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Living for Death

He paced the walls of his prison cell

He knew there was no way out but he had to try

It was cold in there and deathly black.

He thought of his old life and he knew

There was no going back

All of his wishes hopes and dreams where gone,

Sucked out of him long ago

His friends… his love… his life…

Roaring up in flames.

Gone… forever …

Traitor they had called him

And shoved him out of they're lives

They put in him this place and left him there to die

While the rat, the true traitor, the servant, the worm, lived a lie.

I am innocent… I committed no crime… I am innocent…

The endless refrain, but it would keep him from going completely insane.

To be or not to be? What did it matter now?

The life was being sucked out of him

There was no way to stop it

He was going insane.

He was living a lie

He had nothing.

He was living to die.

And then

The pompous fool

A paper in his hand,

It told him that he had lost

Thirteen years in this hellhole

Thirteen years for another's crimes

Thirteen years.