demons are coming for Wyatt!"

"But someone is, we need to be prepared," he responded.

"But what about all those potions I made yesterday…" glancing round she discovered that the pile of potions had considerably shrunk since yesterday, "where are they?"

"Where are what?"

"The pile of potions I spent all day yesterday making."

"Oh they're over there," he said gesturing to a box in the corner of the room, "along with a few more I whipped up myself."

Walking over to the box to examine the contents, she was surprised; in the box were at least twice as many potions as she had made, all neatly labelled and organised.

"Invisibility portion 1" read the witch, "power 5/10 approx 1hr, reliability 9/10,

Invisibility potion 2; power 9/10 approx 6days, (controllable on/off), reliability 4/10 (tends to flicker)." She looked at her whitelighter questioningly, " General vanquish 1: lower level, power 3/10, reliability 8/10. General vanquish 2: higher level (wise to combine with spell); power 6/10, reliability 9/10. Ultimate vanquish – USE IN EXTREME SITUATIONS ONLY- power 10/10 (destroys pretty much anything), reliability 10/10, caution – unwise to combine with power of three spell as will probably destroy whole house if not city."

The whitelighter shrugged.

"Chris this is amazing! Where did you get them? Because I know some of these aren't in the book!"

The boy blushed, "I used them a lot in the future, oh and at the bottom there's a chart showing which demons are most susceptible to which, along with some general spells you might find handy."

"Chris? When did you do all this, it's so… so organised!" As she spoke she was forcibly reminded of the time when Piper had tried to colour code her potion ingredients.

"Like I said, we need to be prepared."

"Your future must be really bad." All he could do was nod.

"Hang on, since when can whitelighters make potions?" she asked hopefully, and he looked like he was about to answer.


Sitting at the desk in her office Phoebe pondered over how best to answer a letter from a man who thought his partner was hiding something from him. The way the man described his girlfriend it could almost be her, seemingly in love the one minute, running off with no explanation the next. How could she judge a girl like that?

Sighing, she decided to move on the next letter, when Elise knocked on her door. "Phoebe come out here a second," she said and Phoebe followed her to the main office. People were busily rushing by; trying to get their stories finished before deadline and Phoebe was suddenly overrun with other people's emotions. They were coming at her from all directions; overloading her emotional system and making her feel dizzy. 'Darn Empath power,' she thought, ' Why now?'

"Phoebe I need you to… Phoebe are you feeling alright you look like you're about," began Elise and Phoebe began to collapse from the excess emotion, grabbing her the editor finished, " to fall over."

Regaining control of herself and her power, Phoebe was sucked into a vision.

Elise was standing a few feet from where she was now, wearing the exact same outfit. She seemed to be yelling at someone down the phone.


As she yelled some kind of portal opened above her and some kind of creature fell through, landing on Elise.

Across from Phoebe a phone began to ring, and Elise picked it up to answer.


Seeing the portal above her open, Phoebe dived at Elise knocking her out of the way, just in time as the creature landed where she had been.

Everyone stared at her and the creature, which Phoebe could now tell was a demon, in disbelief. Standing up, clearly embarrassed by his ungraceful landing, hegrabbed phoebe by the throat, picking her up. Up close she could see his features clearly, it was definitely male, having a muscled masculine build and blue skin, scars were obvious on his face, and it had horns. There was no way anyone could mistake this for anything but a demon.

"Witch," he said, crushing her throat a little, "call for your white lighter!"

"My whitelighter?" she asked, hoping thatfeigning ignorance would fool her co-workers if not the demon.

"Yes Witch! I'm not here for you, though it would be a pleasure to peel the skin of a charmed one," he smiled, but after a moment seemingly re considered," but the master wouldn't be pleased. I am here for whitelighter, and he alone! So call him! Now!"

"Okay" she croaked, "but let me down first, or he mightn't hear" The demon considered for a moment and then threw her to the ground.

"Call!" he snarled.

Glancing around the office nervously, desperately trying to think of another solution, but nothing came.

"Chris!" she yelled and with an orb of blue lights he appeared.