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Play-Along: Chapter 7

Max had finally decided that she had to see Alec. They had barely spoken all month. And she even missed his yapping. Getting on her Ninja, she started it and roared towards Alec's place, hoping that he could be home.

As she approached the street housing Alec's flat, she slowed, her bike purring softly.

In the dim light she could see a green bike exiting Alec's building. It was Alec's bike. Max frowned. Where was he going at this time of the night? It had better not be a girl, she thought, jealously rising instantly within her. Then she noticed the large backpack strapped across his back as he sped away.

He was leaving? Max began to look at him suspiciously. Where? Why? And without saying goodbye? Max winced at the whiny tone of her thoughts. Maybe he was not leaving town. The only way to find out was to follow his trail. She wondered if she could pull it off without being detected. Alec was after all a Manticore trained assassin.

She waited until Alec had gone a fair distance, then put her bike in gear, heading north. She kept a fair distance between her and Alec, not wanting to rouse his suspicions. She just hoped that he wouldn't decided suddenly to look in his side mirror, transgenic eyesight being what it was, he would probably recognise her. In a typical Max-fashion, she has no idea what was her next plan of action but she decided she would come to that when she had to.

After a while on the road, Max realised that Alec was probably headed to Canada. Yup, he was definitely leaving town. Thinking that its time to confront him, she started to speed up. As she did this she could hear the car not far behind her do the same. She glanced at her side mirror, trying hard to see beyond the glare of the cars headlight. A pinprick of suspicion told her that she was being tailed. The car looked familiar.

Then realisation dawned.


What does he think he's doing? Max thought, irritated. Keeping an eye on Alec, she waved to Logan, letting him know that he had been spotted. She saw his car speed up, closing the distance between the two vehicles.

When his car finally moved alongside to the right of her bike, Max could see Logan through the open window.

"What do you think you doing, Logan?" Max shouted at him over the wind in her face. Her features displayed her annoyance. She thought that Logan had given up after that display with Alec at Crash.

"Max, listen. You don't know what you are doing. We need to talk," Logan said.

"What do you mean? I'm not the one tailing you. Here I am minding my own business, then you suddenly show up – tailing me, for goodness's sakes! I don't have time for this now. I need to get to Alec," Max said incredulously.

"Its Alec again now, is it. Zack not enough for you? I saw you both cozying up in front of your apartment," Logan taunted, gripping the steering wheel tightly to try to keep hold of his anger.

"Logan, I have absolutely no idea what's your dealio but I swear, keep out of my business or you'll regret it. And stop stalking me – its freaky," Max threw a disgusted look at Logan, while trying to keep her bike going straight on the road.

"Come on, Max. They are not for you. We were good together. We can make it work," Logan pleaded.

Max could not believe he was bringing this up again. Annoyed beyond belief, she said "Get this into your thick skull – I am not interested in a relationship with YOU. Get it? I have moved on, and I suggest you do the same. Get a life. Goodbye," Her expression was one of utmost disgust and contempt.

Something must have cracked in Logan at her words because as she sped up to pull away from him, Logan did the same as well. Max shot a worried glance at the car and the maniacal gleam in its driver's eyes.

Max stared in apprehension as Logan's 'Bessie' inched ever closer to her.


A small voice inside Logan pleaded for him to stop the madness, but it was overshadowed by a louder voice saying to go on. Go on, Logan… If we can't have her, no one else can. We'll see to that. Followed by a maniacal cackle.

Logan steered Bessie to the left towards Max, hoping that she would stop and listen to reason. She didn't. Instead, she sped up. Logan pushed on the accelerator, there was no way she was getting away so easily. His car surged forward.

He could hear the tires of Max's bike squeal against the road as she tried to get away from him while maintaining such a high speed. He could see her bike moving away from him again. He stepped down on the accelerator again, hard.

This time he must have pushed it too hard, because suddenly he heard a skid to his left where Max was a second ago. Turning to look, he heard a loud bang in front of him.

Logan's head hit the dash as Bessie crashed into the highway barrier with a loud crunch.


Alec was revelling in the feeling of freedom as he roared down the road. He could felt the wind as it whipped by his face, clearing his head. He could almost taste the green, fresh smell of the forest around him. There wasn't many vehicles on the road, hardly surprising since it's almost 0400 hours.

It was the right decision to leave, he told himself. This way he would not feel so bad. Not that there were anything left for him in Seattle. The only reason he hung around was because Max was there, although it had meant an increased risk of tactical exposure. At least when she was with Logan, they still spent time together, but not since Zack came into the picture. Now that Alec thought about it, being a transgenic, Zack would know to keep Max to himself without raising her suspicion. Alec thought she would see through that, Max being Max and all. Unfortunately for him, she seemed quite happy with the current state of her life – i.e. with Zack.

He had noticed the two another vehicles behind him but had paid them not attention until now. With his transgenic hearing, he could hear shouting in the distance behind him. He looked at the reflection in his side mirror. The biker and the driver of a car were having a shouting match while still maintaining a good speed. He almost turned away when he suddenly realised that both the car and the bike seemed familiar.

Then it clicked… Max.

And Logan.

Slowing down marginally, he wondered if Max was following him. A feeling of hopefulness suddenly flared in his heart. Max cared enough to come after him. But what was Logan doing here then? It all seemed a bit suspicious to him. He decided that he had better stop and find out what was going on. He did not relish having the confrontation with Max while Logan was around, though.

At the instance the thought entered his mind, he heard a squeal of tires behind him. Slowing down more, he turned his head back to a frightening sight, and stared in disbelieve.

Logan looked like he was trying to run Max over. What the hell does he think he's doing? Alec thought, fuming. Logan was so intent that he didn't even notice that Alec had stopped.

Checking to find that there weren't any other vehicles on the road, he turned back and headed towards Max and Logan. Please let me be in time, he thought desperately, pulling out his gun and holding it in one hand, as he sped towards them.

As he moved closer, he could see Logan deliberately swerving into Max. He saw Max losing control of her bike. He aimed his gun at Logan's front left tyre and shot.

The sound of the shot was all the warning Logan got before swerving into the highway barrier. Followed by the sound of metal crunching against metal.

"Max!" Alec shouted, his eyes worriedly darting around as he brought his bike closer of the scene of the accident. He heard a small moan and saw Max about 50ft behind Logan's mangled car. Getting of his bike, he quickly reached down to her, taking in her small form lying on the asphalt. She was out, "Max, talk to me. Max!" he tried to wake her up, stroking her hair lovingly.

A small sound brought his attention to Logan's car. Alec recognised the sound instantly, having heard it enough at Manticore. Shit! Its gonna blow…No time to get Logan out now, he thought desperately. Without further delay, he scooped Max up onto his bike such that she was straddling him. With one arm around her to keep her steady, he accelerated, trying to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the inevitable explosion.

A minute down the road, he heard the explosion. Goodbye Logan, he thought bitterly.


Max groaned as she woke up to darkness. Her head felt like it was splitting. She gingerly felt the bump at the side of her head. Come to think of it, so was her left arm. She glanced at her arm and saw bandages. Then she remembered…

Logan, that bastard!

She wondered in apprehension if he brought her here. Recalling the events on the road, she shuddered. Logan had finally lost it. She looked around at the motel room and noticed a figure beside her on the bed.


She let out a relieved sigh. She saw Alec's eyes snap open at her sigh.

"Max! How are you feeling," Alec asked, instantly alert.

Max could feel his eyes running a health scan on her. "Not too great but I'll survive. What happened? Why are we here?"

Alec hesitated. "What do you remember?" He asked instead

"Logan was trying to run me off the road, and next thing I knew, bike skidded and I fell off. Nothing else,"

Alec decided that there was no way he can get out from explaining, so he started, "I saw that too. Then I turned back to try to stop him. Just before you skidded, I shot out one of his tyres. He went crashing into the barrier,"

"Is he alright?"

"No, Max. The car exploded afterwards. Logan was still in there," Alec explained, hoping that she would not start crying. She didn't.

Max nodded. Strangely enough, although she felt sorry for Logan, she did not feel as sad as she thought she would be. And that got nothing to do whatsoever with the fact that he had been a pain ever since you broke up and he tried to run you over, a voice in her head said. Remembering why she was out on the road in the first place.

"Why, Alec?"

Misunderstanding her question, Alec said, "Huh? Why I didn't save Logan? Sorry, Max. It was too late, I could not get to him in time,"

Shaking her head, Max tried again, "No, that's not what I meant. Why were you leaving?"

Alec fidgeted silently, "Thought it will be good to have a change of scenery. And to be somewhere where I am not hunted like an animal," he said.

"Without telling any of us? Alec, we are your friends! You can't just run off without a single goodbye,"

"Max, none of you needs me here anyway. All of you were fine long before you met me. And anyway, you have Zack now to cover your back," he said, nor able to keep the bitterness from his voice.

So that's what it is. Zack. Max thought, and replied "Alec, I am still not 100 sure what's the deal between you and Zack. But that's besides the point. I need you in Seattle. I need you to stay,"

"Listen. Just let me go. I can't stay… I want to but, I really can't stay," Alec said in frustration.

"Why, Alec? Why can't you stay?"

"I can't tell you," he said, looking away from her eyes.

Max was beginning to have an inkling of the reason Alec was leaving, but she needed to hear it from him. But she knew that he wasn't going to give in so easily. She had to do it first.

"When I went to your place today, the last thing I expected was to see you take off…" she started, but was interrupted.

"You came to my place?" Alec asked. That' why she was following me. But why was she there in the first place? "You needed something, Max?"

"Yeah, I needed to talk to you, to tell you something," Max said, unsure how to continue. She looked into Alec's hazel eyes and swallowed, trying hard not to drown in their swirling depths, "I think I need you to stay because… because… I can't bear for you to be not around"

Heart beginning to thump loudly now, "Why, Max, tell me why?" he asked emotions clouding his face, leaning over he reaching out for her.

Max sank into his embrace, and said softly against his neck, "I think I have feelings for you. I have been in some form of denial all this time. I want you more than a friend," she admitted, suddenly feeling lighter after the admission.

Alec closed his eyes as a warm feeling surged through him. Stroking her hair, he said, "Me too, Max. You have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that. Last month has been a nightmare. Seeing you with Zack and not being able to do anything about it..."He trailed off, still slightly unsure of himself.

Max lifted herself from the embrace to look into his eyes. She said earnestly, "Alec, it's you I want. Not Zack. Zack has always been and always will be my brother. You got under my skin. Don't know how you did it, but I am beginning to think that you cooked up all this in a devious sneak and conquer plot,"

Alec chuckled, "Maxie…Maxie… How did you think I felt when you were too busy with Zack to even notice me the last one month? You should have seen how miserable I was. It was pathetic!"

"I just couldn't find the right time to tell you. I can't very well confess my feelings for you in front of Zack, right!"

"Why not, then at least he knows where he stands," Alec said sulkily.

"He knows. I told him today before I came over to your place," For the past few weeks she had noticed Zack trying to get closer to her, and she did not know what to do. It was hard when she finally decided to tell Zack. She did not want to lose him. And she was afraid that he may over-react like what he did before they send him off to the farm. Fortunately, that did not happen. Zack seemed to be alright with it.

Alec grinned in satisfaction, pulling Max close for a kiss. She was here, are she was his, all was right in his world again it seemed. "Really? So you're all mine now? For me to do whatever I wish to do with?"

Smiling, Max swatted his arms, "Stop being such a smart-ass. And kiss me,"

Alec happily complied.


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