Uncontrollable flames


"Don't hate me for this, my son. I want you to live as a hero and grow up to be a great shinobi, Naruto" With these last words and the sealing complete, the Fourth hokage died. Everyone in the vicinity was silent, all except a certain blond baby with a spiral around his navel, who was crying out.

Six years later, Naruto was running from a gang of villagers who had decided to rebel against the thirds wishes.

"Die Monster", "Its your fault the Fourth died" and "my mother and father were killed because of you" This was what most of the group were shouting, but some were to busy choking on their own rage to say anything audible.

"WHY ARE YOU CHASING ME!" Screamed Naruto. 'what did I do?'. As the young blond thought this he had not realized that he was heading straight to the north gate.

"Damn villagers! Iruka, Kakashi, Asuma GET IN HERE NOW!" As the third said the end of this sentence a big puff of smoke appeared in front of his desk. From within it stepped three men. One short with a chuunin vest and black pants and a very noticeable scar across his face. The second man was quite tall and had gray hair with a face mask covering his left eye. And the last man had black hair, a jounin vest and a cigarette poking lazily out of his mouth.

"Yes Hokage sama" They all chimed in at once.

"Go protect Naruto and get him in here now!" Said the third.

"Yes Hokage sama" and with that last statement they disappeared in another puff of smoke. The third went back to gave in his crystal ball, his eyes suddenly went wide then he to disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Naruto was crying his eyes out and getting no sympathy from the villagers surrounding him. Suddenly something inside Naruto Snapped, his eyes grew a dark red colour with slits, the whisker marks on his cheeks grew larger and a evil red chakra flowed around him giving the impression that he was on fire.

"Get away from me, I NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU! DIE!" Naruto shouted as the red chakra grew bigger turning into fire, it then spread out and a very large explosion

could be heard and seen from miles away. When the smoke cleared Iruka, Kakashi, Asuma, the Third ans any other ninja who went to see where the very large killing intent was coming from. They were dumbstruck to see Naruto with a horrified expression on his face surrounded by about a dozen smoldering corpses. The Third took a step closer to console Naruto.

"Naruto come here, don't worry you will be safe. No one will harm you again."You could hear a hint of pleading in his voice. Naruto continued to stand there, until he turned and ran as fast as he could out of the North Gate of Konoha.

Three days later the Third sat at his desk when there was a knock at his door.

"Come in" said the hokage. The door slowly swung open."Ah. Hiashi come in."

The lavender eyed man walked up to the desk and sat facing the Hokage.

"The teams of ANBU I sent out have found no trace of Uzumaki Naruto" Hiashi stated.

"Damn it. Well it seems that your daughter will be most displeased." said the Hokage.

"Yes, it seems she has taken a liking to my best friends son"

"Mmmm, well there is one good thing about his departure. It is a lot quieter in Konoha" The third chuckled lightly as he finished this so called joke of his.


"Indeed, you are right I apologize. I am very concerned however if another hidden village got Naruto to become a ninja for them. He could use his hatred of the people of this village and get revenge."

"That is if he can learn to control the Kyuubi's fire and chakra."

"Thats right Hiashi. Jiraiya has informed me of a new organization compiled of missing nin's. It is called Akatsuki, Jiraiya also said that they crave power. So they may go after Naruto."Announced the Third.

"I see, well all we can do know is wait."said Hiashi.

"Very well you are dismissed." With that Hiashi walked out of the door. And back to the Hyuuga estate.

Authors notes:

I hoped that you liked the prologue of 'Uncontrollable Flames'.

The pairings for this fan fic are: NaruHina SasuSaku ShikaTem(later on)


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