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Things had gotten really complicated, even for her life. Watching her sister react to the appearance of Wyatt in a way that, even to Paige: mistress of magical mishaps, seemed illogical, she realised that it was up to her.

She saw Piper attempt to freeze a room full of witches, when everyone knew good witches didn't freeze and then confront the source of all evil like the toddler he should be, was… er is? Darn tenses, they aren't meant for time travel. Still that wasn't what was important, what was important was the tension building in the room between mother and son. Something needed to break it before, before god knows what happened but she didn't like the odds that it'd be good.

'Quick do something,' said a little voice in her mind, ' something, anything. Say something'

"Was she talking to Wyatt there, or was she saying it wasn't too late to be mysterious, that she hasn't figured out Chris is her son?"

'Oh that was smart, real smart,' mocked her inner self.

"Shut up, it was either that or my hedgehog impression."

She looked around to the confused stares of her family, (good and evil) and sighed, "I said that out loud, didn't I?"

"Yeah, honey," commented Phoebe, "but whats this hedgehog impression?"

"You don't want to know," said two voices at once.

Paige glanced at Chris and then at Wyatt.

"How do you kn… oh yeah, future right?"

'Well that kind of worked,' applauded Paige's inner self, ' at least their distracted by your idiocy as opposed to being about to destroy each other.'

It was at this moment that, as though brought to its senses by Paige's to ease the situation, that nature (or whatever force was actually behind the time ripples) itself decided to interfere with the situation, in a completely expected manner. Before Wyatt had had a chance to recover from the horror of remembering his aunt's hedgehog impression he once again found himself in an alternate future, this time taking not only Chris and Phoebe, but also his entire family with him.

"Come on Wy," urged his brother, "mom's not gonna be happy if we're late for her dinner, demon vanquish or no."

The elder rolled his eyes, "Go on without me if you want, I'm playing it safe."


"Do you really want to arrive in time for Aunt Paige's obligatory hedgehog impression?"

"Good point. When I was 7 it was kind of cute but…"

"Precisely, so sit down grab a soda and we'll orb there in time for the main course."

"Oh," commented Paige as the world readjusted itself, " now I understand what a time ripple is."

"Good," replied Phoebe, "but I still don't get how you do a hedgehog impression."

"It doesn't matter," sighed Piper, " what matters is stopping Wyatt taking Chris."

"Which you're not going to do," replied Wyatt calmly, "I realised at 13 that if I didn't want to be grounded I didn't have to be. This is no different, you can't stop me taking Chris back where he belongs."

"In a world of pain and horror? You'd force that on your brother?" snapped Piper, "he belongs here trying to stop it: stop you."

"Gee, talk like I'm not here why don't you," sighed Chris, " besides I think it'd be easier if I just went."

Paige felt what little comprehension of what was going on around her slip away at this statement. 'He wants to go back?' thought the witch lighter confused, 'bit of a waste of time coming then wasn't it.'

Phoebe obviously shared her sentiments as she stared in open-mouthed disbelief at her youngest, presuming you don't count little Wyatt, nephew.

"What?" asked Piper angrily.

"Well, I mean I haven't really achieved much since I've been here have I? Except almost prevent my own conception, stop a couple of demons and realise you weren't blondes."

"Wh?" began Wyatt

"Later bro. Just as long as Wyatt promises not to make you all forget this, or prevent you from trying to stop him turning, um, 'away from the path known as good', which considering he doesn't believe that can happen anyway shouldn't be a problem," Wyatt nodded in acknowledgement, " so you just have to figure out what turns Wyatt in the next couple of months, or else just protect him form everything and all will be fine, I'll be a different me and thus have never been here and Wyatt, well he'll either be good or evil. Agreed?"

'I know there's a flaw in that logic somewhere,' thought Paige, 'but I can't spot it.'

"Sounds good to me," agreed Paige, "I mean you had to go back to the future eventually anyway, sure we hoped to change it first but it's the future, we've got plenty of time."

Piper looked sceptical, "and what if we can't change it?"

"Well then he'll just have to accept it can't be changed," snapped Wyatt a little testily.

'Can't be changed my ar…er… aren't,' thought Paige in rather a censored manner,

"Oh it can be," argued Piper, "you were originally a girl and your aunt Phoebe was burned at the stake."

"oh," the source of all evil deflated a little, " well then, I might as well change a couple of things."

For a moment Paige felt intense fear as she glimpsed a fire in Wyatt's eyes, as he spun to face her quickly. Sure he was going to kill her as a blue energy ball appeared in his hand, she was relieved when it flew over her head and smashed against the wall.

"What was that for?" questioned Piper, looking at the charred remains of a photograph that it had hit. He shrugged, "I hate that picture."

"Why? You were so cute in it!"

"Might have something to do with a certain newspaper running it on his 21st birthday," snickered Chris.

"Embarrassed?" asked Piper smiling, "lots of local papers do sections with pictures of people of babies on their birthday."

Chris laughed again, " not like this. He'd already taken over, the headline read: "cute little tyrant.""

"Humph" commented Wyatt and grabbing Chris disappeared in a flash of blue.

"They've really gone," said Piper finally.

"Afraid so hone," responded her younger sister, thinking of the younger versions of them "but they're still around really, and now we get a chance to make sure Wyatt doesn't turn out evil."

"He didn't seem all that evil to me."

"No," said Phoebe softly, "but we were his family: a reminder of time before he turned, and he seemed a little changed by those time ripples. We can't judge on what we saw but on what we know. Chris wouldn't have come if there wasn't a reason."

Piper looked sadly at her sister, "I know, but I just wanted to believe…"

"I know, but at least it proves he's not all bad, we just have to make sure he stays good, and I have an idea how," she paused thoughtfully, " I don't know why I didn't think of it before…"


"We just cast a spell asking my power of premonition to show us the moment when Wyatt changes, and we know what we have to stop and that shouldn't be too hard."

Piper smiled if a little hollowly, "your right, that leaves only one problem."

"What I do with this 4th ticket that I bought to see a band?" suggested Paige.

"No." said Piper a laugh wanting to escape, "how do we explain all this to Leo?"

Paige smiled a little cheekily, "how about you start with, Leo: I think we should call our child Chris…"

Swatting her sister lightly Phoebe laughed, "Yeah, he'll love that. But seriously honey that's up to you… I'm off to get ready: got a date with Jason!"

As her sister walked off Paige rolled her eyes, she hoped this relationship lasted: she doubted she could cope with a hormonal Piper and Phoebe in full date mode.

The End.

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